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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by crazy trader, May 22, 2008.

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  1. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member

    hi evryone i live in az, and i just have a few rules.
    1. no trading out of u.s
    2. will trade will bad/ cautionary traders, they just have to send first.
    3. will follow ref rule, but sometimes prefer to send at same time(depends on trades)
    4 offers if not serious about trading
    5. all cards must be english and mint. unless it says otherwise

    some extras that i need
    (any) un opened dragon shields, pink red gold perf.
    and dice box with no divider in middle
    japenese damage counters

    pokemon needs
    garchomp lv x
    1 glaceon lv x (japanese)
    3 garchomp
    3 gabite(foil)
    4 gible(foil)
    3 togekiss(rh)
    3 togekiss (normal foil)
    1 claydol(rh)
    2 duskull(disable)(foil)
    4 pachi(ge) rh

    energy needed
    2 multi(non foil) (dp)
    league promos
    1 scramble(df)(foil)
    4 dre(non foil) (cg)

    my haves
    1 porygon lv x
    2 leafeon lv x(japanese)
    1 glaceon lv x (japanese)
    1 espeon(md) rh
    2 leafeon(md) 1 rh and 1 non rh
    1 umbreon(md) rh
    almost every new pokemon foil and common, just ask.

    2 victory medal (gold)
    2 victory medal (silver)

    and just ask for anything from other sets and so on. i have just about everything just let me know.

    prize card
    lugias realm
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    chomp x jpn

    leafeon lv x(japanese)
  3. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    i have 2 Multi, a [H] Togekiss

    i want your Porygon-Z Lv.X

    please cml to add on to this trade
  4. lucario_revenge

    lucario_revenge New Member

    i trade glacia lv.x and chomp lv.x for 2 leafeon lv.x
  5. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member


    i only need the chomp x in english
    i don't see the point in trading my eevee loution x's for others cause i not really getting any closer to the trade
  6. blazekid

    blazekid New Member

    Ill trade my 3 togekiss and a pachy for your porygon X
  7. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara New Member

    Do you have a RH Jolteon? If so, could you check my list for anything you'd be interested in for it?
  8. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member


    i only need the stuff on my list, thanks:rolleyes:
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