Hit and Run (Non-DCI Unlimited)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Otaku, Aug 10, 2003.

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  1. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Okay, to start things off, this deck is for play in my current local environment, which is basically Unlimited plus the Nintendo cards under the Nintendo rules. Second, the deck was originally designed for use in (WotC's) Unlimited environment but was made in the Spring of 2001 when the only useful Neo Genesis Rares I had were Darkness energies. The reson I say this is becuase many people may think this is a bizarre Baby-porter deck... which to some extent it is.

    Hit and Run v4.0
    Pokemon x 20
    Abra Lv14 x 3 (TR)
    Cleffa Lv6 x 3 (N1)
    Dark Alakazam Lv30 x 3 (TR)
    Dark Kadabra Lv24x 2 (TR)
    Dodrio x 2 (Jungle/LC)
    Doduo Lv10 x 3 (Base/2/LC)
    Tyrogue x 2 (N2)
    Wobbuffet x 2 (E3)
    Trainers x 22
    Chaos Gym x 3 (GC)
    Computer Search x 3 (Base/2)
    Focus Band x 3 (N1)
    Gust of Wind x 2 (Base/2)
    Item Finder x 3 (Base/2)
    Pokemon Breeder x 1 (Base/2/LC)
    Professor Oak x 2 (Base/2)
    Professor Oak's Research x 1 (E1)
    Super Energy Removal x 2 (Base/2)
    Town Volunteers x 1 (E2)
    Trash Exchange x 1 (GC)
    Energy x 18
    Darkness Energy x 4
    Double Colorless Energy x 1
    Psychic Energy x 10
    Recycle Energy x 2
    Warp Energy x 1

    I'll start with the deck Focus: Dark Alakazam. His first attack, Teleport Blast, is central to the deck. For PPC it hits for 30 damage and gives you the option of switching DA with a benched Pokemon. With Darkness, this attack gets pretty good. With the new Darkness rules, this attack becomes just shy of broken. Costwise, it's fair, perhaps even a bit over-priced as this is a Stage Two Psychic Type with only 60 HP, weak lower stages, Weakness to Psychics (not the worst), no Resistance, and a retreat of 3. Not taking that into account, it would be fair: PP generally yields 30 damage, and C seems to be a fair cost for optional benching (maybe a tad under), but its stats are poor to pathetic and the second attack (coming up in a few more sentences) is also just "fair" at best, this looks to be a Pokemon for the shoe box. That is, until you remember it's a Dark Alakazam. Even in the old days, those Darkness Energies helped. Under the new rules, they put the attack over the top. Now you can Teleport Blast, and if you have any Darkness Energies, you can still hit Resistant Pokemon (under normal circumstances), due to the change in effect order. For those who don't know, before things like the effects of Darkness Energy were applied after the effcts of Weakness and Resistance. Since an attak has do damage, an attack that only did 10-30 damage before Resistance wouldn't get the Dark Damage bonus. Now though, the Dark Bonus is applied before Resistance, so it does go through. This is even better against Weakness, sicne you essentially get +20 damage per Darkness Energy. This has greatly helped, since the only other alternative was Alakazam's second attack, Mind Shock. It did 40 for PPP, but ignored Weakness and Resistance. That's a bit over priced-you are losing a potential 5 damage as PPP=45, and the extra effect should really pay for itself as it is not optional and you lose a great benefit to rid yourself of a great disadvantage. Anyway, now you can save this move for a coup de grace on any Pokemon that Teleport Blast won't KO and that will nab you the game. Otherwise, you leave Dark Alakzam open, silly. Backtracking a bit: two other new rules that help DA out are a)the new Confusion rules and b)the new retreat rules. Before, COnfsion was a death sentence, possibly stranding you in the active slot and causing you 40 damage on a failed attack. Under said new rules, the attack merely places 3 counters (ever little bit helps), and can be retreated out of sans flip.
    Let us now examine the lower stages. Dark Kadabra suffers abyssmal stats for a Stage 1: 50 HP, Psychic Weakness, no Resistance, and a retreat of 2. It's attack is a bit better: it also possesses a Mind Shock, but for only PP that does 30 damage, again, ignoring only Weakness and Resistance. As stated earlier, 30 damage for two Psychic Energies is more or less fair, and the "effect" has fairly equal positive and negative aspects, so this time the attack is fair... on its own. For a Stage 1 with such poor stats, one would hope for more from this attack, or expect the card's other abilites to be better. For those who don't know, I propose that an evolution card should be better than an lower stage would be for the same "costs", barring Basics that can evolve from Baby Pokemon. The reason for this is that it takes more effort to get them into play, so in order to make them competitive, they need breaks that a Basic does not get. Since most basics can have any stat an Evolution has, this usually entails potent Pokemon Powers or attacks. With that out of the way, we look at what could be Dark Kadabra's saving grace: it's Pokemon Power. Matter Exchange, as it is called, allows your to discard a card from your hand to draw a card. It is usuable oncer per turn per Pokemon in play with the ability. Again, the power, while not bad, isn't that great. So, why use it? Because it's anti-Trainer Disruption. If someone shuts off or otherwise messes with Trainers, this is a bit of extra draw power and possibly the onlyw ay to evolve. Last up for our main hitter is the Abra from the Team Rocket sets. Porbably tied for best Abra, at least in my book. It has the most HP we've seen for a normal Abra: 40. It's Weakness, like the others, is no longer as bad as before, and in someways is an advantage: how many good offensive Psychics are their in Unlimited? Probably less than a dozen. Now how many are good basics? Four: Jungle Mr. Mime, Movie Promo Mewtwo, Mewtwo ex, and Rocket's Mewtwo. Retreat of one seems high, given the low 40 HP, but is still second best in the game. Psyshock (P, 10 damage with a flip for Paralysis is a nice, early stalling attack, and Vanish makes this thing harder to KO.

