Help with Bliss/Tales for CC's pls

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Cookie, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    OK, I need help with a deck I'm goint to use in our CC's. I played Solo Bliss before, but cause G&G is popular in my area, I teched in 2-2 Tales MT because it can OHKO stuff nicely with Lake Boundary, and now I need ur advise. No here's the list.


    4 Blissey MT (main attacker)
    4 Chansey MT (u know)

    2 Ninetales MT (for G&G)
    2 Vulpix MT (Confuse Ray FTW : D)

    1 Sableye CG (tech for mirror Bliss and to discard fire)

    = 13

    Trainers, Stadiums, Supporters:

    4 Castaway (get Celio/TVR other stuff + fire + tools = great)
    4 Celio
    4 TVR (good draw cause discards)
    2 Steven
    2 TGW (disrupt/hand refresh with a bit of luck)
    2 Roseanne
    1 Scott (gets Boundaries/Supporters)

    3 Cessation Crystal (for Blisseys)
    2 Str Charm (fetch with Castaway)
    2 Lake Boundary (with this, Tales = teh KILLING MACHINAE)
    2 Night Maintenance (recycling, do I need 3?)
    3 PP (extra power)



    8 Fire
    4 FF (gets weakness off)
    4 Boost (Blissey likes)



    The basic strategy is to jsut run over all with Blissey, Ninetales is a tech versus G&G.

    I think I need room for a few Windstorms, but I can't find room. Quick Ball would speed me up, but itäs risky cause I can just see myself wasting QBall for a Vulpix. What do you think? All help is greatfully appreciated. =)
  2. mewlover777

    mewlover777 New Member

    Not a bad idea I run blissey and have thought about different techs against G&G Mismagius came to mind because its weak to darkness - which could be a pain if u ran into DWD, lckily nobody in my metagame runs it - but owns other blissey because of second aattack and covers blisseys weak spots :) You don't really need the sableye because TVRs do the same thing basically and it's possible for you to prize it. soooo... -1 castaway -1 sableye -1 celios -1 str charm +3 windstorm + 1 roseannes
    That's my advice
    If you didn't run ninetales you wouldn't need the windstorms BTW
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