Help 4 Magmorter/Empoleon Deck!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Garchomper, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Garchomper

    Garchomper New Member


    I just got an account on Pokegym.
    My deck seems to "work" but its a bit slow. does anyone have any suggestins? here it is:


    3 piplup
    2 prinplup
    2 empoleon
    2 empoleon lv. x
    2 magmar sw
    1 magmortar sw
    1 magmortar mt
    2 magmortar lv. x mt
    2 dunsparce mt


    2 Scott
    1 Energy Restore
    3 Energy Search
    3 Pokedex
    2 Bebe's Search
    1 TGW
    1 Prof oaks visit
    2 Quick Ball
    4 Prof Elms training method
    2 Prof Rowan
    1 TGM
    1 Energy Switch


    8 Fire
    9 Water
    1 Double Rainbow
    2 Multi Energy

    Magmorter lv X Anti-Gardy/Sniper, Scott to get Elm and Bebe. Bebe is for lv X and Elm gets Evolutions.
    Empoleon takes hits while Magmortar gets powered up on the Bench and Double rainbow is for Flame bluster on Mag.

    I'm unsure about Dunsparce as a tech using snake hook.

    Criticism Please! Thanks
  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Prof Elms training method is a no no when we have Celio's Network available! Definitely play Celio's. Don't worry, it can get LV.X just like Bebe's! Quick Ball is not a good choice in a deck with so many Pokemon lines. So you want speed eh? Rare Candy is the card for you! Energy Restore and Energy Search are not the best choices to find energy. I recommend using Rosanne's Research because it gets up to two energy, and you can take Basic Pokemon interchangeably! Great Ball is a nice little card to give some speed since it guarantees that you'll take a Basic Pokemon from your deck, plus it doesn't waste your Supporter play of the turn. I suggest you play only one Magmortar LV.X. You are more likely to get a Magmortar set up in the first place if you play more of the non-Lv.X form. I'd go with another Secret Wonders Magmortar. In fact, I recommend that you drop the Mysterious Treasures Magmortar for a third Secret Wonders one. It would match your apparent strategy of sniping/spreading better!

    Good luck!
  3. Garchomper

    Garchomper New Member

    thanks for help!

    thanks for the help mew!

    i might have to order some of the cards you suggested, but overall it seems like a good plan.
    if you have a deck list up i will take a look at it.

    thanks :thumb:
  4. killak831

    killak831 New Member

    take a look at my empoleon/magmortar deck its pretty fast good draw cards and 4 candies and searchers when in need... it owns a flygon ex/bannette ex deck you just need to be aggressive in begining or spread damage then be aggresive in the end and theres many strategies to mine...

    but if you want to use legal cards cant help you there lol sorry about that...i dont play in tourneys too so i dont care if theyre legal or not
  5. Garchomper

    Garchomper New Member

    my deck owned the flygon ex world championships deck,:biggrin: not sure about bannette ex, never played one. im going to order 2 more mgmortar sw for deck. replaced dunsparce with stantler and cozmo's discovery. i dont have celio or rare candies:nonono: i put in a great ball :pokeball: and took out tgm in favor of another trainer. trying to find my night mat. for it but they seem to be misplaced.

    going to play in side event of great encounters prerelease:smile:
  6. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    you definatly need rare candys and roseanes. also more DRE and scramble will help a lot. also the line of pokemon should be 3-2-3-1 level x empoleon and 3-3-1lvlx magmorter.
  7. Garchomper

    Garchomper New Member

    ok i put in 2 more sw magmortar, chingling and chimecho, amulet coin, premier ball,and bill's maintenance

    good or bad? :smile::frown:
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