    For the 5 people still reading this, I promise the rest will be much more concise. Cleffa is for draw power and Tyrogue is for an early attacker/Fighting splash. They can also double as "Trading partners" for DA if need be. I prefer using my intended Defense of Dodrio and Wobbuffet. Retreat Aid is mainly for emergencies, as I don't ahve enough Dodrios to make everything a free retreater, and don't expect to have both of them too often. Rage makes a nice incentive to not attack, as with the single DCE I TecHed in, a Recycle clad Dodrio can Rage at a moment's notice (for the record, I don't have a Boost but might try one in the deck should I get one). No one else really needed Dodrio, and it just a potential Cleaner anyway. Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat helps against Posioner and Burners, though I don't know if if multi-counter poisons trigger it, and if they do, if they do just normal poison or match the count. Return Attack let's me use it as a Cleaner as well, though it's Retreat of 2 is one reason why I need Dodrio. Both ahve a solid 70 HP. Not as much as I'd like, but most of the alternatives I can find are worse choices. The Trainers are failry standard, except one: Chaos Gym. For those unfamiliar with it, it basically says that when somebody plays a Trainer other than a Stadium that is not put into play, that person flips a coin. Heads, it works as normal. Tails, the Trainer is essentially negated and sent to the discard pile and the opposing player may elect to utilize the Trainers effects should they be able to pay for it. Costs to play are always paid before the flip, so Computer Search, Item Fidner, and Super Energy Removal are quite risky. I basically have a fairly standard Trainer Engine just in smaller amounts. The energy should be self explanitory, but if you have questions, ask.

    I will try to clarify some things later and let you know the results of a tournament I participated in with this deck yesterday (for fear of bias).
  2. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    Well, first of all, Babyporter isn't hyphenated. ;)

    However, you seem to have the basic ideas down. Babies, trainer suppression, and manipulation. There's also some degree of personal flair. I like that.
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    You do have a good idea, but there is one Trainer I don't see that would really help -- Rocket's Hideout. It gives Dark Kadabra and Dark Alakazam an extra 20 HP each. Other than that, I have no suggestions at the moment.
  4. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Things you should know...

    Got nailed by Blaster Worm... so I have been unable to respond for the last few days. Here are some important things to keep in mind with the deck:

    1. This is not a babyporter deck per se: rather, that is the fall back plan if my oppnent sets up fast. I would rather have Dodrio or Wobbuffet up front to take the hit, as simply put, my luck with Baby-flips is extreme: at my last tournament, the little ones were OHKO'd all but once game, in which I had a Tyrogue that survived 6 baby-flips. Chaos Gym really slows most players down, tot he point that they can't hit me for more than 40 damage most of the time... On the other hand, when they do start doing 70+ damage, then the Babies block.

    2. Rocket's Hideout would give me a plus 20 HP for two guys... who ideally are never active on my opponent's turn. Remember, Hit and Run: my new active would get no HP bonus, as it's not a "Dark [Insert Name]". More over, I need Chaos Gym to protect my energy, protect my bench, and inhibit the development of my oppnent. Long story short, if I lose Chaos Gym... I must add in Dark Vileplume (which I am tinkering with for an alternative version of this deck and then would want Rocket's hideout) or Neo Genesis Slowking. I tried building the deck with Slowking, and it's a)slower, and b)must rely on just 4 babies as blockers!

