How to Write a Tournament Report Submission

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by PokemansForGeeks, Aug 2, 2007.

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    How to Write a "Good" Tournament Report

    Dear all prospective Tournament Reporters,

    First and foremost, thank you all for even considering writing a report for submission on the Pokegym. By reporting, you are helping out the community by not only showing new players the ropes, but also expressing creative ideas/archetypes to the more knowledgeable players who care about the metagame. This "How to Guide" is supposed to be used as a friendly model for all submissions. We at the Pokegym hope that you find this template useful enough to write a tournament report for ALL readers to understand.

    Here are some guidelines for submission that should be read and understood before actually writing your report:

    1. Please don't post the last names of your opponents without his or her consent.

    2. Please write as much as possible using clear syntax and grammar so that others can fully understand and learn from your detailed tournament report.

    3. Have fun with it! This is your account of one of the finest points of the Pokemon TCG. Tournaments!


    I. Title and Opening Statements
    II. Decklist
    III. Explanations of Deck Strategy
    IV. Reported Matches
    V. Props/Slops, etc.

    I. Title and Opening Statements

    The Title should consist of the deck being used, event played in, date and location of the event, and your name or screen name. This is where you introduce yourself to the reader. You should include other information such as how many people where there, what the metagame consisted of, your journey to the event, what the format was, etc.
    Remember, people don't know what you know. Your report is not just for your best friends, it's for the entire Gym membership.


    Report by: PokemansForGeeks
    Deck: Infernape
    Event: League Tournament
    Location: City (and Store, if possible)
    Format: Modified (HP-on)

    Hey guys,

    Last Saturday I played my newly built Infernape deck at my weekly league tournament in Melbourne, FL. The trip there was pretty easy. Luckily I only live a good 10 minute drive on I-95 away. However, the metagame was brutal even though it was at league. I saw at least 4 Ambush decks that I feared I would play during the course of the tournament. Fortunately for me it was a pretty decent showing with over 25 people playing. On to the deck:

    II. Decklist

    This section is pretty easy. This is where you post your decklist you used during the tournament. You should post how many of each card you played, what set they were from, and how many of Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy you used.

    Of course, if you really don't want to post your decklist, you can just post the basic starategy and key cards of the deck you played!


    Pokemon: 18
    x4 Chimchar DP
    x2 Monferno DP
    x3 Infernape DP
    x1 Infernape Lv. X DP
    x4 Skitty CG
    x3 Delcatty PK
    x1 Delcattty ex CG

    Trainers: 26
    x4 Great Ball PK
    x4 Rare Candy HP
    x4 Celio's Network CG
    x4 PlusPower DP
    x4 Windstorm CG
    x3 Master Ball PK
    x2 TV Reporter DF
    x1 Steven's Advice PK

    Energy: 16
    x12 Fire
    x4 Double Rainbow Energy CG

    III. Deck Strategy

    This section is where you explain the finer points of your deck. Try to write clear and concise so that the reader knows how your deck is utilized.


    Basically, the strategy of my deck is to get out a Turn 1 or 2 Infernape with a DRE/2 Fire and speed out the opponent as quickly as possible. From then on, I can build my bench which usually consists of 2 more Infernapes, 2 Delcatty PK, and a Delcatty ex. Using the Delcatty PK as draw power, I can dump Fire energy into my discard pile to be used for either Infernape Lv. X's attack for Delcatty ex's attack. Delcatty ex's power also allows me to dump more Fire into the discard pile. This deck is meant to be fast and hard-hitting.

    IV. Reported Matches

    This is the beef of your report. Think of this as like the meat on a cheeseburger. You can't write a Tournament Report without reports of the matches. Try to write as much as you can about each match without being disrespectful to your opponent. Also, list the names of your opponents and what decks he or she used next to each round you played them. If you remember, try to list any exciting or informational happenings between each round.


    Round 1: Infernape vs. Infernape (Greg D.)
    This round was pretty easy. I T1 him by going second and drawing into Chimchar, Infernape, RC, DRE, Fire, Fire, Steven's. He had nothing but a lone Skitty which I Fireblitz'ed for the win. Luckily, he was a nice guy about it and we joked around after the match was over.
    Record: 1-0

    After my match was over I looked and saw that 3/4 of the Ambush decks lost. Needless to say, I got pretty lucky.

    Round 2: Infernape vs. Ambush (Joe S.)
    Haha. The one Ambush deck that wins is my opponent this round. This match was relatively hard compared to my first match. We both get setup fairly quickly with him setting up 2 Empoleons and a Marowak to my 2 Infernapes and 2 Delcatty PK's. We end up trading blows until we're tied at 2 prizes a piece. I send up an Infernape and attach a DRE to KO his second Marowak. However, he levels up his Empoleon and attacks my benched Delcatty PK for the KO. Next turn, I level up my Infernape and attack for 150 ending the game. Good game, Joe.
    Record: 2-0

    And so on...

    V. Props/Slops, etc.

    This is the section where you list all final statements including how you felt, prizes won, props/slops, and other types of insight on the tournament.


    Myself for winning =)
    Infernape mirrors
    Winning 10 booster packs and pulling an Infernape Lv. X
    Me for being such a good driver

    Mario donks
    I-95 for being under construction for 5+ years

    Overall, I felt like this tournament was a success in every way. I got to prove to myself and others that I can play Infernape fairly well. I also got to see all my friends and discuss what decks should be played in the new HP-on format. Hopefully, I'll see all you guys next week.

    After You're Done

    1. Proofread your report for grammar, clarity, syntax errors and mis-information.

    2. Post it in the Tournament forum under the correct event. For example, my exaggerated report would go under the Local Tournament section.

    3. Revisit you post to see all the different comments people have posted about your report!
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Copied this to Cities from the BR section.
    It applies here as well.
    While you don't have to formally follow this style, you should cover most of this info in your report.
    Identify where you played.
    Identify what you played. This does not have to be a deck list or your secret techs, but at least the main Pokemon line, at a minimum.
    Identify how you played. Tell what happened that was interesting, How you did.
  3. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Let me bump this up in peoples thoughts.

    Reports are getting pretty sloppy / lazy looking.

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