How do you get items from bug maniac Brandon and the other two?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by SlimeyGrimey, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. SlimeyGrimey

    SlimeyGrimey New Member

    I've battled Dragon Tamer Nicholas 5 times and Bug maniac Brandon about 10 times and I haven't got the silver powder or the Dragon Fang from them. Is there something special you must do in order to get these items from them?
  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    I was wondering about this just last week. I had battled them severakl times, and they never gave me the items. I assumed from the strat guide I would just be given the item after the fifth battle....

    It turns out you have to steal them using Thief/Covet. The Dragon Trainer's Shellgon is holding the Dragon Fang. The Black Belt's Machamp is holding the Black Belt, I think the Bug Catcher's Masquiran has the Silver Powder. I am not sure on the last one.
  3. SlimeyGrimey

    SlimeyGrimey New Member

    Hmm...interesting. Well thanks for letting me know.

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