How do you play Rumble?

Discussion in 'Pokemon Rumble' started by Speedy Scizor, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Speedy Scizor

    Speedy Scizor New Member

    Hello! I'm pretty interessted of rumble so I want to try.
    Where can I get to know how to play it? Or can someone tell me?

    Sorry for my english. :nonono:
  2. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    I can help you.

    What you need:
    16 Pokemon Cards
    4 Energy Dice
    1 Target Dice
    52 Damage Counters
    14 player Markers
    1 Battle Royale game mat

    Set up:
    1. Chose your player markers. Each player gets two markers of the same color. 2 to 7 people can play.

    2. Shuffle the 16 Pokemon cards. Then, one by one, put 7 of those cards on the Battle Royale game mat by putting a caed face-down in the space around the edges of the mat. After you've put 7 cards face down, put another card on top of each one of them face-up, making 7 piles with 2 card in each pile. set aside the 2 remaining cards. they won't be used in the game.

    3. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors (or use some other method) to decide who goes first.

    4. Moving clockwise, each player picks up a pile of Pokemon cards and puts a player marker face-up on one of the matching marker spots on the Battle Royale game mat until every player has put both of his or her markers on the mat. Be sure to pick a different pile of cards for each of your markers

    Playing The Game (do the following in order):
    1. Roll 4 energy dice:
    Pokemon need Energy to use their attack just like in the the original TCG game. The dice will tell you what Energies you can give to your Pokemon on your turn. :colorless: counts as any Energy on the card (you know that right). A Rainbow Energy symbol (looks like this:,r:3,s:0) count as any one Energy at a time. - <that symbol counts as no Energy, but if you roll 4 at once you get to do 100 damage to a Pokemon of your choice.

    2. Choose an attack
    After you roll the dice you can choose an attack that you have the right Energies for it.Lets say you roll a :lightning:, -, :fire:, and a -. And you have a Pikachu :)setHGSS:), you can use Quick Attack or Tail Slap, then you must choose one.

    3. How to Choose a Pokemon to Attack
    To find a Target you must roll the target die. Roll it and what every number it is, count clockwise from the attacking Pokemon = to the number that you rolled. That Pokemon gets the damage of the attack you choose.

    4. Check Weakness and Resistance
    When you find the Pokemon to attack make sure you check the Weakness and Resistance. Lets say Pikachu :)setsHGSS:) attacks Staryu :)setsHGSS:) with Tail Slap. Instead of 10 Damage it will be x2, so 1x2=2 (Duh). Now if Pikachu attack Wooper :)setsHGSS:) with Tail Slap. It would not do any damage.

    5. Put damage Counters on the Defending Pokemon
    Once your done with all that, put damage counters and if the attack says to do something, do it.

    Pokemon Getting Knocked Out:
    When a Pokemon is knocked out you take off a Player marker near that Pokemon.

    How Does The Game End?
    There is two ways the game can end, only one of the Pokemon piles is left or there is no more player markers in play other than the ones near your Pokemon.
  3. Speedy Scizor

    Speedy Scizor New Member

    Thank you very much! :thumb:
    I did't now that you need special things to play it but then I can read the rulebook if I buy it.
  4. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

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