History of Vonism Ch.1

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    Darwin Brawn Von was his name and he walked the earth with golden eyes. He and his great great grandfather’s research help saved our world. And bring the world of Pokémon to where it is today.
    We met our hero in Twinleaf town. He had stopped by to visit his aunt’s house before going to train in the nearby woods. “Thank you for the lunch. It was great. Hey, before I leave could you do something for me?” Darwin asked his aunt.
    She looked over to Darwin, who was standing by the front door” Yeah?” she said.”Say hi to Dawn for me” He said with a smile and went out the door. He remembered the event that happened when they were twelve.
    I ran down the bank of the lake trying to find a place to hide. Dawn always knew how to play a good game of hide and seek. I found a huge, bronze colored tree ’perfect’ I thought. I climbed up it, and found a sturdy branch .I looked around and saw a Combee buzz by. My stomach started to growl.
    I thought about my dad’s peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I heard Dawn walking close by. I ducked down on the branch, looking around to see where she was. She was right under me. I tried not to laugh.
    Then she tripped, and hit her head straight on the trunk of the tree. ’Perfect, she could never walk through the woods without tripping.’ I waited for her to get back up and start crying about a scratch or something small. She didn’t move.
    I held my breath thinking horrible thoughts. ’Was…….. Was…..she dead?’ I jumped off the branch and ran towards Dawn. She still hadn’t moved. I ran over to her and turned her over.
    I sighed with relief. She was breathing. But I was still worrying. She had gotten a gash just above her hair line, and was real bad. ‘I need to stop the bleeding before he moved her anywhere. First I need to clean it then, bandage it.’ I pulled out a pokeball.
    It flashed and a Duskull appeared. “Quickly, head down to the lake and soak this please, Char?” I ripped a piece of his shirt off, and handed it to Duskull’s waiting hand. It floated away quickly to its request. I turned to Dawn and opened her eyes.
    From what I could tell, she wasn’t going to suffer any brain damage or anything more than a throbbing headache. I had remembered the summer my dad had taken me to his job. He was a doctor for the Cianwood city hospital over in Johto.
    He was a very special doctor because he knew many things and had healed many people with many different problems. He was one of the world’s top doctors. And though he taught I many things, he told me the reason he did was not that i could become a doctor, but so in case of any emergency, I would be of some use in my life.
    Dawn started to grown. She was coming to. I lifted her head to help her. She started to speak slowly “D. . . .Dar. . . Darwin. Wha...what happened?” I looked at her for a while, then said “You tripped, you dunce. And now you’ve got a big gash in your head.” She tried to get up, but I held her down. I told her of her condition. She wasn’t shocked a bit.
    Duskull came back with the ripped cloth soaked like I asked. I cleaned the gash up, and then ripped a long piece of my shirt off again. Then carefully wrapped her head with it.
    I waited a while for her to come to again. When she did, she started to cry. I knew it was coming, but I was still thrown off by it. I lean over her and asked what was hurting. She stopped crying, trying to quiet the stifles, and looked up at me.
    The next thing I knew, her hand pulled me closer, and my lips landed soft on hers. At first, I was still, and then started to move with her lips. It lasted about 4 seconds before I pulled back.”We can’t Dawn. I mean we’re, we’re, we’re COUSINS for god ’s sake. “I stood up and looked away. She started to get up, but then I turned back.
    We looked at each other for what seemed a millennium. “But Darwin, I thought you…” her voice muffled out under her scarf. Duskull’s eye was wandering between the both of them, and caught my eyes. “Hey, don’t give me that look, Char. “
    I looked back to Dawn. I really needed to get her to a doctor, and quick. I leaned down to pick up Dawn. I was strong for a twelve year old, luckily. She looked into my eyes.”How bad is it?” she said giving up.”Pretty bad. We need to get you to a doctor fast.” I started to jog though the forest.
    Within the next half-hour i reached a hospital in Sandgem town. The doctors had stitched up her wound. When her mom found out, she had a total fit, and we got busted. She was to stay in the hospital for the remaining week in case anything came up, like if she went in to a coma or something.
    The doctors were really impressed with me about how I had disinfected the wound and wrapped it perfectly. I told them about how my dad taught me it and who he was. After I told them who he was, they walked away with sour faces.
    I stayed with her the entire time. But on the fourth night, I was to be flown back to Cianwood city to continue trainer school. The winter break would be over. On the night before, she had woken in the middle of the night. She got up and walked over to where I was sleeping in the chair.
    The next morning, I found her curled up on me snoring soundly. I stretched, then picked her up and set here back in the hospital bed. When I had set her down, her arms clung around my neck. ‘She’s awake, perfect.’
    I pried her arms from my neck as soft as I could. She wouldn’t give. Then she pulled me again, and her lips landed soft on mine. This time I enjoyed it a little. She was right in the woods. I did like her, but it was wrong for cousins to even… the thought left my mind when she stopped.
    I looked into her eyes and saw mischief.”So you do like me? I knew it.””Well… I do, but, I mean, we just can’t do this. It will just cause a lot of trouble. I mean I do like you, bu…”I was interrupted in midsentence when she pulled me in again.
    Then she let up again” I don’t care about what people say. I just want you.”She pulled me in again. This time I crawled in the bed with her. We stopped kissing and she cuddled up to me. I was entirely nervous for thousands of reason, one, if Dawns mom saw me, she’d kill me, and I’d never see Dawn again.
    Two, I had no idea what the heck I was to do. So I did what a saw in the movies. I brushed her hair behind her ear, then just ran my finger softly through her hair. She was asleep again within minutes.
    The next thing I knew, I had to head over to Dawns house and pack up. I wrote a note for Dawn and left it under her pillow. She’d find it eventually
    That was pretty much the last time I saw Dawn. I heard she had grown out her hair a lot. And with the cold seasons back she was wearing the same jacket she had worn back then.

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    ....one thing would be that when a person talks, or it's a different POV, starta new paragraph, kinda hurts your eyes when you are trying to figure out what is being read and all the words are just jumbled together...

    ok, i can read it...damn...good, but i don't think that this may be liked by the mods...
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