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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pattheduke, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Pattheduke

    Pattheduke New Member

    Hey everyone, here's a pretty standard steelix list im thinking of using at regionals. Ive only just started testing so i still have alot to do but let me know what you think and any changes you think would help the deck are much appreciated.

    19 Pokemon:
    3-3 Steelix (UL Onix)
    2-2 Blissey
    2 Uxie
    4 Sableye
    1 Unown Q
    2 Skunktank G

    27 Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums
    2 Conductive Quary
    3 Collector
    3 Communication
    3 Bebe's
    3 Engineers Adjustments
    4 Life Herb
    4 Pluspower
    3 judge
    2 E belt

    14 Energy:
    4 DCE
    4 Sp Metal
    3 Metal
    3 Call

    Strategy is pretty standard. Build up a steelix and use him as a tank with support healing.
  2. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    -4 plus power

    +1-1 Steelix
    +2 metal energy

    Hope this helps
  3. Pattheduke

    Pattheduke New Member

    hmmm thanks for your advice, but i think a 4-4 steelix line is overkill. Steelix is a tank and if your going through 4 of them in a game your doing something wrong. if anything i may consider a 4-3 line. I also like pluspowers. This lets steelix be in OHKO range of soooo many meta pokemon like most SP lvl x's and gyrados with a belt, which is ridiculously popular in my area.
  4. you could take out 2 pluspowers and add 2 buck's training. That way you would get a little bit of an extra draw.
  5. Pattheduke

    Pattheduke New Member

    hmm ill have to test that one out. i never even knew about that card haha. Any other suggestions?
  6. im_the_boss

    im_the_boss New Member

    if you can find a tech for against blaziken fb or infernape 4 it would be best maybe a bubble coat? or what is your mplan against those 2?
  7. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Here are some ideas:

    2 Skuntank is too many. You REALLY don't want to start a lone Skuntank (especially running no kind of warp like you have).
    While I really, really like Sableye (and I really like to go first with Steelix), I don't like that it "needs" an unown q, and I really feel that Jirachi is about the only viable starter in this deck. I know, many will disagree, and I'm not saying the deck isn't any good without it or bad with 'tomb, Sableye, or Smeargle, but having played it ALL season, I really, really feel Jirachi is the only way to go. My downhill tumble in Texas states was a double flash bite KO, bright look Jirachi, Seeker Steelix, KO Jirachi ftw. Granted, I was pretty sure that was coming and I judge the turn before, but judge him into a GOD hand, not that it mattered, what killed me was that I was susceptible to the Seeker donk. Thinking back, I should have had an extra, free retreat, Jirachi on the bench and IF it was KO'ed, I got to search my deck. If any other starter sits the bench, it just becomes Bright Look bait and when it gets KO'ed to avoid Seeker, you just drop another and you won't get a prize. Just my thoughts...

    13 trainers is pretty rough, makes Vilegar VERY hard. Winnable, yes, but KNOW the matchup VERY well.

    4 Judge and 3 Volkner > any other Supporter line. Volkner lets you get rid of trainers, Engineer's doesn't. Judge will help keep your hand reasonable, paired with Nurse Call, you'll usually get more off of Volkner than Engineer, this will GREATLY improve your Vilegar matchup. When you get loaded and have resistance and only 3 cards in your hand, they will only net 10 damage on the high side and you can usually dump unwanted trainers from a hand like that very easy with Blissey.

    4 Call energy is a MUST. Getting a T2 Steelix is imperative. Max out call and maybe even run a few energy Exchangers and atleast one warp. The advantage of Jirachi is that it lets you search out the "one-ofs." Running an energy lines that contain 4 call, 1 warp, and 2 exchangers greatly improves your chances of getting a call or a warp when needed, its almost like running 6 call and 3 warp.

    After tons and tons of testing, I've found Conductive Quarry about worthless unless you are running Blissey Prime (which I don't recommend). In all reality, it serves Luxchomp more than it does you since most times, you won't lose Steelix, you won't need it. There are a few recommendations. Ruins of Alph is money, giving you the OHKO against Luxray (so will Plus Power). BTS is...interesting. While it helps your opponent as well, it also lets you lock up the "Stadium War" against other evo decks, meaning you will pretty much poison at will, allowing you to whittle at your opponent if need be. And, obviously, it helps you evolve faster. While it does have some advantages, I don't think its a must. The other Stadium I think that has some merit is Lost World. WHAT? I know. But, being as you don't really NEED any stadium, tossing one is for the Lucario/Palkia matchup is an autowin. If I ran one week one of states, I may have very easily have won that tourny. Instead, I dropped one to Lucario/Palkia and missed TC due to resistance. Is that deck REALLY worth teching against? Not really. But, it is one of the few stadiums that might help you and you NEED a stadium for Skuntank. If you run Jirachi and Twins, I highly recommend 1RoA and one Lost World as you can easily search them out and have no fear of needing to draw into them. Another advantage of Lost World is the ability to "lock up" the stadium against Lost Zone decks. Its not a HUGE advantage, but you can lure them into throwing that 6th poke in there on their turn, then judge them and discard the stadium. Now, that assumes it even gets that far.

