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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by lanturn1234, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

    Here´s my deck

    pokemon: 24

    4 torchic
    2 combusken
    3 blaziken (holo)
    2 blaziken ex
    2 rayquaza ex
    1 wobbuffet
    3 skitty
    3 delcatty (holo)
    2 TA Electrike (self charge)
    2 TA Manetric (holo)
    3 sparse
    Trainers: 16
    2 petm
    2 por
    3 copy cat
    2 oracle
    3 rare candy

    Energy: 20

    12 fire
    6 lightning
    2 multi

    Now I know I posted a deck just like this already, but I´ve hit some barriers to winnig

    deck I´m worried about
    muk ex
    ninekin decks
    kingdra decks
    mirror matches

    Muk ex worries me for obvious reasons.
    ninekin worries me because of the prize gap between ray and ninetails
    kingdra worries me because 150 hp is hard to bust through with volcanic ash

    The decks energy can not be fooled with I can´t deal with less than 18, I´ve lost alot because of lack of energy. Also 1 of the combuskens is lunge works wonders against grass very common in my area. :D
  2. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

  3. Hero

    Hero New Member

    -2 light energy
    -2 petm
    -1 copycat
    -1 combusken
    -1 skitty
    -1 wobb
    -1 delcatty
    +3 tv reporter
    +2 Oracle
    +2 POR
    +1 rare candy
    +1 dunsparce

    Every mod. BAR these days work the same. This is the most common of the fixes. If you need any "particular fix," let us know.
  4. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

    I need specific help deafeating the aforementioned decks. :D
  5. TheGame

    TheGame New Member

    Another thing to bear in mind is TA Kyogre with TA Walrein is a common counter to Blazi ex.If you're using TA Manectric instead of Expedition Ampharos to move energy around then you're helping your opponent to attack with Kyogre as he needs to only have out three TA pokemon to attack with Kyogre as you're providing the fourth! (check out Kyogre's poke power ). I'd stick with Ampharos at the moment until it rotates out of modified!
  6. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

    I´d like to, but this deck is tight on spase and do you realy think kyogre is going to servive a volcanic ash. :D
  7. Hero

    Hero New Member

    My fix. Tweak it around and see what cards could need +/-
  8. TheGame

    TheGame New Member

    Volcanic ash is great but if Kyogre is up and running and manages to to confuse you or put you to sleep then on next go Aqua smash with a dark attached and bye bye Blazi!! Although on balance Blazi ex will normally win through!
  9. bluboy

    bluboy New Member

    This is how i would play the list.

    Pokemon 22

    3blaziken r/s
    2blaziken ex
    2TA electrike
    2TA manetric

    Trainers 22

    4tv reporter
    4rare candy
    4 pokemon reversal

    Energy 16

    12fire energy
    4lightning energy

    I think ampharos is better then TA manetric.
  10. Rayquaza 9.0

    Rayquaza 9.0 New Member

    What's up with 4 reversals? It is a tails fails card and BEX can attk. the bench anyway. Oh, and IMO at least two Ray is way worth it.

  11. Daddiursa

    Daddiursa New Member

    - 2-2 of Skitty/Delcatty is almost always enough.

    - Go 4 on Dunsparce. Getting one of him on your opening hand slows down your heartbeat if your in a tense tournament situation and that is good for your health(!!!).

    - Go 4 on the Oracle's too b/c they ensure you get Delcatty out fast.

    - I recommend keeping at least 1 Copycat and not go all the way on POR's. Getting one by means of Oracle when you see your opponent has a huge hand is very nice.

    - Another deck you should put up on your worry-list is Swampert (ex)/Suicune ex w/Crystal Shards in it. If they use Skitty/Delcatty + Fisherman they are just as fast as you. And those shards can come like lightning from a clear sky. Both on Swampert, Swampert ex (w/3 nrg) and Suicune they mean r.i.p. to Rayquaza ex. And Swampert ex is fightning so he antidote to Ampharos/Manetric. Anyway you don't loose regularly to this deck, mind you. But it is something to worry about. A wrong step and a bad start can ruin you day.

    That's all!!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2004
  12. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

    Here´s my revised deck which can cream cune ex and swampert (holo).

    pokemon: 24
    4 torchic
    2 combusken
    3 blaziken (holo)
    2 blaze ex
    2 skitty (double edge, shedininja tech)
    2 delcatty (holo)
    2 magnemite
    2 magneton (d)
    4 dunsparse
    1 ditto (mirror match tech)
    1 wobbuffet
    trainers: 18

    4 oracle
    2 petm
    3 por
    1 cc
    1 nurse
    1 town vollunteers
    2 warp point
    3 rc

    energy: 18
    12 fire
    4 lightning
    2 multi
  13. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

    whoops forgot rayquaza ex
    -1 wobbuffet
    -1 fire
    +2 rayquaza ex
  14. Hero

    Hero New Member

    kill the mags
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2004
  15. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Pokemon: 21
    4 Dunsparce
    4 Torchic (Singe)
    2 Combusken (FLARE)
    3 Blaziken
    2 Blaziken ex
    2 Rayquaza ex
    2 Skitty
    2 Delcatty

    Trainers: 21
    4 POR
    4 Oracle
    4 Reporter
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Warp Point
    2 Switch
    1 Volunteers
    1 HPS

    Energy: 18
    13 Fire
    3 Multi
    2 Lightning

    Same list.


    You don't really need to ask for help on these decks! They're littering the boards, man. There must be 20 by now, and this is one of 'em.

  16. Hero

    Hero New Member

    If you want a bex/rayex varient, go look for one on the forums, theres like 3472639423 fixes based on them. Besides.. the only difference between these kind of blaziken decks are 1 or 2 cards.

    If you want bex/ray/manetric like your original, go w/ my previous fix (1st fix), or again. find it on the forums, theres plenty to choose from.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2004
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