Hoping that someone can help me get a good Price on my cards.

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Mew123, May 23, 2008.

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    Ok well this does'nt mean that I am getting out of pokemon completely, but I would like to figure out the Best Price for all these cards and opinions on how to sell them to make top dollar on each card. Im in need of money atm so Im planing on selling off the Pokemon cards. Please let us know. Thanks.

    Here are the cards we have.


    2x Chimchar Lv. 8
    1x Treecko
    1x Whismur
    2x Metagross (Pop 1)
    2x Blaziken (Pop 1)
    1x Rayquaza (Pop 1)
    1x Suicune (Pop 2)
    1x Pidgeot (Pop 2)
    1x Venusaur (Pop 2)
    1x Minum (Pop 3)
    1x Flareon (Pop 3)
    1x Dark Gyarados (Pre-Release)
    1x Meowth (10) (Slightly Damaged)
    1x Cool Porygon (11)
    1x Psyduck (20)
    2x Scizor (33)
    3x Machamp (43)
    3x Mew (47) (Lilly Pad Mew)
    2x Computer Error (Rockets Secret Machine)(16)
    3x Electzbuzz (46)
    1x Entei (34)
    15x Pikachu (4)
    1x Electabuzz (2)


    1x Electivire Lv.x
    2x Torrtera 1 Tin 1 Pack
    2x Infernape Tin
    4x Empoleon Lv.x 3 Tin 1 Pack

    Great Encounters

    3x Pachirisu (GE)
    4x Pre-Release Porygon 2 Lv. 39
    1x Porygon-Z Lv. 54
    1x Cresselia Lv. 48
    1x Darkrai (GE 3/106)
    2x Darkrai (GE 4/106)
    1x Dialga (GE)
    3x Palkia (GE 1 foil)
    1x Milotic (GE)[/quote]
    2x Dialga (DP)
    2x Palkia (DP 1 reverse foil)

    Secret Wonders

    1x Unown X
    1x Gastrodon
    1x Lombre
    1x Wormadam

    Mysterious Treasures

    1x Typhlosion Lv. 46
    1x Feraligatr Lv. 53
    1x Lumineon Lv. 34
    1x Mesprit Lv. 50
    1x Multi Energy (Reverse Holo)

    Diamond and Pearl

    1x Torterra Lv. 45
    1x Mismagius Lv. 37
    1x Electivire Lv. 46
    1x Lopunny Lv. 33 (Reverse Holo)
    1x Wobbuffet Lv. 25 (Reverse Holo)
    1x Infernape Lv. 40 (Reverse Holo)
    1x Bibarel Lv. 26 (Reverse Holo)
    1x Beautifly Lv. 29 (Reverse Holo)
    1x Starly Lv. 8 (Reverse Holo)
    1x Warp Point (Reverse Holo)

    Power Keepers
    1x Charizard
    1x Dusclops
    1x Seedot
    1x Cacnea
    1x Great Ball

    Dragon Frontiers
    1x Latios Ex
    1x Snorlax
    1x Nidorino
    1x Cyndaquil

    Ex Delta Species
    1x Gardevoir (Ultra)
    1x Mightyena (Ultra)
    1x Holons Electrode (Ultra)
    1x Metagross (Ultra)
    1x Snow-Cloud Castform (Ultra)
    1x Latias
    1x Starmie
    1x Shelgon
    1x Bagon
    1x Slowpoke
    1x Weedle

    Ex Team Rocket Returns

    1x Togetic (Ultra)
    1x Dark Crobat (Ultra)
    1x Dark Octillery
    1x Psyduck

    Ex Deoxys

    1x Jirachi (Ultra)
    1x Claydol (Ultra)
    1x Slacking (Ultra)
    1x Koffing
    1x Baltoy
    1x Nosepass
    1x Crystal Shard

    Unseen Forces

    1x Porygon2 (Ultra)
    1x Elekid (Ultra)
    2x Totodile

    Holon Phantoms

    1x Latios (Ultra)
    1x Pidgeot (Ultra)
    1x Latios (Reverse Holo)
    1x Omastar (Reverse Holo)
    1x Raichu (Reverse Holo)
    1x Persian (Reverse Holo)
    1x Corphish
    1x Pikachu
    1x Numel
    1x Barboach
    1x Fire Energy (Reverse Holo)
    2x Fighting Energy (Reverse Holo)
    1x Physic Energy (Reverse Holo)
    1x Lightning Energy (Reverse Holo)