    3. At our local tournament Saturday, I took first. I faced primiarly Alakzam Damage Swap (with MP Mewtwo's and/or Mewtwo ex) and classical beatdown (which didn't like me). I only lost to the damage Swap that also ran Mr. Mime... for I ran out of GoW, so I couldn't make the Alakazam active.

    OKay, so Yoshi, dkates, or anyone else have any new insights, or does this look good? I was thinking of tyring for a Goop Gas to help with the accursed Mimes!

    Thanks again,

  5. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Try this:

    3 Abra
    1 Dark Kadabra
    3 Dark Alakazam
    4 Slowpoke
    4 Slowking
    4 Cleffa

    4 Computer Search
    4 Copycat
    3 Bill
    3 Focus Band
    3 Super Energy Removal
    3 Lass
    3 Switch
    3 Gust of Wind
    2 Pokemon Breeder
    2 Nightly Garbage Run
    2 Energy Stadium

    6 Psychic Energy
    3 Recycle Energy

    Here's a good babyporter deck. It takes a lot of though while playing, but after a while you'll get used to it.
  6. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Going back to your version, Otaku, I don't recommend the Wobbuffets. I'm also not sure you need 3 Chaos Gyms -- two ought to do it. You might want Resistance Gym, because Unlimited has a lot of Psychic Resistance (Sneasel, Wiggly, Clefable, Chansey, etc.) -- turning Teleport Blast from a pretty powerful attack into little more than a Switch. The Wobbuffets and one of the Cleffas (I think 3's a little much, personally) could become Goop Gas Attacks.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2003
  7. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    You don't need Resistance Gym with Dark Alakazam. It has an attack that overides Resistance, and it costs the same amount as Teleport Blast.
  8. dkates

    dkates New Member

    There is that, but Resistance Gym would allow the player to use Teleport Blast for damage, while getting it out of harm's way. Also, if, by a stroke of bad luck, there is not a third Psychic Energy available, it gives options. Remember, Teleport Blast costs (P)(P)(C), as opposed to Mind Shock's (P)(P)(P). That little difference can be important. Besides, Resistance Gym also helps Tyrogue. JMO.
  9. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Guess why I chose Dodrio as a "dance" partner for Dark Alakzam? ;) Yes, Resistance Gym would help my Tyrouge, but they would help my opponent's Tyrouge's more, as that is what Dodrio often defends against. Now, as for Psychic Resistance, I already have three ways around it. First, there's the obvious: switch attacker. I have Tyrogue and Dodrio in the deck, and they make nice cleaners. Second, I can use Mind Shock, but as stated above, this leaves me open to coutner attack and thus should only be used when my opponent is all but helpless. I like my third option, which both dkates and Lion missed:

    Darkness Energy! ;)
    Now, after bolding my last three statements, like how this deck is not a true babyporter, but having them ignored, I decided I would make this one big as well. I am not angry, just making sure you notice (how can you help me if you don;t have all the facts?). Let me explain it some more. Under the new rules, Darkness Energy adds 10 to my damage, before applying Weakness and Resistance. So, with one Darkness Energy, I can hit them for 10 damage. With two, I can hit them for 20, and so on. At the tournament, I averaged 2 Darkness Energy on my main Dark Alakazam a game, and lost no power up Alakazams. So this does work pretty well. You see, most people under play Stadiums in Unlimited... usually only running 2. This is a bad habit (and yes, i normally do it too). By running 3 Chaos Gyms, I usually can screw over my opponents. Anyway, Chaos does well with protecting the Darkness Energies, and they retard my opponent's progress too. ANyway, so 20 damage after Resistance is enouogh to keep the deck running. The aren't a lot of viable, high HP, Psychic Resistant Pokemon that are not weak to Fighting. I can only think of N2 Tyrantiar, which is very Trainer dependent. I also add a Focus band in case an opponent gets lucky and does get to hit it. Basically, for my deck, its Chaos or its nothing, because thats the only thing that protects both my bench and energy.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2003
  10. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Well, with Slowking, you don't always need 3 Stadium Cards! The only reason to play more than two Stadium Cards is to counter other Stadium Cards. Slowking takes care of that. That's why my deck only had two. Slowking was there, and I needed the room.
  11. mewtwo1001

    mewtwo1001 New Member

    i think your stategry is realy cool. good job. i think it wouldbe even better if u added fergaltr to it.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2003
  12. dkates

    dkates New Member

    A two-type, two-Stage 2 deck? Nope. It would never get moving fast enough. One of the best parts of this deck is that it is fast, even if it is a Stage 2 deck. Slowking could be a good idea, but it would be hard to fit.
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