How many eggs does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

Discussion in 'Ask The VG Experts!' started by keniselvis, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Okay, so I'm trying to IV train with Pokemon X.

    I have to pokemon, male and female, each with two different perfect IVs. I don't remember what they are, but for example, something like this:


    So I slapped on an everstone and a destiny knot on them.

    I got an egg.

    hatched it.

    And got a pokemon baby that only had ONE stat. I guess I thought it would have all 4.

    So, question number one:

    Do i simply need to keep trying and trying and trying and eventually I'll have one with all 4? I've bred 4 so far and one had two IVs. So do I just keep breeding till I hit the jackpot (and then move that one to the female, blah, blah, blah.)

    Second question:

    I put the destiny knot on the pokemon that I want their ability to pass.

    For example, the male has Gale Wings and the famale has Flamebody. I want to get a female with Flame Body.

    But the baby came out with a whole different ability! When it evolves will it have the correct ability?

    Thanks for the help! You guys rock!

  2. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Do you have the Power Bracelets yet?

    Also, Everstone is the one that will transfer the Nature.

    Destiny Knot is the one that will transfer the IV's.

    The baby Pokémon's ability might be different, as it might lose that ability when it does evolve. I need to know what it is you are trying to go for to help you better.

    Which Pokémon?
    What end result are you wanting with the IV's?
    Sorry, lol- specifics will help more.
  3. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    I don't have the power items because I'm not worried about specifying which IV gets transferred. I was just hoping the two pokemon with two IV's would give birth to a pokemon with all 4. And if so, how many eggs does it take to do that.

    First one I'm trying is for Talonflame.

    So I have a male Fletchender with Ability: Gale Wings. I have a female Fletchender with Ability: Flare Body.

    The male has the Everstone. Female has the Destiny Knot.

    And the egg gives me a Fletchling with Ability: Big Pecks.

    Thanks for the help!!! Really appreciate it!
  4. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    kk- thanks for that info, it helps more.

    The power items will force the IV to transfer, which in turn takes away the randomness of 2 Pokémon trying to pass off one or more IV's. Destiny Knot will increase the chances of passing of more then just one IV, which the power items only guarantee one will transfer to the baby.

    If both parents share the same 31 IV in one stat- it has a better chance to pass it along. Just because the parents have 2 31 IV's in different slots, it does not mean that those IV's are a guarantee pass to the offspring.

    Destiny Knot will work better if both parents share the same IV slots, with the power item forcing the 3rd, 4th and 5th slots.

    You will need to chain breed your results to better stack your chances of passing on those IV's- which the Destiny Knot does. The power items forcing the IV to transfer is an increased chance to help the Destiny Knot to do the IV stacking.

    Big Pecks ability will be gone after evolving from Fletchling. Gale Wings is the Hidden ability, and Flame Body is the standard evolve- into ability. Since both parents have one of each ability, it will be a 50/50 for the baby to get either one.

    There is no specific amount of required eggs to be hatched in order to get the baby Pokémon result you want. All you can do to reduce that unknown number is to use Destiny Knot, Power bracelets, Everstone, and if need be the Ability Capsule (which does not work for Hidden abilities).

    The more you use chain breeding and the hold items- the less eggs you will need to hatch.
  5. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    1. Bear in mind that while Destiny Knot will have 5 IVs pass from the parents, it is random as to what IVs are passed AND to which parent it picks those IVs from, it doesn't matter what parent you put it on. So while you can eventually hatch an egg that will have the IVs you want, it'll take a very long time unless you get pretty lucky with the inheritance order, so that's why it help to upgrade your parents as you can. Once you get to about 3-4 IV parents that's when you should start seeing the IVs passed that you want.

    2. Abilities have a 60% chance of whatever the Female's ability is (unless with Ditto, if you breed a Male with Ditto then it's the male whose ability has a chance to pass).

    Also adding, Everstone just passes the Nature of the holder. So usually, you'll have a female with the Ability you want to pass, whichever parent has the right nature holding the Everstone, and Destiny Knot on the other parent.
  6. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    This is SUPER helpful! other words...I need to:

    Get a female with the hidden ability that I want from the Safari.

