How do I find Feebas?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by MoonGem, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. MoonGem

    MoonGem New Member

    That pokemon is a tuffy to find,also where can I find Jugglypuff?
  2. Canadian Bacon

    Canadian Bacon New Member

    i dont know about jigglypuff but i do know that you catch feebas in the water around route 119. From what ive heard you can only find it in 6 places it the intire game.
  3. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    Jigglypuff can be found on route 115.
  4. Rocker Cecil

    Rocker Cecil New Member

    Here's what I understand about Feebas, and how I caught one.

    Just to the left of route 119 is a large body of water. In that body of water are six random, unmarked tiles where Feebas lives. Every time you change the trendy phrase in Dewford, it re-selects six new tiles at random. (Think of it as shaking up the cup of dize in Yatzee - even if two people scream the same thing while shaking, the dice will show different results.)

    Your best bet, then, is to begin fishing in any corner which appeals to you. Fish in rows or columns to the opposite corner, until you find and catch one. Remember that the tile that you fish in is the one you're facing - not the tile you're standing/surfing on. Also fish more than once in each tile, preferably more than twice.

    I've heard of people using all kinds of rods to catch it, but if you want to use your best rod then plan on defeating a lot of Carvahnas. I found that a plant type with a Drain move worked best.

    Finally, set a lot of time aside to do this. It's going to take time and patience to find it unless you get lucky.
  5. MoonGem

    MoonGem New Member

    Thank you:)
  6. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Also, if my memory serves me right, any kind of Rod can catch a Feebas.

    They're tough to find, that's for sure. But once you find one, keep fishing in the same spot, because you never know when you'll get one with favorable IVs and Nature. Of course, if that doesn't matter, then just catch one and be on your way.
  7. mtjimmer

    mtjimmer Master Trainer, Emeritus

    I found my Jigglypuff in the upper left hand corner of Hoenn - there's a small clearing I ran around in circles until I had a male and a female one.

    Feebas was my third to last Pokemon to catch - took me forever to find the spot. (Evolved it for my second to last, and Crobat for the final.)
  8. MoonGem

    MoonGem New Member

    I have another question, how do I get a dragon scale?
  9. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    I recommend using GigaDrain on the Carnavah's, and have an EXP-Share on one of your pokemon to level them up while you search. Also, try about 4 times on each square - Feebas is still 'Rare' on each of the 6 squares.

    Dragon scale? - Wild Horsea and wild Bagon should have it (only rarely though), so I recommend getting a Linoone with Covet (lv35), coz Linoone can also learn Surf, Rest, Secret Power, Hyper Beam, the electrical and ice moves, etc. Or whatever. Mightyena is okay too, but it learns Thief at 52. :D
  10. MoonGem

    MoonGem New Member

    Please give me an idea of something hip.This maybe a really dumb question,but what are squares? I fished from where I could use the Acro bike all the way to the Fishing guy below, and all I got was Carnavah's.I am aweful at being patient,but I will try really hard. I had no idea that Bagon carried a dragon scale, thank you for the information,in fact thank you all for the information.I really hope to catch one.
  11. SnorlaxStampede

    SnorlaxStampede New Member

    I opened one of these topics myself awhile ago and some one E-Mailed me that you have to change the trendy saying to "mudkip ball". I usually don't trust things that people won't post but thought imight as well ask.
  12. MoonGem

    MoonGem New Member

    I tried trendy Feebas,and I got to route 119 as fast as I could,and started fishing away.I got so frustrated cause I kept catching Carnavah's.I really want this pokemon.I thought I had a trendy saying.LOL
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2003
  13. SnorlaxStampede

    SnorlaxStampede New Member

    The guide says that there are six places to fish on route 119 and feebas is in one of them. It makes it sound like their are six places total that you could possible fish and not that their are six random tiles were it might be.

    Of course i haven't caught one yet so I'm not totaly sure on how it all works.
  14. BPM

    BPM New Member

    This maybe a really dumb question,but what are squares?
    It's actually called a "tile". Each tile is one small square of the map (and by that, I don't mean what the Pokénav shows, but where your character walks). Everytime you take a step, you advance one square. Does that help clear things up?

    I opened one of these topics myself awhile ago and some one E-Mailed me that you have to change the trendy saying to "mudkip ball". I usually don't trust things that people won't post but thought imight as well ask.
    Good thing you didn't trust the email. As WHAT your Trendy Phrase is does NOT matter. Everytime the Trendy Phrase in Dewford is successfully changed, all six Feebas tiles are randomly chosen again. There is NO guaranteed way to find Feebas quickly...


    There is only semi-legit way. But I wouldn't recommend it. It involves Game Shark/Action Replay.
    Ya see...
    There's this one code that makes a secret number appear on your Trainer ID Card. This is called the Feebas Tile Seed Number. It's the random number that that determines where the Feebas tiles will be. After writing down this number and resetting your game (a hard reset), you can enter the Seed Number into this one website I know of, and it'll display your Feebas tiles.
    Technically, it IS getting a legit Feebas. Since the GameShark/Action Replay would be out of the system at this time. And you'd be catching Feebas from its normal tiles.
    But I still don't recommend this method. Hacking devices are bad, m'kay?

    [edit]Actually, I have one more idea. But this theory isn't confirmed.
    A while back, a friend and I mixed records. My Trendy Phrase got changed to what his was. And since he had already found his Feebas tiles, I decided to try fishing in my game where he had fished.
    I went to the same exact tile he got his Feebas from, and I got a Feebas on my first try!
    My theory is that when you mix records and your Trendy Phrase got changed to what your friend's was, then you'll also get their Seed Number as well!
    But, don't hold this against me if it is false. I've yet to test this theory. If I get the chance, I'll use the GameShark code to see if his Seed Number and mine are identical. If not, then I might have just gotten lucky and that same tile was one of the new randomly chosen ones.[/edit]
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