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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by pokeprofRaymond, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Hello guys!!! I have been inactive from the forum due too many obligations to work. :)

    Besides that reason the other one is a frustration of a certain news here at home.

    When I attended in my common league area too play (were still in the Battlezone League BTW), It was a little bit earlier because the local store handling the OP for Pokemon has a late schedule for the launch of Yugi-OH as a demo game.(Yugi-Oh and Pokemon are not in competition here in the Philippines because they share the same store in purchasing the cards and even the same magazine review). What frustrates me is this, because of certain factors such the uncertainties of the terms of Nintendo handling International OP and the recent low card sales, the local store would stop the OP for pokemon after March next year. (although this not final)! :(

    With this I stated two points with my buddy who is the Gym Leader there:

    1. The price of boosters and theme decks are more expensive to the store the league was held than those store who purchase the products but no OP for pokemon. Does sales matter that much in keeping the league going?

    2. It is not yet October that is why there is nothing speculate about Nintendo holding the International OP.

    3. Most of the players have difficulty having the two TCG's at the same time. In fact, even the after the league for pokemon and Yugi-OH is next, many of us still continue to play even without looking for points. Of course no one restricted us because the two TCG's are not in competition.

    Well, that is all for now, I might post most of the time after finishing many things at work.

    This made my eyes roll all over and over!!!!!! :rolleyes:
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