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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by PokeGeek145, Sep 14, 2003.

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  1. PokeGeek145

    PokeGeek145 New Member

    Hi, I am a very close friend to WPM at school, named Aram, and he called me several hours ago on the phone, since we are sort of PokeBuddies, and explained to me his site had been deleted. While he was telling me this, he was actually crying saying that he had worked on the site for so long and that his friend had betrayed him and so on.

    As many ppl know, Water Pokemon Master is the webmaster of PokeBeach, the website with the high-quality scans.

    WPM told me all of this, so this is from what he said, however I felt that I should post this for help on getting his site back as a sort of birthday present. Also, he did not set me up to this or anything like that, he doesn’t even know about this, and he is always telling me about a PokeGym and Pokemasters forums he is always visiting, so I found the link to here from Pokemon Aaah's site and felt I should post this. Here's the story:

    When he got back from his league today, he got an e-mail from someone accusing him of stealing their card scans. He then told that person that he didn’t know what they were talking about, because he and his friend Jason (another person I know at school) had worked on the card scans themselves. So, WPM contacted Jason via telephone and asked him if he had scanned the cards WPM had asked him to, or if he stole them from this website. After some time, Jason admitted to stealing some of the scans and that he didn’t want to be WPM’s friend anymore. In other words, Jason sent WPM scans from someone else’s site without WPM knowing they were someone else’s and he then put them on his site (of course, WPM also scanned many of the cards himself). So, the webmaster of this website saw the scans and contacted Brinkster, WPM’s host, and told them to delete his site because he had taken something w/o permission, even though he didn’t contact WPM and get the full story. So, his site has now been deleted, though it is not his fault, and here is how u can help.

    To restore WPM’s site, we should all look in our History files to see if we viewed any of the pages on his site and then send them to him. To do this, go to Internet Explorer, click History on the top, go to File>Work Offline, and click search in the History frame on the left. Type in “PokéBeach” and if any pages show up in black, not gray, you can click them and they will appear on ur screen. When this happens, save the page to ur desktop or something, and send it to WPM’s e-mail address, [email protected]

    However, this is sort of a surprise for him since it will soon be his birthday, so if he sees that people are helping to restore his site, he may feel a little better and want to play Pokemon again. Thanks for all ur help (in advance) and I hope we can all restore his site. I, however, cannot help because my History folder was cleared out yesterday, so I hope you can all help my friend!
  2. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Well all the Sandstorm scans that WPM posted are still accesible from the pokegym pg 2 of TCG News Discussion on the topic Sandstorm scans. When I tried to go to the rest of the site it didn't let me. Hope that helps.
  3. PokeGeek145

    PokeGeek145 New Member

    Well, in ur History file, is there any pages from his website that are clickable when u work offline?

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