    Crystal Guardians

    2x Venusaur (Ultra Rare)
    1x Cacturne (Ultra Rare)
    1x Dusclops (Ultra Rare)
    1x Luvdisc (Ultra Rare)
    1x Igglybuff (Ultra Rare)
    2x Ludicolo (Reverse Holo)
    1x Camerupt
    2x Banette
    1x Manectric
    1x Lombre
    1x Mudkip
    1x Spearow
    2x Bulbasaur
    1x Charmander
    1x Cacnea
    2x Meditite
    1x Torchic
    1x Bill’s Maintenance

    Ex Fire Red Leaf Green

    1x Victreebel
    1x Dewgong
    2x Ditto
    1x Tauros
    1x Snorlax
    1x Butterfree
    1x Nidorina
    1x Haunter
    1x Gastly
    1x Charmeleon
    1x Lickitung
    1x Wartortle
    2x Venonat
    1x Clefairy
    1x Drowsee
    1x Diglett
    1x Multi Energy
    1x Prof. Oak’s Research

    Hidden Legends

    1x Metang
    1x Electrode
    1x Machoke
    1x Glalie
    1x Shuppet
    1x Meditite

    Legend Makers
    1x Gorebyss (Ultra)
    2x Wailord
    1x Gengar
    1x Cradily
    1x Lairon
    1x Magnemite
    2x Grimer
    1x Machop
    1x Geodude
    1x Sentret
    1x Lileep
    1x Strange Cave


    1x Treecko
    1x Illumise
    1x Zigzagoon
    1x Water Energy
    1x Fighting Energy
    1x Grass Energy


    1x Golem
    1x Dragonite
    1x Breloom
    1x Scyther
    1x Lairon
    1x Goldeen

    skarmory Deoxys
    rayquaza Deoxys
    shiftry Deoxys
    whiscash Deoxys
    smoochum UF
    hitmontop UF
    holons magneton DS
    weezing DS
    azumarill delta DS
    holons electrode DS
    wobbuffet LM
    girafarig LM
    relicanth HP
    seviper HP
    regirock HP x3
    swampert CG
    marshtomp CG
    cacturne delta CG
    grumpig CG
    igglfbuff CG
    energy charge Neo Genesis
    farfetchd FR/LG
    furret TRR
    dark tyranitar TRR
    primeape FR/LG
    dragonair Base
    muk Fossil
    pidgeot Jungle
    dark arbok TR
    scizor Neo Discovery
    dark magneton TR
    kangaskhan Jungle
    scyther Jungle
    venomoth Jungle
    computer search Base2 x2
    vileplume Jungle
    victreebel Jungle
    dark gyarados TR
    mistys poliwrath Gym Heroes
    dark charizard TR
    dark alakazam TR
    dark weezing TR
    wigglytuff Jungle
    pokemon trader Base
    kogas pidgeotto Gym Challenge
    dark slowbro TR
    blaine Gym Challenge
    dark dugtrio TR
    beedrill Base
    moltres Fossil
    articuno Fossil
    zapdos Fossil
    gengar Fossil
    magneton Fossil
    super energy removal Base
    giovanni Gym Challenge x2
    brocks dugtrio Gym Challenge
    blaines ninetales Gym Challenge
    sabrina Gym Challenge
    umbreon Neo Discovery
    giovannis last resort Gym Challenge
    dugtrio Base 2
    electrode Base 2
    electrode Base
    mary Neo Genesis
    kogas muk Gym Challenge
    forretress Gym Challenge
    pinsir Base 2
    super energy retrieval Neo Genesis
    murkrow Neo Genesis
    elekid Neo Genesis
    ecogym Neo Genesis
    donphan Neo Genesis
    time capsule Neo Genesis
    imposter professor oak Base
    pidgeotto Base
    snorlax Base 2
    snorlax Jungle
    mr mime Base 2
    mr mime Jungle
    sneasel Neo Genesis
    scoop up Base
    clefairy doll Base
    electabuzz Base
    lass Base
    item finder Base
    haunter Fossil
    devolution spray Base
    sabrinas golduck Gym Challenge
    ditto Fossil
    clefable Jungle
    giovannis nidoqueen Gym Challenge
    flareon Jungle
    raikou Neo Revelation x2
    dark golbat TR
    misprint(weakness fight) dark vileplume TR
    weezing Expedition
    pelipper R/S
    suicune Neo Revelation
    starmie Neo Revelation
    brock Gym Heroes
    lt surges raichu Gym Heroes
    erika Gym Heroes
    misty Gym Heroes
    dark hypno TR
    mistys goldeen Gym Heroes
    dark blastoise TR
    brocks sandslash Gym Heroes
    rockets sneak attack TR
    aerodactyl Fossil
    brocks rhyhorn Gym Heroes
    dragonite Fossil
    nidoqueen Jungle
    kabutops Fossil
    brocks golem Gym Heroes
    raichu fossil
    mistys cloyster Gym Heroes
    hypno Fossil
    koga Gym Challenge
    erikas clefairy Gym Heroes
    blaines quiz #1 Gym Heroes
    dark machamp TR

