How about league shirts!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by bkminnis, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member

    Apparently in about February during the time of the city championships,, we will be offered the ability to custom make league shirts for our gym. How cool is that?
  2. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    Any idea what they're gonna look like? (Still wants his PIRN custom t-shirt)
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  3. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    Is this something that is being sponsored by POP, or are you doing on your own? We've been toying with the idea of making some shirts for our league members too.

    Just curious,
  4. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member


    It will be a software apparently which gives you a choice of designs to," fill in here." Then a block to put your store logo. take it to your printer and walah! or,,,,,, however you spell that french word.
  5. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member


    This will be straight from Pokemon usa!
  6. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    Wow, that sounds pretty cool! Do you have any more info, or a URL link, or something? How can I get in on this???

  7. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member

    gym shirts!

    It is to be announced soon. Pokemon usa staff seem to be the tops. I really like who I've been dealing with! Oh, and by the way,, I have been really enjoying some of your mature input . Maybe we can meet sometime. I'm usually in florida saving pokemon from money barrons and complete goth attacks,,, but things are calming down,, maybe we can meet an event near you.
  8. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Too bad you're supporting Phil Boyle's event. Can anyone say monopoly? Certainly not Pokemon USA... who'll be forcing future events outside of Boyle's political power. Lots of fun time in the Pokemon TCG Community, I'm sure.
  9. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member


    I dont even know him. If anyone wants my support, they just need to talk to me and show their sincere interest for the game. By all means give me a call and we can discuss whatever your needs are!
  10. Darkmasterchris

    Darkmasterchris New Member

    Dear Phil

    Excuse me but this seems to be a "T-shirt" Thread not a ranting thread. Please if you feel that you have something to say Direct a Topic to it the Random Topic Center I know I am not a moderator or Administrator but I feel that posting a rant in a topic that has nothing to do with it is a little inpolite. As Mrs.Craigs Newly appointed Head Judge I feel that you should have some self control espeacily for your age I would think a 16 year old who has had the privlege of being a head judge would have some diginity or RESPECT for their elders
  11. Shinfitz

    Shinfitz New Member

    Uhh, yea, monopoly? To tell the truth, it wasn't till just now that the monopoly of Pokemon in Florida ceased to exist. It wasn't until BK revived the Pokemon Community in South Florida that people weren't forced to go way close to Orlando just to play in a Pokemon event.
    So now there's two places with big Pokemon events, if you ask me it's gotten alot better. ^_^
    So I mean, there's really no reason to post things like that here, it almost seems as if your bitter about something.
  12. Darkmasterchris

    Darkmasterchris New Member

    Hmmm Sounds like it to me as well Fitz but what would the young padawan be bitter about
  13. zackclub109

    zackclub109 New Member

    I agree with you guys that person is very suspicious maybe a spy from hedi but who knows maybe just a jerk what do u guys think?
  14. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    I've simply replied to previous off topic comments. Boy, have I sinned! Both BK and myself are speaking of outside issues not having anything to do with tee shirts. You are taking it upon yourself to explain the rules to me, something that is also off topic. We're all off topic. Whoopee. We're not writing a research paper here, this is casual discussion. Discuss the topic(s) at hand, dont complain about technicalities. You don't see people on this forum or most others whining about the improper use of a semicolon or misspelled word.

    In addtition, being a Judge, Head Judge, Tournament Organizer, Professor, or another fancy title is not a restricition to MY free speech, within moral and ethical boundries mind you. Does it look like I'm judging right now? No. There is a clear seperation between judging and posting on a forum. When I'm judging, I put on a different shirt. I leave my grudges at the door and offer fair and impartial judging in whatever position I may be assisting at. Outside of judging, I have free will like any other person here. My position as head judge, although Ron and Khym are basically of same status, never conflicts with my personal life. Otherwise I would not have any part of it.

    I would also like to reiterate an age old saying that age ranks nobody: it's the maturity level. If I had the normal mindset of a random sixteen year old teenager, I'd probably be swearing, insulting, and throwing my fists around towards others who disagree with my opinion. In addition, I've seen younger people judging tournaments. Anyone remember Mondello? Eh well bad example on my part :p

    Respect is not given. It's earned. Phil Boyle has been a thorn in the community the last few months. I have no appreciation or regard for Mr. Boyle; I hold him to no high esteem due to his actions. He does not deserve any diginity for the problems he has caused to players who have supported the game for years and with money out of their own pockets.

    Two Orlando Tournaments. Both on the same day. Both nearly thirty minutes away from one another. One an official EX: Dragon Prerelease, the other announced as an EX: Dragon Celebration or some other misleading wording. Colseium of Comics competing against an official Pokemon USA Sanctioned Premiere Event. Attendance suffers for both events, judging staff is split between attending one event over the other. People's feelings get hurt. Bitter is just a few adjectives I could be using right now.
  15. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    Stop Hijacking This Thread!!!

    Gee guys, thanks for turning a thread about T-shirts into your own personal tirades about the situation in Florida. BKMinnis made some minor comment about "money barons" that means absolutely nothing to me or anyone outside of FL and everyone starts messing up the topic. Honestly, I don't know the details of the situation, and frankly I could care less about it.

    Any more talk about "Florida politics" beyond this point will be deleted without warning!

    In fact, since it's so unrelated to T-shirts, I'm giving 24-hour notice for anyone who posted to copy whatever they want to keep, because tomorrow I'm planning on deleting the political aspects in order to clean up the thread.

    And please do not post any apologies; none are needed and they will only clutter the topic further.

    Stay focused people,
    - CHRISBO, Administrator.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2003
  16. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod



    Me thinks me smells a ban around here.

    Look guys,what have we been told about personal attacks and keeping them to pm/aim/e-mail and off the boards?

    Let`s keep it that way or...

  17. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    So every league is gonna be able to make their own shirt? Sounds cool. Is it gonna be completely custom or like choose this Pokemon design or this pokemon design? Making a completely custom shirt for every league sounds like it would be complicated but very cool.
  18. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member

    It is great news!

    Pokemon usa is doing great things for us,, I just wanted everyone to know and to get excited! Nothing but the most positive future seems to be developing for this favorite of games.
  19. marril2k

    marril2k Member

    Hmm... Intresting idea. Is it every League or every Ladder League? I thought it was only Ladder Leagues (or reps. from...) that moved on to the City Championships? I wonder what PUI plans to do for City/State Championships like mine over in New Hampshire where it's the only offical league in the state... It wouldn't be hard to come over and be number one ;)

  20. bkminnis

    bkminnis New Member

    Who gets shirts!

    Since it is all in their hands now only The big guys could comment for sure,,, and apparently they are not. All I was saying is that it should come out around the same time. What exciting news to leave your league as city champion and go to some big playoff with your own gym's shirt. These people are simply the best! I can only imagine the excitement wearing your gym shirts around town will create for the local leagues. I am an enthusiastic fan of this idea. Hats,,, "maybe shirts",, off to pokemon usa!

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