How does a VG league works?

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by Pokealjovin, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Pokealjovin

    Pokealjovin Administrator

    I know how a TCG league works, but what happens with a VG league? (I don't play the VG, but my kids do)

    Everyone brings their DS, do they challenge each other's? Do we need a wi-if set up? How do the prizes works?
  2. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    VG "league" does not exist like the TCG does. The VG is "side event" sort of a thing at leagues, but it does have a slot in the TCG - TCPI Events in the competitive scene as for being official.

    If you would like to know how to set up a system for the VG for league play- I can help you with that if you are interested.

    If you are interested in the TCPI Events- the VG "league" sort of ties in with TCG "league" being mainly practice if it is not official.

    Let me know if you are interested in setting up a VG system for your league- I can assist in that.
  3. Pokealjovin

    Pokealjovin Administrator

    Thanks Benzo, at this point, I'm not sure it would be possible to organize it at the store we're meeting. But I would be interested in knowing what's involved to make it work. I might be looking at that option when our league becomes official.
  4. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator


    I will get you started with this:

    You will need to read this over carefully, as it does give you the lay-out of what you will need to follow for the rules and format for playing competitively.

    Once you understand the format and the rules (if you have questions about it- feel free to ask)- you can begin to set up a tournament at your location.

    The tournament can be a "side event" sort of thing, as it is not "official" (meaning, it is simple league play for practice and fun) and just simply host one tournament during league.

    Start out with a single round elimination structure. Players who win advance to the next round, the players who lost will not advance.
    This structure is the easiest to begin with, and just let everyone know the format and rules before they opt to sign up.

    Please refer to those rules, as they are official for TCPI events.

    League tournaments can be set up in so many different ways, and it can be either competitive or for fun (but as always "fun" is the key), so if you would like some info on setting up a VGC 13/14 format or for fun (or both), let me know after you have read the link above.

    I can help with anything you need to get started, so don't be afraid to ask- even if you think it is a silly question!

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