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Discussion in 'Other' started by Promachos, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,

    Total newcomer to the world of Pokémon, looking to get onboard with the TCG now that there's an online component to it. And I need some advice, and perhaps a mentor or two who knows the game inside and out, to help me start properly. So, bear in mind, you're talking to someone who has nothing at all, and is looking for a shot at becoming competitive as soon as possible online, not off. If I'm in a position so that I have a reasonable chance against beating any opponent, I'll be content. :tongue:

    Let me just spitball a few random questions to start off with:-

    • Staple trainer cards for competitive decks like N, Professor Oak's New Theory, Ultra Ball, and the like; are they found across all boosters, or should I be targeting some booster packs and avoiding others?

    • Which booster packs contain Mewtwo Ex and/or Darkai Ex? Costa's most recent World Championship winning deck is what I'm kind of looking at for an idea of what to build myself, so I want to build it online. Most really competitive decks seem to only differ from other decks by about 15 cards or so, so once I had that one built I can swap Pokémon in and out to suit my particular taste and style of play.

    • Anyone here willing to play Obi Wan to my Anakin and share a bit of tutelage or engage in a few practice battles? I promise not to lightsaber you in the back and turn to the dark side when I'm done—but I might turn to a few dark pokémon.

    • Anyone here care to engage in a few lopsided trades or some such? I'm not looking for charity, but just maybe one or two cards I pulled from my recent five-booster pack login bonus will mean something to someone, and they'll be generous with what they offer in exchange.

    • Anyone care to share advice on the best way to spend money on the TCG without getting huge piles of physical cards? Anything real-world will just go to waste, because I'm not the kind of guy who'll go and play cards at my local store.

    I guess that'll do for now. So, yeah, jump on board card enthusiasts, and give a new player a hand. All information or resources shared will be a great help. Thanks. :thumb:

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