I could trade some cards

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Victor, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. Victor

    Victor New Member

    saludos desde tijuana

    I can trade Roselia(dragon)
    Torkoal (dragon)
    Light Arcanine
    Dark Typhlosion
    Typhlosion (neo genesis)Lv. 57
    Zapdos (Base and Legendary)
    Golem ex
    hitmonchan ex
    Machamp holo and reverse holo (expedition)
    Dark Dugtrio (rocket)
    Golem reverse holo (expedition)
    crystal golem
    Dragonite reverse holo (expedition)
    Dark Porygon2
    Porygon2 (Neo revelation)
    lapras ex
    Feraligatr holo (expedition)
    Articuno holo (skyridge)
    Dark Hypno
    Wobbuffet (Neo Discovery)
    Sneasel (neo revelation)(English and japanese)
    Forretress holo (Skyridge)
    Steelix holo (Neogenesis)
    Magnemite holo (Neo discovery)
    Magneton ( Neo re velation) holo

    I really really need these cards
    Shiftry holo (ex sandstorm) x3
    Ampharos ex (EX DRAgON) x3
    Poliwrath (Skyridge) x3
    Salamence holo (EXDRAGON) x3
    Venusaur (expedition)Harvest Bounty) x1
    Kingdra ex( EXDRAGON) x6
    Kingdra (aquapolis) x4
    Swampert holo (EXruby) x3
    Gardevoir (Exruby) x3
    Gardevoir ex x2
    Aggron ex x2
    Rare candy x8
    oracle x 12
    Fisherman x12
    Town volunteers x12
    Desert shaman x6
    Pokemon fan club x6
    Wynaut (ex sandstorm) x4
    Dunsparce (ex sandstorm) x6
    Tv Reporter x6
    Bills maintenance x6
    prof. birch x6
    prof oak research x15
    warp point x 6
    Mr. briney compassion x 8
    pof elm training methodx15
    azurril ex sandstorm x6
    Pokemon nurse x10

    for now thats all

  2. Victor

    Victor New Member

    Only san diego residents
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