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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Yarac, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Yarac

    Yarac New Member

    I have a question about a ruling in the compendium, which states:

    Q. When using Houndoom's "Black Fire" attack, what happens if I discard an Energy card that provides multiple types of Energy at the same time?
    A. If the Energy card you discarded provides all types (for example, Rainbow Energy), then both effects would trigger - the "Black Fire" attack would to 70 damage AND apply the Burned Special Condition to the Defending Pokemon. (DP:Great Encounters FAQ; Feb 21, 2008 PUI Rules Team)

    This would seem to imply that energy that normally provides only a single energy (like Rainbow Energy and Multi Energy) actually provides 2 energies in this case - both darkness and fire. In fact, if taken to the logical conclusion, it would seem that Rainbow Energy and Multi Energy can provide up to 8 energies at once...

    My question: can I use a single Multi-energy (for example) to fulfill the requirement of Cresselia GE's Lunar Dance attack, which states: "Discard 2 energy attached to Cresselia. If you do, remove all damage counters from 1 of your benched Pokemon."

    I agree that for purposes of attacking multi energy provides only 1 energy, but it would seem that for purposes of discarding, multi energy provides multiple energies (okay, I may not be using the terminology correctly, but to the layman, that is what seems to be happening).

    So if I get what you mean, then I could use 1 Multi energy to fulfill the requirement for Latias GE's Mist Ball attack, which states: "Discard a R and a W energy attached to Latias." Is that correct? It would seem to be an almost identical case to Houndoom...
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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    you're not using terms quite correctly.

    Rainbow and Multi both provide one unit of Energy each, but they both provide all types, all at the same time.

    Think of a scoop of rainbow italian ice. Once scoop... lots of colors.
    For an effect that looks for a color, it sees that color when it looks at a Rainbow energy. It is not "using up" the energy unit like an attack requirement does, just looking for a color.

    So, no, one Rainbow Energy is still just one energy

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