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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Jolt, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Jolt

    Jolt New Member

    .. Make this noob deck better? Really, this is my first deck and i know that it suck =(


    Glaceon x 1 (MD)
    Jolteon x 1 (MD)
    Eevee x 3 (MD)
    Electivire x 1 (SW)
    Electabuzz x 4 (SW)
    Palkia x 1 (GE)
    Manectric x 2 (MD)
    Electrike x 2/MD)
    Glaie x 1 (2005 pokemon..)
    Snorunt x 1 (2005 pokemon..)
    Goldeen x 1 (2005 pokemon..)
    Seaking x 1 (2005 pokemon..)
    Electrode x 1 (SW)
    Voltrob x 2 (SW)
    Empoleon x 1 (MD)
    Prinpulp x 2 (MD)
    Piplup x 2 (MD)
    Pikachu x 2 (MD)
    Stantler x 1 (MD)

    Supportter, trainer..

    Roseanne's Research x 2
    PlusPower x 2
    Duskball x 2
    Mom's Kindness x 1
    Felicity's Drawing x 1
    Warp point x 1
    Energy Search x 1


    water x 10
    thunder x 10


    Dont have really an stradegy right now..
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  2. spaoww

    spaoww New Member

    you need to post a strategy.
  3. Jolt

    Jolt New Member

    Don't have right now (just started) But please help me anyways

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    Help me pleace! It's my first deck ever...
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  4. im9today

    im9today New Member

    well, i would help but what exactly am i supposed to work on?? what pokemon do oyu want to keep what kind of strategy do you WANT to have? i cant just look at this extending list of pokemon and make somehting good from it. for starters though, way too many energies, don't use mom's kindness, and don't use energy search (it's the most pointless card in the game if oyu ask me, you could just put another energy in your deck in it's place and have just a good of chance as getting that energy as you would getting the energy search...)
  5. Jolt

    Jolt New Member

    I don't care what cards and stradegy there would be..
    Like i said i don't know lot about the game..
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Smells like a modified theme deck to me here...

    May I suggest that you may like to go for Empoleon/Glaceon? Cheers.
  7. Jolt

    Jolt New Member

    diden't understand...
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