help/fix my Fire water deck thanks

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mpliers, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. mpliers

    mpliers New Member

    rate/fix my fire water deck

    Dunsparce X1
    Wailmer x2 rollout
    wailord EX X1
    Growlithe ss X1
    arcanine ss x1
    cyndaquil x2 ss
    quilava X2 ss
    Typhlosion EX x1
    Mysterious fossil x2
    kabuto X2 ss
    Kabutops EX x1
    Free retreat maril X2
    azumarill x2 ss
    horsea x2 dragon
    Kingdra Ex x1

    tv reporter x3
    professor elm training method x2
    balloon berry x1
    moo-moo milk x1
    copycat x1
    high pressure system x1
    rarecandy x1

    Water x12
    fire x10
    Fighting X5
  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Well, first off, (I assume you are working with a limited card pool) try to short it down to only 2-3 Pokemon. This is too scattered to do much. I would say pick 1 fire line, 1 Water line, and then a Support line (Dunsparce + oterh Basic, Linoone, or Delcatty)

    Try to do this

    3/3 Arcanine (3 RK9's to choose from, oughta be easy to trade for and are available in NH, all Growlithe from SS for power)
    3/3 Azumarril (all SS)
    3/3 Linnone line (easier to get than Catty, 1 SS 2 RuSa Linoones, all SS Ziggys)
    2 Sparce

    thats 20 Pokemon

    3 TV Reporters
    3 Elms TM or Fast Ball/Master Ball for non support Poke searching
    3 Switch/Balloon Berry (I prefer switch)
    4 Briney's/Moo-moo (Since Brineys will be hard to come by)
    3 Cat/Oak's R
    1 TV
    1 Fiherman
    2 HP System

    20 Trainers

    9 Fire
    9 Water
    2 Warp Energy

    Most cards should be semi easy to come by. Others wont. Try trading fo rthem though, if you can.
  3. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    yeah, i agree with spectreon on some issues......

    the deck is far too scattered to be of any use, but i think that azumarill is only good in team play

    i think you would be better off with pelipper from R/S

    so here's my fix

    4 growlithe (SS)
    3 arcanine (2 SS, 1 SK, you never know, it could come in handy)
    4 wingull (R/S)
    3 Pelipper (R/S)
    2 zigzagoon SS/ Skitty (when possible, get delcatty line)
    2 linoone/Delcatty R/S (i don't like the SS one, and 2-2 is just fine)
    1 dunsparce (once you use his attack he's rather useless)
    2 Basic (wobbuffet or something like that)

    8 fire
    6 water
    2 multi

    3 reporter
    3 research
    3 copycat
    2 oracle
    4 warp point
    4 moomoomilk
    2 crystal shard (messes up those new dragon decks rather well)
    1 high pressure system
    1 TV

    well that should just about do it, so i hope this helps your cause
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