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  1. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    This is the deck list of an amazing red face paint deck I used to beat city championchips last week (Yay me. :biggrin:) After using the deck for over a month now I have decided to build a new one and let everyone see my awesome deck building skills. :biggrin:

    Note: Please use the deck before you abuse the deck. :tongue:

    Pokemon: 7

    4 x Sableye SW http://pokegym.net/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=31911
    3 x Rampardos MT (Also in P6) http://pokegym.net/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=31276

    Trainers: 43

    4 x Quick ball
    4 x PlusPower
    4 x Cessation Crystal
    4 x Rare Candy
    4 x Energy Search
    4 x Energy Removal 2
    3 x Pokedex *Handy910is*
    3 x Great ball
    4 x Skull Fossil
    2 x Crystal Beach
    2 x Strength Charm
    2 x Energy Restore
    2 x Night Maintenance
    1 x Copycat

    Energies: 10

    9 x Fighting Energy
    1 x Scramble Energy

    Strategy: Use Sableye's Rummage to get multiple card from you deck per turn (Usually about 3-5) every turn put one energy on Rampardos - Skull fossil until you can hasty headbutt every turn.

    The only way to get out Rampardos is by Rare Candying which is usually bad, but it is not in this deck because Rummage allows you to easily grab them from your deck to evolve easily without Canidos.

    Only one supporter means that not only can you do alot during your turn (With Pokedex, Energy Search, Quick Ball, Ect...) But also that this deck isn't a very good target for Gardevior’s Telepass!!!

    No powers and the ability to get Cessation Crystal's out easily means that four is almost a must in this deck, the ability to hinder Honchkrow, Electrivire, Delcatty, and any other power reliant deck is awesome! :lol:

    4 PlusPowers and 2 Strength Charms plus and easy way to get them with Rummage makes your Rampardos able to do 150 damage max! Well over enough to OHKO almost any pokemon without the trouble of discarding energies or hurting yourself much (Only 20 damage)

    Hasty headbutt doesn't count resistance. This is a double egded sword for this deck, no OHKO's on Blissey W/O PlusPowers and Strength charm but, it allows you to OHKO Honchkrow (Lv. X W/ 1) W/O Strength Charms or PlusPowers.

    Pros -
    Fast for stage 2's
    Lots of damage easily
    Good HP Pokemon
    Resistance to Blissey

    Cons -
    2Turn Tune kills this deck
    If you don't get an energy or energy search with the starting hand it is hard to get set up

    Match ups –

    Blissey Variants 60 - 40

    This match is in your favor, not only does Sableye have resistance, but also Rampardos can OHKO Blissey once it finds a few PlusPowers and Strength charm (not all that hard.) Rampardos also has a lot of HP, this lets you survive Blissey for quite a while before she can kill you.

    Note: The match up depends also on the Variant, some Variants can make the match harder or easier.

    2Turn Tune 10 – 90

    You may think this is a joke but no kidding, if this deck runs into 2Turn Tune it may want to give in. This deck is unable to put up with the constant onslaught that this deck brings after turn 2. Also, the Kricketune can do 110 damage to Rampardos (Due to Weakness) for only 2 (g) making it unable to do Hasty Headbutt to OHKO the Tune!!!

    Mario 60 – 40

    Here is another match in your favor, although Lucario can give you a bit of trouble early game, once you get out your Rampardos it all rolls downhill for Mario. Just OHKO Lucario and use your PlusPowers to OHKO Machamp. Even 20 from aurora sphere + 70 from Revenge + 20 from Hasty Headbutt won’t kill Rampardos.

    Banette 45 – 55

    This match up depends a lot on the move you opponent makes turn 1, and if you are able to get a second Sableye or a skull fossil turn 1 – 2. Just like the rest of the games, once you get out Rampardos it will get a lot better.

    Infernape 75 – 25

    This is an easy win, use Cessation Crystal to lock your opponents powers and once you get Rampardos start going to town with OHKOing the mad monkey Infernape and Delcatty. You don’t even need PlusPowers to win this one.

    There it is, hope you've enjoyed this and hope you all have fun (or have had fun) at CC and hope you have a great Christmas. :biggrin:

    EDIT!: Sableye is not the only staring poke (Stupid fossil rule change) But to halp the odds I changed a few cards.