    Get a male with the nature that I want from the safari.

    Make sure both the male and female share one of the same IV's.

    Slap a power bracelet of the desired IV to be pushed and everstone on the boy.

    Ask the female politely to hold the Destiny Knot.

    Breed until I get female pokemon with 3 IV's, the nature, and the ability that I want.

    Replace the female as the mother.

    Rinse, Lather, and repeat with different dudes until I get a chick with 4 IV's.

    Then the same thing until I have 5 IV's.

    Am I understanding correctly?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Follow up questions:

    1. How can the pokemon hold a power bracelet AND the Everstone?

    2. Once I have the female with the correct ability do I even need the everstone?

    3. Do I need to know what final attacks I want to use BEFORE I decide on what nature I want? (How would someone even know this starting out?!?!)

    4. Wouldn't this be a lot easier to just use different dittos with power bracelets?

    Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it! It is so hard to find these specific answers among ALL the different articles all over these interwebs!

  7. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Longish post incoming...

    If you're trying to get a hidden ability, then yes you'll want a female. UNLESS you're using Ditto, in that case you can grab a male since males will pass hidden abilities when breeding with Ditto (just not if they're trying to breed with a female of their species).

    So for example, assuming you're starting out with nothing but 2 IV safari parents (though you can catch a lot and some will probably come out with 3 IVs) and you want a physical sweeper and the hidden ability for it. I would grab 2 with different IVs (say male with HP/Atk and female with SpD/Spe) and breed them, have one hold the destiny knot and the other hold a power item (optionally if you have a parent with the right nature you can start everstone now to save it unless you can re-introduce it later, which is what ditto is good for). Your goal is to get 3 IV parents from there, say a male with HP/Atk/Spe and a female with Hp/SpD/Spe. You'll then want to switch it up and swap out one of the parents for one with Def, have it hold the power item for def (belt I think), the other hold destiny knot, and breed them until you can get a 3-4 IV parent; for this example, you leave in the male and introduced a different female with HP/Def, your goal now is to get a male with HP/Atk/Def and ideally Spe if you can.

    But regardless, you will now want to take that new male parent once you get it (HP/Atk/Def) and have it hold destiny knot, then breed it with the original female you had (HP/SpD/Spe) with everstone and what you're aiming for now (since your 5 IVs are accounted for) is a progressing chain until you end up with 4 or 5 IV parents; say your next batch of eggs gives you a new male with HP/Atk/SpD/Spe, you don't want to replace your current male as you'll lose Def. However if you get a male with HP/Atk/Def/Spe, then you swap it in over your current male as it now has 1 additional IV Destiny Knot will check against. Same for the female, you'd reject say a HP/Atk/Def/Spe one since the male has no SpD, but you would keep a HP/Def/SpD/Spe (you would also reject any without the hidden ability as you MUST have it, otherwise it you swap it for a female without it, then you'll be stuck with just whatever normal ones it has). But really from here, it's just breeding enough so you'll replace your 3 IV parents with 4 IV parents, and from there should be pretty quick to get that 5 IV egg with the IVs you want passed down. Of course, you could get really lucky at the 3 IV stage and end up with the egg you want, but your odds increase as you replace your 3 IV parents with 4 IV parents.

    This is probably why it helps to trade or otherwise get a "spitback" parent if you can, ie a rejected one from someone because it doesn't have the right IVs they want. But since these are 3-5 IV parents (ideally male in the egg group you want), it cuts down on the time you need to expend breeding quite a bit. Male parents (unless you're going for egg moves) in this sense are more valuable since species is determined by the female, so if you have a 4-5 IV male parent, you can breed with anything in its egg group while only needing to get the right female and ability (nature also I suppose if the male one isn't one you want).