    Other Haves

    Darkness Energy NG
    Mewtwo Base (1 Foil)
    Dark Hypno TR (1 Foil)
    Slowking NG (1 Foil)
    Dark Slowbro TR
    Articuno Fossil (1 Foil)
    Poliwrath BS2 (1 Foil)
    Vaporeon Jungle (1 Foil)
    Dark Blastoise TR
    Dark Gyarados TR
    Misty's Cloyster
    Hitmonchan BS2 (1 Foil)
    Rocket's Hitmonchan (1 Foil)
    Machamp BS (1 Foil)
    Dark Dugtrio TR
    2 Kabutops Fossil
    Brock's Golem
    Steelix NG (1 Foil)
    Brock's Ninetales (1 Foil)
    Thyplosion NG (1 Foil)
    Nintetales BS (1 Foil)
    Blaine's Arcanine (1 Foil)
    Muk Fossil (1 Foil)
    Dark Arbok TR (1 Foil)
    2 Dark Golbat TR
    Venomoth BS2
    Giovanni's Nidoqueen
    Koga's Muk
    Kangaskhan Jungle
    Meowth Promo 10 (1 Foil)
    Chansey BS2 (1 Foil)
    Erika's Clefable (1 Foil)
    Clefairy BS (1 Foil)
    Erika's Dragonair (1 Foil)
    Pidgeot Jungle
    Pidgeotto BS
    Snorlax BS2
    Magneton BS (1 Foil)
    Raichu Fossil (1 Foil)
    Lt. Surge's Raichu (1 Foil)
    Lt. Surge's Raichu
    3 Electrode BS
    Lt. Surge's Jolteon
    Dark Magneton TR
    Dark Raichu TR (1 Foil)
    3 Brock (1 Foil)
    2 Giovanni (2 Foil)
    Erika (1 Foil)
    Lt. Surge
    2 Resistance Gym
    Here Comes Team Rocket TR
    Rocket's Sneak Attack TR
    Computer Search BS
    Pokemon Trader BS
    Energy Charge NG
    Super Energy Removal BS

    Celebi ex POP2
    Rocket's Persian Ex
    Raichu ex
    Dusclops ex
    Rocket's Raikou Ex
    Hitmonchan Ex
    Rocket's Hitmonchan Ex
    Rocket's Moltres Ex

    3 Suicune Promo 30 (3 Foil)
    Whismur Promo 19 (1 Foil)
    Plusle POP3 (1 Foil)
    4 Pidgeot POP2 (4 Foil)
    4 Tauros POP2 (4 Foil)
    Rayquaza POP1 (1 Foil)
    Swampert POP1 (1 Foil)
    Venusaur POP2 (1 Foil)
    4 Blaziken POP1 (4 Foil)
    5 Metagross POP1 (5 Foil)

    EX Legend Maker:
    Kabutops (1 Foil)
    2 Magneton
    4 Rainbow Energy
    1 Victreebel (1 Foil)
    3 Omastar (1 Foil)
    3 Delcatty (3 Foil)
    Cradily (1 Foil)
    2 Girafarig
    2 Aerodactyl (2 Foil)
    4 Gorebyss (1 Foil)
    2 Huntail
    2 Lapras (2 Foil)
    2 Machamp (2 Foil)
    2 Magmar (1 Foil)
    Mew (1 Foil)
    3 Spinda
    2 Torkoal (1 Foil)
    2 Wailord (2 Foil)
    4 Wobbuffet

