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  1. how do i get the mystery gift for diamond or pearl
  2. Professor_Chris

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  3. ty i apreciate it
  4. Mew*

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    Yeah, but if you go to an event, like at Toys R US, Mystery Gift automatically puts itself on, so you don't need to worry about it. I remember I had a game where I was hardly far (had the Pokedex which you need) and I never got Mystery Gift, but when you turn your Pokemon game on it automatically looks for other wireless devices like Wii and events.
  5. oh wow koo i didnt kno dat the onlything im working on is my poke team i need a lvl 50 empoleon so i might trade my lvl 60 empoleon for it
  6. Thank you all for the help, this is what the VG section is for. Now that the mystery has been solved. Click!

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