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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by gnarlychar, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. gnarlychar

    gnarlychar New Member

    I made this deck after the pre-release from the cards i got, and it losed horribly! I have most of the cards in the set, except Archie, and I don't have TV reporters, but I need help making it better.

    pokemon X20

    3x team Aq. Carvanha
    2x team Aq. Sharpedo
    3x team Aq. Spheal
    2x team Aq. Sealeo
    2x team Ma. Poochyena
    1x team Ma. Groudon
    3x team Ma. Ryhorn
    2x team Ma. Rhydon
    2x Wailmer (sandstorm)
    1x Wailord EX

    Energy X26

    11x water
    11x fight
    1x multi
    2x Aqua
    1x magma

    trainers X13
    warp point (1)
    3x strength carm
    1x aqua belt
    1x aqua tech machine
    1x daul ball
    1x moo moo milk
    3x potions
    1x aqua hide out
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  2. Mewstar

    Mewstar New Member

    You need more trainers to move your deck and to help your pokemon.I was wondering why do you have Team Aqua's Hideout on your deck,since it will affect both your Team Magma pokemon and Wailmer.You could remove Wailmer and Team Magma pokemon and make the deck with pokemon of Team Aqua only and add Team Aqua Schemer since you don't have TV Reporter and also add Town Voulnteers.
  3. gnarlychar

    gnarlychar New Member

    Thanks, I changed it around a bit, here it is...

    pokemon X15

    team Aq. Carvanha X3
    team Aq. Sharpedo X2
    Wailmer (SS) X2
    Wailord EX X2
    team Ma. Ryhorn X3
    team Ma. Rydon X2
    Wobbuffet X1

    Trainers X18

    moo moo milk X2
    potion X3
    warp point X2
    switch X1
    team aq. belt X1
    dual ball X1
    team aq. tech machine X1
    wally's training X2
    strength charm X4
    crystal shard X1

    Energy X27
    11 water
    11 fight
    2 psy
    3 multi

    my friend has a RAyquaza deck so I put in Wobuffet and crystal shard
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