    As for "extra" power, I think you should run Plus Powers, but I think 4 is over kill. If there is any particular Pokemon you are worried about, a well timed Black Belt does wonders. Do the math, what is the highest HP Pokemon you will run into? Dialga g with 4 sp metals and belted is 180. A belted Machamp Prime is 170. A belted Ttar has 180. So, a belted Steelix with 2 plus powers and a black belt gets you to 180. Also, Black Belt is an awesome Blaziken and Garchomp counter. After Jet Shoot, Blaziken takes +40. A belted Blissey and a Black Belt revenge KO's Blaziken all day for one energy. For one energy and NO belt, Blissey and Black Belt OHKO's garchomp all day.

    So, the secret to bringing it all together? First, Jirachi/Twins engine allows you to search out any card you will need. Second, Junk Arm makes Steelix almost broken (any deck, for that matter). Pair it with VS Seeker, this is a beast. Junk Arm/VS Seeker makes it to where you can almost always get back any Supporter you need. 3-4 Junk Arm, a VS Seeker, and 1 Black Belt, plus 4 Life Herbs and Judges make Steelix a beast to deal with. You can heal almost anytime you need,you can judge almost any time you need. you can Twins almost any time you need. And, you can fall behind a few, them drop a black belt and make a very quick surprise comeback, then VS Seeker for it next turn to do it again, its money.
  8. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    I'd actually run 2 skuntank, for the same reason you play two regirock in a magnezone deck. (think gengar)
    It gets sniped by garchomp C, you pretty much lose your skuntank, considering there's no recovery, not even a palmers.
    I agree that he should try out warp energy or at least warp points, for dire situations. which can then lead to a seeker which you may consider including to scoop it up. It's like poke-turning a dialgatank in a sense.
    Have you considered a smeargle? It's just nice to be able to play another supporter, or even just one if you don't have any in hand.
    4 Pluspower is overkill as previously stated, especially if vilegar is common in your area. You may think, oh resistance, but they'll stack up.
    Just my thoughts, other then that great decklist.
  9. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    You should be able to KO 2 Gengars before Skuntank gets sniped, most only run 2. you will be judging them into oblivion and have a small hand, meaning they won't take prizes by KO'ing you and at most, you will walk into 1 fainting spell. Don't forget about Uxie. You can always energy stream Steelix to stack energy, then retreat into a psychic restore. I REALLY think 2 skuntank is overkill.
  10. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    I see where you're coming from, however I feel that for the simple fact luxchomp is so popular, you'd want either to have 2 skuntank or at least run a palmer's. But that being said especially if you run 2 skuntank run warp energies.
    Also are you sure you can rely on life herbs? If you get unlucky with them I'd recommend running 4 poke-healers, just for certainty, and a twins or 2 seeing as you're having sableye as your starter which will probably be knocked out quite quickly.
  11. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member

    -1 comm.
    -1 judge
    -1 Skuntank g
    I feel you dont really need to have 3 of comm. and judge in this deck. The most I play are 2 of each, but of course that is opinion based. Now, I also don't think you need 2 skuntank g in this deck just because of the fact, like someone posted before, you don't want to start with only a skuntank g. Also, if you need it, you can just pull it out with collector.
    So, with that being said, I think you should -1 comm., judge, and skuntank g for +3 warp energy.

    Hope this helps,

  12. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Skuntank will nevet hit the field against luxray since it cant poison sp. By running 2, you are just increasing your chance of a horrible start and dead draws.

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  13. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    I would say find room for a lanturn prime in there its a good counter if your oppoent hase a fire pokemon.
  14. Shayminator

    Shayminator New Member

    There are probably better cards than Engineers...

    -3 Engineer's
    +3 Volkner's philosophy or Sage's Training (Which is nice if you are in a tough spot)

    ---------- Post added 03/28/2011 at 02:41 PM ----------

    Which Blissey? If the prime, then that would be a TON of energy lost
  15. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    I'm hoping it's the PL one, where you discard to remove 2 damage counters.
  16. absolutallygood

    absolutallygood New Member

    The only counter for this would be a Absol G or Celebi prime. And with big retreat maybe add a switch or warp point so you dont get stuck and dont waste energy for a retreat

    ---------- Post added 03/28/2011 at 03:12 PM ----------

    I would also think about adding some special metal energy to reduce damage.
  17. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    There are 4 special metal in already?
    Also Warp Energy would be more effective.
  18. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    You need a non-Prime Steelix. Believe me i ran this at NATS. 2 reasons - 1 Steelix Prime is 2x Fire Weak, the Stormfront Steelix is +30 weak and has a Spread attack that can wreak havoc on non-SP decks. For SP just swarm the Steelix Prime.

    2nd reason is for any Umbreon decks you may encounter even though Umbreon wont be damaging Steelix Prime with the Special Metals and Heal, Steelix Prime wont be damaging Umbreon and you will have a Stalemate. I guess you could attack Umbreon with an Onix, as long as you use the Onix w/out the Body.
  19. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    Would you change it to a 4-4 line with 3 primes and 1 SF?
  20. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Steelix can wall while poisoning and onix can attack for weakness. Another alternative is to use jirachi rr, its damage isnt affectef by effects. Jirachi la can also doom news to either take a prize or to move umbreon.

    The weakness is moot since everyone is running lucario.

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