Have Yugioh and Surfing Pikachu

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Dragon Master91, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Dragon Master91

    Dragon Master91 New Member

    1. I dont trade over seas
    2. I go by the refs rule so if i have more refs then you have to send first.
    3. No Scamming

    Have Fun!

    Lots Of YuGiOh Ask Since I cant Post Individual Cards Here.

    Mightyena ex HP
    Blissey ex UF
    Rayquaza ex Promo 39
    Manectric ex ( not in very good condition )
    Deoxys ex EXD
    Rayquaza ex EXD

    Dusknoir DP
    Infernape DP
    Empoleon DP
    Torterra DP
    Crobat d DS
    Shiftry DP
    Megnezone DP
    Arbok DF
    Typhlosion DF
    Celios x2
    Tyrogue UF
    Lucario DP
    Quagsire d DF
    Bibarel r/h (Scratches)
    Metagross d DS
    Weavile DP
    Dragonite d DS x3
    Empoleon DP
    Ampharos DF X2
    Rhyperior DP
    Feraligatr d DF X2
    Drifblim DP
    Snorlax DP r/h
    Unown A, B, C, D DP
    Tyranitar d DS
    Milotic d DF
    Slaking EXD
    Kingler d CG
    Ledian d DF
    Ninetales PK
    Vileplume d HP
    Camerupt EXD
    Ledian d DF
    Ninetales PK
    Aerodactyl d HP
    Wallys Training
    Gengar DP
    Luxray DP
    Drapion DP
    Meganium UF
    Skuntank DP x2

    Surfing Pikachu Promo 28
    Sizor Promo 33
    Igglybuff Promo 36
    Hitmontop Promo 37
    Pikachu 10th anniversary x2

    Jungle set:

    Base Set:

    Rayquaza ex d DF
    Tyranitar ex d DF
    Rare Candies
    Holons Castforms
    Infernape Lv.X:fire:
    Empoleon Lv.X:water:
    Torterra Lv.X:grass:
    Electivire Lv.X:lightning
    Lucario Lv.X:fighting:
    Magmortar Lv.X:fire:
    Holon Research Tower
    Let me look at your h/w list i might see something i like.

    will trade for pokemon
    Pokebeach Refs (6):pokeball:
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2007
  2. lilgroudon

    lilgroudon New Member

    CML for infernape and rayquazza ex d but mostly the infernape please
  3. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Hello and welcome to pokegym! I must ask you remove any mention of selling in the trading forum as we have a auction/selling sub forum for that. And to sell on pokegym you must also be a member for one year and have a minimum of 20 verifiable refs.

  4. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    lmk the rarities for

    2x sakuretsu armor
    swords of revealing light
    magic cylinders
    brain control
    premature burial
    lightning vortex
  5. Dragon Master91

    Dragon Master91 New Member

    they are all pretty rare so do you want to trade?
  6. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    I hate to be a bother since another moderator has already been here, but we like to keep the trades here to pokemon themed items, since this is called the pokegym. You can let people know that you have yugioh for trade, but listing individual cards is somewhat of a no no. Just let people know you have some yugioh for trade, and you can fill in the details by private message, and that should be fine. Thanks for understanding.
  7. metricus

    metricus New Member

    I'm interested in Black Luster Ritual I've got holon Research Tower
  8. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    are any of them foils?
  9. Dragon Master91

    Dragon Master91 New Member

  10. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    Do you have any
    Destiny Draw, Malicoious, Ulti. Dekos, Crystal Seers, Il Bluds, Holo staples, Hobby League Cards, or other good cards?
  11. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    CML for the Mightyena ex.
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