    For your other questions:

    1. You can only hold a power item and everstone if you give up destiny knot, which isn't ideal since you're then only down to passing 3 IVs from either parent, only 1 guaranteed. Generally, use destiny knot/power item to try getting a good male parent (assuming you're not using ditto), then use the resulting male parent with destiny knot and the appropriate female with everstone (or vice versa if the male has the right nature).

    2. Again everstone doesn't affect abilities, so no. Everstone is only held by the parent with the right nature.

    3. If you're trying to get a specific egg move (say aqua jet on azumarill), then you'll need one of the parents to have that move since Pokemon can now inherit moves from either parent (before it was male only). Otherwise if it's an attack they'd otherwise learn via level up or TM, then no you don't need to decide on any final attacks.

    4. Power items are only useful to guarantee 1 IV will pass off the parent it's held on. So regardless, you'll eventually be dropping it for Destiny Knot once you have 3-4 IV parents since the power item hogs up the everstone slot, unless you want to try randomly getting the nature you want (no you don't btw, worse odds than getting a perfect IV in a given stat).
  8. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    DANG! This is A LOT to process! Thank you so much for going through the trouble of responding back. Okay. I'm gonna work on this and get back to you. Thanks again! REALLY appreciate it!

  9. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    ^ Yes, a lot to process but worth the effort for the results you want.

    Once you start seeing your breeding pay off, you will get the "system" and it will be a piece of cake for you to do. Plus- breeding a good male will mean that that male can be used in the egg group (Like Reg stated)- so, one less breeding to get a good male for each individual Pokémon because it is good for the whole group.

    (oh, and by the way-- Go ask Mr. Owl, but, I think he said 3 :p )
  10. Bigbowlr1037

    Bigbowlr1037 New Member

    My suggestion to make everything easier is to go on a massive ditto hunt. I currently have 1 for each natures and about half of them have 3 perfect ive(just caught a 4 iv ditto today), but ive also wonder traded away 3 boxes of dittos and I'm almost ready to wonder trade another box. The more dittos you catch the better chance they have of having 3 ive. Also when you have a bunch of eggs you don't want wonder trade them because that's were ive built up a good amount of 5 iv "mules(male pokemon from a certain egg grouowith 5+ iv that is used for breeding)" that make breeding easier.
  11. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Yes, I'm currently using a ditto. But it's taking FOREVER!

    I have a fletchinder male with Gale Wings (and the everstone) and his IV's are x/x/31/31/31/31

    I have a ditto with destiny knot that is 31/31/x/x/x/x

    now it seems like it takes forever to get an egg out of the daycare!
  12. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    You're gonna have quite a waiting game unfortunately, as you're breeding with Ditto, they probably aren't getting along that well, which makes slower eggs. The other part is (and i forgot to mention it) is that since you're using a Male to pass a hidden ability, the odds of a male passing it with Ditto is lower than using a female.

    Assuming you have the Fletchinder friend safari, I'd go catch a 31/31/X/X/X/X Gale Wings Female, your male sounds like it has the proper Nature, so pretty much any Gale Wings female with the 2 right IVs will work. That would also let you progress your female as you get better IV ones and they breed faster since they're the same species. Otherwise, you're looking at basically wanting an inheritance order that specifically takes HP and Atk from the Ditto and Def, SpD, and Spe from the Male (or randomly gives you a 31 IV in a desired stat), which aren't the best of odds since you need a very specific order. Whereas if you could update your female with new ones (say moving from 31/31/X/X/X/X to 31/31/X/X/X/31), that increases the range of IVs Destiny Knot will pick and increase your odds of getting that quint flawless Talonflame. I'd personally stay away from Ditto unless it has 3+ IVs in the stats you want; you can swap parents out for better ones, but Ditto IVs won't change.
  13. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Again, I REALLY appreciate the feedback. Here's an update:

    Current Couple:

    Fletchling Female (Big Pecks) 31/31/31/31/X/31

    Fletchling male (Gale Wing) 31/X/31/X/31/31

    I'm actually pretty happy with the female! How important is Sp. Def? Of course, if I'm super close to getting a 6 IV, then why not have a perfect one.

