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  1. Blissey-Freak

    Blissey-Freak New Member

    Alright here is Honchkrow-Swarm:

    Author: Blissey-Freak
    Format: HP-SW
    Date: 10th November 2007
    Deck: Honchkrow-Swarm

    2xHonchkrow Lv.X SW
    2xHonchkrow MT
    3xMurkrow MT
    1xMurkrow SW
    1xAbsol EX PK
    1xSayble CG
    1xDiglett CG
    1xDugtrio CG

    2xGreat Ball PK
    4xQuick Ball MT
    4xWindstorm CG
    1xTime-Space-Distortion MT
    2xNight Maintenance MT
    4xEnergie Removle 2 PK
    4xPlusPower DP
    2xStrenght Charm DF
    1xCrystal Shard CG

    3xCelios'Network CG
    3xTeam Galactic's Wager MT
    3xTeam Galactic's Mars SW
    1xRoseanne's Reasearch SW
    1xSteven's Advice PK
    1xCopycat DF

    1xScramble Energy DF
    3xDouble Rainbow Energy CG
    4xDarkness Energy MT
    4xDarkness Energy DP

    The Strategy:
    The point of this deck is to use the Body from Honchkrow MT with a Murkrow-attacker.
    I should have a Honchkrow MT or Honchkrow Lv.X SW on my Bench. My Attacker is a normal Murkrow MT. I use the Body from Honchkrow MT so my Murkrow can attack with Honchkrow /Lv.X attack's.
    My oppent can't set-up his/her pokemon very fast because Honchkrow is a lot of time a T2 deck and i discard the handcards and energy from my oppent.


    Murkrow Mysteris Treasure
    It's much better than the Shing Darkness one, because the Mt one has 10HP more and it attack's with Swarm so i can search my Murkrow-Swarm.

    Murkrow Shing Darkness
    I play it only x1 because i need it only when i need a Honchkrow very fast.

    Honchkrow Mysteris Treasure and Shing Darkness
    I play 2from MT and 2from SW because so i can have more honchkrow's in game and when one is die i have onther one to use his body.

    Sayble Crystal Guardiens
    Sayble is my favorite card in every Deck because it has a very nice power and his attack stops Blissy and onther Decks like Garchomp or Kricktune.

    Dugtrio Crystal Guardiens
    My Honckrow's are on my Bench and i play Dugtrio because my oppent can't sniper my Honchkrow dead.

    Absol EX Power Keepers
    it's a nice Tech and it has a nice Power because my Honchkrow can sniper and it can change the DMG.

    When you say i can change a card pls give me a Reason.

    Thank You, very much!
  2. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Double Rainbow really should be at 4 copies in Honchkrow decks. The bird thing really needs the energy coming to it as fast as possible.

    Crystal Shard has very limited use in a deck like this, because nothing resists dark and there is very little that is weak to colorless (yet).

    You could make use of Pokenav and Switch. Pokenav allows for you to grab any energy (even special energies) out of the top 3 cards of your deck, or any pokemon. Switch would allow for you to bring up a Honchkrow before leveling it up (as you should be evolving benched Honchkrow and leaving the active damaged and abusing Dark Genes)

    Speaking of Murkrow, the single SW Murkrow does not feel needed in this deck. Swarmed Murkrows can evolve on your next turn (so like, use Murkrow's Swarm, your opponent's turn happens, then your turn starts, evolve the benched Murkrow), thus SW Murkrow should not be needed.

    Try making room for the extra DRE and some Pokenav; see how the deck works with 'em.
  3. Blissey-Freak

    Blissey-Freak New Member

    pls give me fixes
  4. Blissey-Freak

    Blissey-Freak New Member

  5. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    + 3/4 Absol SW for more disruption...

    would be a very interesting thing to do in sush a deck and
    - dugtrio - diglett - sableye
    because you better fix your view on honchkrow and not on sableye or dugtrio

    so you could make it like this:
    - 1 dugtrio
    - 1 diglett
    - 1 sableye
    + 3 absol SW

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