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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by colorlessgirl, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. colorlessgirl

    colorlessgirl New Member

    This is a different combo but when it gets going, it works well. Problem is it is inconsistent. My daughter tells me the strategy is "Use, Abuse and Re-Use", working with the boost energies....
    Any help/fixes would be really appreciated!

    Here's the deck:

    Pokemon - 26
    1 - Ralts w/ Hypnosis (SS)
    2 - Ralts w/ Hynoblast (R/S)
    1 - Kirlia w/ Life Drain (R/S)
    2 - Kirlia w/ Super Psy (R/S)
    2 - Gardevoir (R/S)
    2 - Wynaut (SS) To set-up the bench
    2 - Wobby (SS) To guard against EXs
    2 - Aron w/ Gnaw (R/S)
    1 - Aron w/ Steel Headbutt (SS)
    1 - Lairon w/ Metal Claw (R/S)
    2 - Lairon w/ Iron Defense (SS)
    2 - Aggron ex (SS)
    1 - Ziggy w/ Collect (SS)
    2 - Ziggy w/Fury Swipes (R/S)
    1 - Linoone w/ Seek Out (R/S) To get cards out of deck
    2 - Linoone w/ Sniff Out (SS) To get cards back from discard pile, esp Boost

    Trainers - 13
    2 - Wally's Training, Speeds evolution
    2 - Copycat, Works to increase or decrease hand size as needed
    2 - Town Volunteers, Get cards back from discard pile
    3 - Mr. Briney's Compassion, For healing
    2 - Rare Candy, Speeds evolution
    2 - Potion, For healing
    Trainer number is small, but Linoones and Wynauts also used mostly as supporters

    Energy - 21
    13 Psychic
    4 Metal
    4 Boost

    THANKS in advance!
  2. colorlessgirl

    colorlessgirl New Member

    c'mon folks, really could use some help here.....
    can this marriage be saved????
  3. Okay I know by the looks you may not have but best Gardy line is 4Ralts3Kirlia maybe even 2 if you have Rare Candy and 2 Gardy and 2GardyEX that is the best way to do it.Mor Wynaut and Espeon.I don't know about combinding with Aggron but if you want to do it that way then Aggron it is.Drop Linoone and Zigzagoon for Skitty and Delcatty.Drop Wally for 3PETM and 1 more Copycat 4 Potion and Switch Multi is good to.
  4. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I don't think this is the most ideal combo. For Aggron ex to be at its best it should have 4 Metal and just needs 1 other nrg. Getting more Psychic nrg on him quickly doesn't help that. Aggron ex and Gardevoir RS + Gard ex are two of the best decks in the format but I don't see this combo making either one better. I would concentrate on one or the other.
  5. Pidgeotto Trainer is right focus on 1 if you have Gardy EX drop Aggron if not drop Gardy that leaves you with alot of room for more trainers.
  6. colorlessgirl

    colorlessgirl New Member

    THANKS to all for the advice....much appreciated and VERY helpful!!
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