HAWT CARDS! check umm out

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by littleryan18, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. littleryan18

    littleryan18 New Member

    yea, i left the gym for a while but i'm back with some cool cards


    2) I'm from the US but if you are outside of the US you send first
    3) I like to send same time, unless fewer refs than me
    4) YOU OFFER!!!!!!

    LV X's and EX's

    x1 Time-Space Distortion (nearly impossible)
    x2 Electrivire LV X
    x2 Magmortar LV X
    x1 Lucario LV X
    x1 Infernape LV X
    x1 Torterra LV X
    x3 Empoleon LV X
    x1 Mew*
    x1 Alakazam*
    x1 Vaporeon*
    x1 Rayquaza EX D
    x1 Flygon EX D
    x1 Sceptile EX D
    x1 Metagross EX PK
    x2 Absol EX PK
    x2 Swampert EX CG
    x1 Aggron EX CG
    x4 Exploud EX CG (2 JPN)
    x2 Salamence EX PK
    x1 Salamence EX D
    x1 Blaziken EX CG
    x1 Delcatty EX CG
    x1 Latios EX D
    x1 Latias EX D
    x1 Flygon EX PK
    x1 Walrien EX PK
    x2 Shiftry EX PK
    x2 Skarmory EX PK
    x2 Altaria EX D
    x1 Groudon EX CG
    x1 Kyogre EX CG
    x2 Claydol EX PK
    x1 Crawdaunt EX HP
    x1 Deoxys EX POP4


    x4 Garchomp (3 RH)
    x5 Feraligatr (1 RH)
    x6 Typhlosion (4 RH)
    x5 Meganium
    x5 Tyranitar (3 RH)
    x2 Alakazam
    x5 Ambipom (2 RH)
    x2 Magmortar
    x4 Crobat (1 RH)
    x2 Bronzong
    x5 Rampardos (2 RH)
    x6 Bastiodon (4 RH)
    x6 Aggron (1 RH)
    x5 Nidoqueen (2 RH)
    x5 Walrien (2 RH)
    x7 Exeggutor (1 RH)
    x1 Lumineon
    x6 Ariados (5 RH)
    x3 Raichu
    x5 Slaking (2 RH)
    x2 Blissey
    x6 Ursaring (2 RH)
    x6 Kricketune
    x3 Mesprit (1 RH)
    x2 Azelf (1 RH)
    x2 Uxie
    x4 Celebi (2 RH)
    x4 Chimecho
    x13 Chingling (2 RH)

    x3 Empoleon
    x2 Torterra (1 RH)
    x4 Electrivire (2 RH)
    x2 Machamp (1 RH)
    x2 Dusknoir
    x3 Magnezone
    x2 Staraptor
    x1 Rhyperior
    x1 Mismagius RH

    x3 Flygon HP
    x1 Pidgeot HP
    x4 Delcatty PK
    x5 Blaziken PK
    x2 Mawile CG
    x3 Feraligatr DF
    x5 Magneton PK
    x1 Blastiose CG
    x3 Meganium DF
    x4 Raichu HP
    x1 Kingdra HP
    x5 Nidoqueen DF
    x9 Gardevoir PK
    x12 Holon's Castform


    x10 Team Galactic's Wager
    x9 Bebe's Search
    x12 Steven's Advice (2 RH)
    x8 Professor Elm's Training Method (1 RH)
    x9 Copycat (3 RH)
    x11 TV Reporter
    x9 Rare Candy (5 RH)
    x10 Holon's Adventurer
    x8 Holon Mentor (1RH)
    x6 Scott (3 RH)
    x4 Professor Rowan
    x2 Crystal Beach (2 RH)
    x6 Battle Frontier
    x3 Lake Boundary

    I have every type of special energy in multiples so just ask


    Modified lv X's or EX's
    any dp3 cards
    time-space distortion
    Other good cards

    REF'S 44

    The Hotness
    Zangoose-trainer x6
    Strikeshot18 x5
    Bilboh Bekkins x3
    Volcomshocker69 x3
    Jokerboi x2
    K-psycho x2
    white ninja5
    Papazit canada
    twitchy ex x4
    penguin master x2
    Waliken x2
    phoenix song x2
    The Dark Twins
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2007
  2. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    CML for the Lucario X. CML means Check my list. You will find something in my list you'll like.
  3. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    check my list for