    Changes listed here!

    -1 Pokedex *Handy910is*
    -3 Warp point
    + 3 Great ball
    + 1 Night Maintanence
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2007
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    No Cranidos????
  3. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Nope, they slow the deck down :lol: You only need candy and lots of it to get your rampardos out. Cranidos messes with the chance to get the pokemon you need while quick balling and get trainers when rummaging. :biggrin:
  4. therage

    therage New Member

    very nice idea,i give you props.

    i was expecting someone to come before me and say"WHY ENERGY SEARCH YOU N00B"
    but i see the reason to why you use energy search.
    grabbing trainers+ energy from your deck with rummage is just WOW.
    i really like this idea man,GJ with making this rogue deck.
  5. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    I really like the concept behind the deck...excellent use of a non-supporter trainer engine. I will definitely build this one and try it out.

    But...don't you have to start with a fossil if it is the only "basic" you have in your opening hand? This does not guarantee you a sableye start
  6. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    This guarentees a Sableye start. :biggrin: :pokeball: :biggrin:
  7. evilsneasel

    evilsneasel New Member

    the matchup would be 45-55. most infernape deck i've seen run windstorm now.
  8. therage

    therage New Member

    the most ive seen windstorm at is 2.
    so 4 cess>2 windstorm.
  9. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Doesn't matter even with windstom, 100 damage per turn almost every turn after turn 4 is enough to OHKO everything in the deck other than the Lv. X (Which PlusPower make it OHKOable anyway.) Even if this deck didn't run Cessation Crystal it would still do good Vs. Infernape. :smile:
  10. evilsneasel

    evilsneasel New Member

    wow, who cares, infernape lv x can do 150 a turn, which is enough to ohko anything in this deck
  11. therage

    therage New Member

    A TURN!
    lol,what a bad statement.
  12. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    Not so. The text you quote notes that the rules have changed. Take a look at one of the basic rulebooks that comes with any DP & after starter deck. It tells you quite clearly that if you have a fossil in your opening hand but no basic pokemon than you MUST play the fossil as your active pokemon.
  13. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Thank you Vanderbilt Grad (GO 'DORES'!!!).....I knew I wasn't losing my mind.
  14. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Sorry about that :frown: I looked in compendium not compendium EX :frown: I couldn't find anywhere that said you must play it as a basic pokemon (Although I saw one that said you could.) But I guess that untill I find a D&P rulebook I can't argue anymore. :lol:

    Cool, I want to play the deck that can do 150 per turn... :lol: I think you mean once or twice (Unless you have a massive amount of energies in your discard.) Plus, the last time I checked Infernape Lv. X only has 120. With only 2 pluspowers/strength charm (Not to hard to get with 4 PlusPowers and 2 Strength charms.) I can OHKO your stage 3 with my stage 2 and be able to attack every other turn. :smile:
  15. pichuman

    pichuman New Member

    i just wanna say wow. this deck looks awesome. but shouldnt you look for a way to put more night maintenence in there cuz what happens after all your ramparados go poof? or ur out of energies?
  16. Play the fossil supporter card. That way if you start with a fossil you can discard it get and get it back later . Your oppenent should have no need for this one in your discard pile. Cool deck !
  17. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    More night maintenence won't help to much, there is energy restore for energy, and puting pokemon back into the deck is not healthy for this deck. If I had 2 TSD I would put those in, but because I don't, I can't. :thumb:

    Supporters in this deck aren't very good, because this deck doesn't have any reliable way to draw them and because it can't be gotten with Sableye, it makes for useless more than it helps. Although it would be cool to get back a fossil, if you've gotten 3 Rampardos KOed, the deck isn't playing right. :tongue:

    Thanks for the positive input!
  18. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    So, you figured it out too? the sabeleye engine? its awesome with any strait fossil line. specially the kabutops for next set.
  19. pokefanpearl

    pokefanpearl New Member

    nice deck! It really makes sense and is a great idea. Have u thought of adding in buffer piece?
  20. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    The only problem I see with this is Strength Charm and Plus Power will damage all active pokemon that take damage from your attack. This means that Rampardos will do more than 20 damage to itself when you use those on it.
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