Holon Circle and steps of attack

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Luxatos, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Luxatos

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    I know it's an older card, but I recently witnessed some confusion regarding the effect of Holon Circle and where its effect falls in the steps of an attack. The situation: Holon Circle is in play, and one player attempts to attack, without the required energy for any of their Active Pokemon's attacks, to get rid of the stadium. Player 2 objects. Player 1 claims that the energy cost check never happens because of the stadium's effect, and Player 2 claims that it must be done before announcing the attack. Who's right?

    I would assume (and ruled) that there needs to be sufficient energy for an attack to be announced, and therefore the Holon Circle can't be discarded without that energy.

    Another related question I just thought of... would Strength Charm or Crystal Shard be discarded after a Pokemon tries to attack with Holon Circle in play? I'd lean toward yes, but it's not totally clear to me.
  2. mtjimmer

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    The first thing you do in any attack, is announce an attack (glossing over older 'Baby rule' flips)...If you don't have the Energy, you can't declare the attack in the first place. (Holon Circle is not discarded.)

    Strength Charm and Crystal Shard both trigger on the same thing...did you attack? If the answer is yes, then they're discarded. (It doesn't matter that they were ended early.) If you didn't attack, you didn't trigger Holon Circle. Therefore, you attacked.
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