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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mysterioustrainer, Dec 24, 2003.

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  1. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Well I have been trying to decide what could prove to be the top of the Modified Format and I think I have found that the Kingdra EX/Kingdra/Steelix Deck is my best bet.

    Title: Tides of Strategy
    Class: Modified
    Pokemon: 20
    4 Horsea (EX: Dragons Uncommon 33/97) (Retailate/Smoke Screen)
    4 Seadra (EX: Dragons Uncommon 39/97) (Water Arrow)
    2 Kingdra EX (EX: Dragons Holo 92/97)
    2 Kingdra (Aquapolis Holo H14/H32 Rare 19/147)
    3 Onix (EX: Sandstorm Common 71/100)
    3 Steelix (Skyridge Holo H29/H32 Rare 31/144)
    2 Dunsparce (EX: Sandstorm Common 60/100)
    Trainers: 20
    4 Professor Oak's Research (Expedition Uncommon 149/165)
    4 TV Reporter (EX: Dragons Uncommon 88/97)
    3 Wally's Training (EX: Sandstorm Uncommon 89/100)
    3 Balloon Berry (EX: Dragons Uncommon 82/97)
    3 Pokemon Reversal (EX: Ruby and Sapphire Uncommon 87/109)
    2 Pokemon Nurse (Expedition Uncommon 145/165)
    1 Mystery Zone (Skyridge Uncommon 137/144)
    Energy: 20
    4 Metal Energy (EX: Ruby and Sapphire Rare 94/109)
    16 Water Energy (EX: Ruby and Sapphire Common 106/109)

    Horsea with Retailiate can be extremly useful in dire situations with Kingdra EX. The Seadra with Water Arrow is like a staple in this deck because of it striking any target for 30 damage. The Kingdra EX has its high HP and its Genetic Memory attack, while the Aquapolis Kingdra is useful for its Water Cyclone Pokepower to get me out of a jam. Onix from Sandstorm is choosen for its colorless attack, while Steelix transforms any of the Water Energy into Metal when needed. Dunsparce is just to get the bench going.

    Prof Oak Research and TV Reporter is the best combo I have found so far to getting my hand going when I need it. Wally's Training is used to move the Evolution lines quickly but not skip any steps, the Supporter works great in conjunction with Mystery Zone too. Pokemon Nurse works in conjunction with Water Cyclone to get me out of tight jams, and Balloon Berry really helps me be relived of the high retreat costs of these powerful hitters. Pokemon Reversal seems essential to destroy potiential threats as fast as possible.

    Metal Energy to support Steelix when possible, while the water works with the rest of the deck.
  2. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Okay a few points that I hope will help.

    Horsea w/retaliate - that's silly. So, you MAY take out the one prize before you lose two, rather than Reverse Thrust, inflict damage and escape to wait for some sort of healing AFTER you've moved off all your water..... a no-brainer, i think.

    I prefer Waterfall Seadra, if only they released one with both movess on there. The last thing that you want to do though against a L deck is start popping them for 30 and get 140 in return from an Amphy-EX. Getting 40 on them is ever closer to nailing them with 60 damage, what you need before a Hydrocannon. So, ideally it's Reverse Thrust for W, Waterfall for WW, Hydrocannon for WWCCC with Boost.

    Amphy-EX is resistant to Metal, you do realise... there goes the Steelix strategy then O_O Onix w/ three Water Energy is just a waste, w/ only 80 or so HP you've wasted three turns powering it up or getting it powered up. Try AQ Rhydon instead w/Rainbow or Multi Energy.

    I would only use 2-3 Seadra w/ Rare Candy, the Kingdra AQ can't use Genetic Memory so you may as well Candy them up to Stage 2 straight away. Hence your engine should feature Oracle instead of Reporter. Wally's Training can then be subbed for Pokénav, or something to that effect.

    Mystery Zone over High Pressure System, that's a strange selection. It's free retreat when you need it. Is Mystery Zone the one where you get your evolution, then shuffle it back in for Energy?

    You'd want to get the Nurse up to 4 straight away. You do know Pokémon Reversal was errated, or has it been changed back? They still get to choose, no?

    Your deck as it is seems to be maybe so-so in bearing the brunt of attacks but would die to an Amphy-EX player, and maybe all those energy would be punished by a Gardevoir player too.

    Sorry to be so brutal, just feeling a bit anti-Christmassy
  3. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Yeah I would either mix and match Horsea, or go straight Reverse Thrust.

    I prefer Water Arrow personally, 10 extra damage to active, or 10 less to anyone??? Its a touogh call to make, with no real in correct answer. The ond Gen Mem Kingdra was a Bench hitter, so I thats why I prefer Water Arrow.

    Max Nurse, its a must for Kingdra EX. Since for now at least Reversal doesnt work the way it should, drop these 3, adding in 2 more Nurse, and Max Switch (switching Balloon Berry to Switch first, oops).

    Also, for a suprise hitter, -1 Onix, and Steelix, +2 Meditite. They can be brutal, drop 3-4 Water for Multi or Rainbow (Rainbow prefered, since it counts as Steel)

    And lastly, drop last SK Steelix in favor of AQ Steelix. I still like to think Bench hitting is the key to GM Kingdra. I guess time will tell...

    Oh yeah, ditch Mystery Zone for High Pressure System.
  4. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    >>>Try AQ Rhydon instead<<<

    Are you just checking if I'm paying attention or did I totally miss this card in the set?

    What do you think of SS Sandslash in this role (How do you like my Earthquake, Amphy?). The HP is a little light.
  5. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I use crystal shard in my kingdra deck for water-resistant pokemon. I think you can fit 2 in your deck.
  6. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Hey thanks for the constructive thoughts everyone. I am well aware of the Amphy. I thought of Crystal Shard and your other thoughts. I know its not the best deck out there in Modified, but I can build it. At least right now it stands on top of most decks in Colorado right now.
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