    EX Delta Species:
    Beedrill 'Delta' (1 Foil)
    Tyranitar 'Delta' (1 Foil)
    2 Starmie 'Delta'
    2 Darkness Energy (1 Foil)
    Azumarill (Box topper)
    Azumarill 'Delta'
    2 Azurill (1 Foil)
    Crobat 'Delta' (1 Foil)
    Flareon 'Delta' (1 Foil)
    2 Jolteon 'Delta' (2 Foil)
    Holon's Electrode
    Holon's Magneton
    Hypno (1 Foil)
    Mightyena 'Delta'
    5 Porygon2
    Rain Castform
    2 Sandslash 'Delta'
    Snow-cloud Castform (1 Foil)
    Starmie 'Delta' (1 Foil)
    Sunny Castform
    3 Swellow
    3 Weezing (1 Foil)
    Holon Energy FF
    2 Holon Energy GL (1 Foil)
    2 Holon Energy WP

    EX Unseen Forces:
    Octillery (1 Foil)
    Houndoom (1 Foil)
    Darkness Energy
    Jolteon (1 Foil)
    Ampharos (1 Foil)
    Lugia (1 Foil)
    Sudowoodo (1 Foil)
    Porygon 2 (1 Foil)
    Sunflora (1 Foil)
    Bellosom (1 Foil)
    3 Cleffa (1 Foil)
    5 Electabuzz
    3 Elekid
    Forretress (1 Foil)
    3 Hitmonlee
    2 Ho-Oh (1 Foil)
    2 Meganium (1 Foil)
    Poliwrath (1 Foil)
    Slowbro (1 Foil)
    2 Smoochum (1 Foil)
    Unown I (1 Foil)
    Unown N (1 Foil)
    Unown X (1 Foil)
    Unown V (1 Foil)
    Unown G (1 Foil)
    2 Ursaring (2 Foil)
    2 Stantler

    EX Emerald:
    Double Rainbow Energy
    Farfetch'd (1 Foil)
    Glalie (1 Foil)
    Nosepass (1 Foil)
    2 Darkness Energy (1 Foil)

    EX Deoxys:
    Deoxys [Normal Form]
    2 Whiscash
    Ninjask (1 Foil)

    EX Fire Red Leaf Green:
    Multi energy
    3 Slowbro (3 Foil)
    Exeggutor (1 Foil)
    3 Arcanine
    Rapidash (1 Foil)
    2 Primeape (1 Foil)
    Nidoking (1 Foil)
    Nidoqueen (1 Foil)
    Beedrill (1 Foil)
    3 Tangela (1 Foil)
    3 Scyther
    3 Kingler (1 Foil)
    2 Fearow
    4 Farfetch'd
    3 Kangaskhan (3 Foil)
    2 Ditto (2 Foil)
    Pidgeot (1 Foil)
    Tauros (1 Foil)
    Victreebel (1 Foil)

    EX Team Rocket Returns:
    2 Dark Houndoom (2 Foil)
    Dark Ampharos (1 Foil)
    3 Magby
    1 Dark Sandslash
    2 Dark Tyranitar (1 Foil)
    Piloswine (1 Foil)
    2 Dark Marowak
    Dark Muk
    2 Dark Octillery (2 Foil)
    2 Azumarill
    Dark Steelix (1 Foil)
    3 Dark Raticate (2 Foil)
    4 Dark Tyranitar (1 Foil)
    3 Dark Dragonite (3 Foil)

    EX Hidden Legends:
    Pinsir (1 Foil)
    Electrode (1 Foil)
    Machamp (1 Foil)
    Dark Celebi (1 Foil)
    2 Masquerain (1 Foil)
    2 Crobat (2 Foil)
    3 Huntail
    2 Gorebyss
    2 Rain Castform (1 Foil)
    Snow-cloud Castform

    EX Ruby and Sapphire:
    Darkness Energy
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    Wekk hot dawg id give a leg for that collection i recon

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