    2x kriketune
  4. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    Hey. interested in moltres ex/typhlosion ex/magmortar lv x/ latios d ex/celebi ex pop 2/hitmonchan ex/scyther ex/ magmar ex/flygon d es

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    those are mine btw just asking if you want them
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2007
  5. Farmer_J123

    Farmer_J123 New Member

    CML for 1x Electevire Lvl. X and 2x Garchomp (RH)
  6. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    cml for the following please

    x2 Time-Space Distortion

    x3 Garchomp (x RH)
    x3 Feraligatr (1 RH)
    x2 Typhlosion (2 RH)
    x2 Magmortar
    x2 Brozong
    x4 Exeggutor (1 RH)
    x3 Raichu
    x2 Blissey
    x2 Empoleon
    x2 Electrivire (1 RH)

    x2 Bebe's Search
  7. charmander162

    charmander162 New Member

    cml for:
    Typhlosion DP2
    Magmortar DP2
    H. casty

  8. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Please remove the buying/selling part from your rules as we no longer allow buying or selling in the trading forum. If you wish to sell you can check out the auction/selling sub forum located at the top of the trading forum. You must first see if you qualify to sell on pokegym as you must be a member for one year and have a mimimum of 20 verified refs .

  9. littleryan18

    littleryan18 New Member

    Cipher Admin- sry didn't see anything for the lucario lv x, did you see anything smaller
    Skarmbliss- i liked the magmortar lv X and the infernape lv X? see anything else to add on
    Hectagonman- i saw the magmortar lv X
    Farmer J123- i like the 3 lucario DP and the lucario lv X and infernape lv X
    The Captain- i saw the electrivire, lucario, and infernape lv X, 3 lucario DP, electrivire DP, and the umbreon* is a small need

    Charmander162-i liked the sceptile ex and the jirachi ex

    and thanks for the info pokemonmike
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2007
  10. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    electivre lv x electivere dp and lucario dp for a TSD
    And infernape Lv x for some odf my other wanats
  11. charmander162

    charmander162 New Member

    would you do my:
    Sceppy ex d

    for your:
    Typhlosion DP2
    Magmortar DP2
    H. casty
    Garachomp DP2
  12. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    Im interested in these
    x2 Time-Space Distortion
    x1 Lucario LV X
    x1 Torterra LV X
    x2 Garchomp (4 RH)
    x2 Feraligatr (1 RH)
    x2 Typhlosion (4 RH)
    x3 Rampardos
    x3 Walrien
    x1 Ariados
    x3 Raichu
    x2 Electrivire

    x3 Crobat
    x1 Bronzong
    x2 Bastiodon
    x3 Nidoqueen
    x1 Lumineon
    x2 Kricketune
    x2 Torterra
    x1 Torterra LV X
    x41Delcatty PK
  13. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    No problem on the info but you still have not removed it......I will check back and if it is not removed you will have this locked and given a infraction.

  14. littleryan18

    littleryan18 New Member

    The Captain- would u possibly trade those cards for something other than the TSD because i am trying to hold on to that for battle roads unless offered a fantastic deal. could lu make another offer. thanx

    Charmander162- sry but the garchomp and magmortar are worth more value-wise than sceptile so could u make another offer. thanx

    Epyon0015- interested in the infernape lv X, magmortar lv X, and 3 charizard CG

    and sorry pokemonmike, i forgot to push save when i edited
  15. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    not the elctivire but i can trade the others for my DP2 wants.

    x3 Garchomp (x RH)
    x3 Feraligatr (1 RH)
    x2 Typhlosion (2 RH)
    x2 Magmortar
    x2 Brozong

    For inernape lv x
    electivre dp
  16. charmander162

    charmander162 New Member

    how about instead of garachomp you throw-in chingling
  17. Darkrai X

    Darkrai X New Member

    How about Blissey RH for Magmortar Lv.X?
  18. galonso

    galonso New Member

    How about Delcatty Ex for my Lucario X
  19. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    cml for Ray EX D. All I have from your list is a Lucario DP 1. Thanks
  20. kirstin

    kirstin New Member

    cml for your 2x tsd
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