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Discussion in 'Compendium Notices' started by bulbasnore, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Hey Pokémon TCG players, judges and organizers!

    After a break caused by conventions and the World Championships the Rules Team is back and has some updates in the Compendium.

    Honchkrow has an amazing ability, but it generates a few questions... see some answers in this edition.

    New Section in the Compendium to cover Pokemon Items, such as the built-in Berries on several of the basics in this set. We'll see how much use it gets going forward, but we're prepared for anything PCL puts in that might get complicated. Meantime, check out the first entry in the new section.

    Mysterious Treasures FAQ has been incorporated into the Compendium. Look for your more recent questions on this set in the coming weeks.

    "Something wonderful is about to happen..."

    It's not just a line from a SciFi movie! We're preparing the Compendium LVX for later this fall. It will contain the more up-to-date rulings plus older, but important, rulings from the Compendium EX. We could use your help getting ready for this Level Up by helping us clean up any text that has been overlooked -- so, if you spot any typos in the Compendium EX please copy/paste them and email them to the address in the Compendium EX or send them as a PM to bulbasnore on the PokeGym. For rulings questions, please use the Ask the Masters forum.

    As always you can get the latest copy of the Compendium in HTML, PDF and the PDA-friendly iSilo format from the download page.
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