    Unfortunately I need to keep breeding though because it does not have Gale Wings.

    Also, the nature of all these Fletchlings are Lax. Which ups Def, but lowers Sp Def. For this attacker, I should probably go after a nature that is someone that ups speed or attack, right?

    And, am I too late in the process to switch natures?

    Here are two other 5 IV Fletchlings that I've hatched:

    Fletchling female (Big Pecks) 31/31/X/31/31/31

    Fletchling female (Big Pecks) X/31/31/31/31/31

    Any other suggestions other than "keep breeding"?


  14. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Not too late to switch natures.

    Looking for max attack- Adamant nature.

    Stop breeding if you are happy with Lax.

    (I will not tell you to keep breeding- but, uh, well, uh, the results you want won't happen if you don't :p)
  15. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    One problem. Like I mentioned earlier, breeding a Male with the Hidden Ability with a female of its species won't pass the Hidden Ability, the exception is with Male HA/Ditto. You're gonna need a Female Gale Wings.

    It's not too late to change the natures, in fact this is a good chance to fix your error by catching (with a synchronizer lead) a nature of your choice female of your choice from the FS with 31 Atk and 31 in HP/Def/SpD/Spe AND Gale Wings, then breed from there.
  16. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Yes! I figured this out after getting a bunch without GW. Thank you! Not sure how I missed that. Now I have two fletchlings with Gale Wings breeding. the female has all IV's except Speed and the male has HP, ATK, DEF, SPD. So I'm curious what will come of that.

    But I'm still going to change the nature since it's not too late!

    now I'm off to figure out what a syncronizer is. All i know is that you have the person in the head of your party with the nature that you want and then you'll get that nature because of the synchronizer. right?

    thanks again for all the help!

  17. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Okay, from my short search it looks like synchronization looks like this:

    1. Get a pokemon on the FS with the ability synchronize.

    (It seems like I'm finding he same list everywhere. Mainly psychic types.)

    2. Make sure it has the nature that you want.

    (According to one website: the most popular are Modest, Adamant, Jolly, and Timid.)

    So...If I'm planning to use a special attack...get Modest. (So I would never want to use a regular attack with this pokemon)

    If I just want attack...Adament (And here I would never want to use a special attack.)

    Jolly and Timid are both speed (Both are increased at the cost of attack or sp. attack.)

    So If I'm going for the fastest pokemon, use Jolly or Timid, depending on what attacks I'm going to use.

    Or use Modest or Adament depending on what types I want to use.

    Am I getting this correct?

    Thanks again for all the help!

    Next question is going to be, after I IV train, then I'm going for EV's. I'm looking for Max Speed, Max HP, and Max Attack (in that order) unless I'm doing trick room. Then I want ZERO speed.

    And then there are weather strategies....and a WHOLE lot more reading and learning! :^)
  18. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    For Talonflame, you may as well just run max HP and max Atk with Adamant, you're forgetting his whole existence is based around a ridiculously strong priority move in Brave Bird thanks to Gale Wings (with Flare Blitz for his alternate attack), and even without much speed investment he'll still outrun a lot of Pokemon with his naturally high based speed. So you run HP to help cushion the recoil damage and ability to take hits since he's pretty frail.

    And yes you pretty much just catch a synchronize Pokemon with the nature you want (catch Ralts, lot easier than Abra), then when you have the one you want, put it in front of your party (doesn't matter if it's fainted it not, in fact fainted is preferred so you can use your normal Pokemon for catching) and any Pokemon you want to catch now has a high chance of having the same nature as your synchronizer.
  19. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    this is SO helpful.

    So it looks like I need to do a little bit more studying up on what attacks I'm going to use.

    I'm new to this and I thought, "I'll just breed "perfect" pokemon and then figure out what attacks to use.

    This aspect of the game is very fun...but it takes some work!
  20. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Well, after all is said and done, last night I hatched an adament fletchinder female with Gale wings that is only missing special defense.

    I think I'm going to keep her and move on to the next Pokemon.

    Thank you all for the help!

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