Here Lies SOTG..A sad AZ BR report.

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Havoc, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Havoc

    Havoc New Member

    Well, after the BR that went on today in Gilbert Arizona I have finally seen something that soooo many players have had to deal with across the nation. At first I simply thought our little area was free from all that drama but I guess I was wrong all along. During the BR I had a first round loss for being late(not complaining) and then I lost my 3rd round. I went 3-2 overall in Masters, which I liked just so I could keep my rating somewhat average until Cities and states started. Well, during my last match my opponent was 3-1 at the time and had a chance to go into Finals if he won. He had it at first, but I came back and eventually took the game. This is where the sour grapes came in though. I basically got a dose of "Coodies" for not letting him win and ended up being the center of conversation for quite a few people who didn't understand "Why didn't you scoop?" :nonono: I gave them my answer and went on with my happy go lucky ways. And for alot of the judges who know me, I never get mad when I lose, and to ask my opponent to fold? That's simply ridiculous. So I was basically hated by them for about 20 minutes before I left. That's when I sorta felt bad, which irritated me until now.

    I finally understand all those threads I've seen in the past. What is happening to this child's past time? I fear it's being dominated by lies and corruption. I have seen and heard many cases of 'groups' of players folding to each other and going after certain players just so they can land the top. I find this laughable and pathetic for the prize they're practically killing for.

    I remember a time when this game was fun. Now it's becoming something of a rat race. Kill or be killed is the game.

    I played BlissCat

    Round 1 Loss for being late.


    Round 2: vs. Ashley w Garchomp/Eggy MT
    I helped with this deck and I was sad that I had to face a friend who I had just been in the car with for 30 minutes. It was pretty even at first. An exchange between Blisseys and Garchomp. My Holon FF saved me several times. It went down to 1-2 in my favor. She killed off my Blissey, giving me about 13 energy in my discard. I bring up Catty ex and Upstream for the game. It was a good match though.


    Round 3 vs. Jakki w Garchomp/Sabeleye
    I though greatttt, lol. I had a quick start and she had a decent one as well. Her setup wasn't as fast but her Disable was a nightmare along with her resistance to me. I knocked out a Sabeleye and Garchomp, but it went down to time and I couldn't get the game winning warp point to save my life, haha. It's always fun to play her though, it was great.


    Round 4 vs. ??? w Draggy ex d/Fly d
    He had a godly start of T2 Draggy AND Flygon and I was scared. I got my bench going and he couldn't get a bench. I laughed at how rediculous Blissey was when I boosted+3 Plus Power+Strength Charm and like 2 other energy. XD I just got ahead on prizes after killing 2 Draggys. It was me vs. a Dratini at the end for my win. It was a good game, even though he didn't think so.


    Round 5 vs R-Gon
    This was the game I knew I would lose. Though after he didn't delta draw anything I started building things like Cattys and Blsseys on my bench. Catty ex and Catty pk were vital in this matchup for my energy attachments. I outsped him after awhile and won by Warp Pointing up an Eggy jr and hitting it for like 100 or so.


    I knew I wasn't top cut, though I was proud of my wins against some tough opponents. And I was happy for my rating even though I'm not like Top 4 or anything. It was great and gave me a better perspective of Blissey. I thought it was hillarious that like 6 people played it today in Masters, haha.

    The ride home from a friend's mom
    Not doing tooo bad
    An overall well put together tourney in a good location
    My opponents from the first two rounds
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  2. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    dude i 100% agree with you. its stupid of em to hate you. why should you lose on purpose and lose points which may potentially net you a worlds invite?!?!? if the guy couldnt beat you he didnt deserve to get into the top cut.
  3. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Go you. Seriously. Don't feel bad. Good job.
  4. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    If he had deserved to be in the cut he would have won straight up. He and his friends will just have to deal with their grapes.

  5. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

    Maybe at a higher profile event, if a worlds invite is on the line, but an 8k Battle Road in the beginning of the season?

    Give me a break.
  6. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    It is rather sad that your opponent is asking you to scoop just so he can get a shot of getting some packs + a Victory Medal and that you were trolled by them for it (especially on the trolling bit) :rolleyes:

    PS. Havoc, please PM me since there is a problem with our trade and you ... were not responding =/
  7. Havoc

    Havoc New Member

    Yeah, I still feel weird and mixed about it. Especially since I somewhat though highly of these players until late. It was a pretty stressful day for alot of players from what I saw. There's still alot of players like me who're just happy to be there, but more and more competition is changing the views of these 'life or death tournaments.'

    @Nu: Pm'd ya. :eek:
  8. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

    I'm going to laugh when the points that these guys did earn mean jack squat after cities.
  9. Just wondering? Do you lose points when you get a first round loss for being late?
  10. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

    No. You only lose points if you lose to someone in your age division.
  11. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

    Sorry you had the experience you did as you know we try to run a fun and safe tournament for all involved. I've notice the "clicks" starting up and it will be addressed tomorrow I can assure you.

  12. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    Hey Havoc....You never told me about one said anything...this will be addressed tomorrow by the Judges. In the future, Please see me or anyone of the judges with anything you dont feel right about. We always take great care in fixing any issues that come up. (i think you already know this )

    Email me or pm me if you would like, my door is always open to everyone!
  13. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    "You play to win the game."
  14. Havoc

    Havoc New Member

    Yeah, it's been bugging me for awhile now. I'm not really looking for the hand of judgement to be placed on anyone's head right now..I'm simply dissapointed. :frown:
    Thanks for your concern though. With those topics addressed I'm looking forward to coming back to a field of fair play.

    @Bolt: I agree. Who doesn't? But this isn't survivor we're trying to win. Killing the player next to me for a few packs and a Victory Medal is beginning to seem realistic by the standards of sportsmanship I've seen. I mean of course I'd love to win something, but if that means I'd have to lie, cheat, steal, and bribe..What's the point? Especially if you're not having fun.
  15. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

    Asking someone to concede at one of the first events of the season with nothing on the line?

  16. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Getting all emo over a few packs and a victory medal and a small handful of points...? Are you freaking serious...? Those guys need a punch in the face from their own grandmothers. Just ignore idiots like that. They are not deserving of being known that they are in the room.

    Congratulations on your placing though. As long as you are proud of your achievements. Then everyone else should be. =D
  17. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I agree, you shouldnt feel bad. I know personally the only time I might conceed is at Nationals. I mean this year a 5-3 end up playing a 6-2 in the last round of swiss. We did the before the round and we concluded that even if the 5-3 won they couldnt make it. I asked around and about 95% of the players said they would conceed in that position to give the 6-2 the win since they knew they couldnt make the cut. If your 5-3 also, the chances are your not getting a rating invite anyway so that is my thoughts on that. GJ going 3-1 tho.

  18. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    How could Holon FF help you in the Garchomp match?
  19. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="

    Although I don't know you, You shouldn't care what others think about you and such. It's only BR's, and it's like there's anything in stake. GJ on making 3-1 though.
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  20. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    Battle Roads... FREE!
    Cities.... FREE!
    States... FREE!


    For some sour grapes is the option, for everyone else the HIGH ROAD is choice! SOTG FTW!!

    Don't let it get to you Havoc! In the past, I allowed certain things like this bring me down a little and upset me... but I started becoming more humble and noticing that allowing a few bad apples to spoil my good time of seeing friends and competing in this GREAT GAME can really begin to make it not so fun any more. Keep yor head up and your spirits high and have impathy for them that something so bad in their life creates such animosity and negativity.

    Good Job considering you went 3-1 in actual play!!

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