How many Ex's in your box

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Krayzie, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Me and my friend both pulled 3 EX each out of our TATM sealed boxes.Has anyone gotten more then 3 a box?
  2. mozartrules

    mozartrules New Member

    I got three as well (Entei, Suicune, Blaziken).
  3. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

    I noticed a slight trend to where each box only has 3 EXs this time around. Think this is intentional?
  4. pkmnmstr14

    pkmnmstr14 New Member

    I dont think so cuz i pulled 5 one time: latias, rayqaza, kingdra, golem, and dragonite. it was amazing.
  5. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

    Well yeah, that was EX Dragon. But based on what I hear and saw at my Team Aqua/ Magma Pre-release today, I think there is only 3 EXs per Box now.
  6. pkmnmstr14

    pkmnmstr14 New Member

    oh i didnt know that thts prty lame. :pokeball:
  7. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    3 ex's per box? then are there 9 regular holo's per box?

    BTW pulling 5 ex's from a dragon box is pretty weird...

  8. DARKGeNGaR094

    DARKGeNGaR094 New Member

    I got 5 ex out of 46 boosters, Blaziken x2, Sceptile, Raikou & Suicune :)
    Although these did come from 4 different boxes (1 with my sealed deck boosters, 1 with my dad's sd boosters, 1 with my prize boosters (7) and 1 with my dad's prize boosters (27)).
  9. CrimsonWarrior26

    CrimsonWarrior26 New Member

    I hope Nintendo did do this on accident. If they didn't then this could be bad for ALLof us. Even you sitting there inthe back.
  10. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    why would this be bad? There are 8 ex's in the set. There are about 12-14 Holos. I think that 3:9 is pretty good, even though it screws up my old ratios (I always assumed 4:8) because it gives us more of the Holos, and less of the ex's which are supposed to be the rarest cards around.
  11. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Bullados, as much as it pains me to say this...I agree with you.

    EXs should be more rare. 3 per box makes it a challenge to put a set together (3 boxes!!!) which makes the EXs as rare as the rev holos (3 boxes for a set of those too!)

  12. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Yea now EX's are actually rarer then holos.Since before it was 6 EX 6 Holo.
  13. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Putting it bluntly, yes they are, 'Saur. I still think odds should've been 4/8...
  14. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    My son pulled 5 EX'Sout of the box that he won.
  15. Ez1

    Ez1 New Member

    In the two boxes that we opened 1 had 3 exs and the second had 5 exs.

    Me thinks that blaziken ex, swampert ex , cradilly ex and sceptile ex will
    be in great demand and short supply......
  16. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    My friend got 3. I won a half a box and got 4 Ex's and 5 Holos!
  17. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="

    The kid sitting across from me pulled an Entei and Raikou ex just from his 6 packs.
  18. SomethingElse

    SomethingElse Active Member

    lol, i pulled 2 Cradily EX's in 4 packs...
  19. lunatone_solrock

    lunatone_solrock New Member

    I pulled out three Blaziken EX in my first 5 boosters.
    Just Kidding.
    I s it really that hard to get an EX?
  20. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

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