I have black and white stuff!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Xemnas0ra, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Xemnas0ra

    Xemnas0ra New Member

    1. I will only ship to the US and maybe Canada if the deal is good enough
    2. No Ripping, no WC cards, no non-English print cards.
    3. Please ship in top-loader and sleeve.
    4. I will CYL.
    5. High wants are in bold!!
    6. Have FUN!!




    Sablyeye SF

    Trainers & Supporters:
    1 Poke Drawer+
    1 Dusk Ball
    1 Rare Candy
    1 BTS
    3 Warp Point
    1 Roseanne's research
    1 Night Maintenance

    1 Call Energy



    Lilligant RH BW
    Ninetales PL
    Typlosion Prime (promo)
    Xatu SW
    Tangrowth AR
    Ampharos CL
    Shedinja SV
    Magneton MD
    Gliscor DP
    Ampharos POP
    Tangrowth Lv.X
    Snorlax Lv.X

    Volkners Philosophy
    Great Ball
    Cheerleaders Cheer
    TV Reporter
    Level Max
    Fast Ball
    Prof. Oaks Visit
    Cynthias Guidance
    Emcee's Chatter
    Lucian's Assignment
    Sage's Training
    PKMN Communication
    Energy Exchanger RH
    Palmers Contribution
    Prof. Oaks New Theory
    Night Maintenance
    Cynthia's Feelings
    Galactic HQ RH

    There is much much more comment to ask for specifics.
    Last edited: May 14, 2011
  2. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member


    pokemon collector
    absol g
    luxray g
    jumpluff hgss


    1 Kabuto MD
    1 Kabutops AR
    1 Omanyte MD
    1 Claydol GE RH
  3. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Prof. Oaks New Theory
    PKMN Collector
    Typlosion HGSS
    Jumpluff HGSS

    1 Claydol GE LP
    1 Uxie LA
    1 VS Seeker
    2 Bebe’s Search
    1 Expert Belt LP
  4. iamapwnda

    iamapwnda New Member

    I have:
    1 Kabuto MD
    1 Omanyte MD
    1 Baltoy GE
    1 Claydol GE LP
    1 Unown G GE
    2 Dome Fossil
    2 Skull Fossil
    2 Bebe’s Search
    1 Felicity’s Drawing
    1 Fossil Excavator
    1 Expert Belt LP

    Interested in:
    Absol G
    Poke Drawer+
    Lost Remover
    PKMN Communication
    Palmers Contribution
    PKMN Collector (do you have multiples?)

    Also interested in any Sableye SF you may have.
  5. rizor

    rizor New Member


    x1 Claydol GE LP
    x3 Rampardos PT
    x4 Skull Fossil HP50
    x1 Kabutops AR
    x1 Unown G GE
    x3 Dome Fossil
    x4 Skull Fossil
    x2 Bebe’s Search
    x1 Felicity’s Drawing
    x1 Expert Belt


    x1 Jumpluff HGSS
    x1 Ninetales HGSS
    x1 Palmers Contribution
    x1 Pokemon Collector
    x1 PONT
    x1 Pokemon Communication
    x1 Absol G
    x1 Luxray GL
  6. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    3 dome fossils 4 skull fossils 1 expert belt 2 bebe's

    shaymin x
    jumpuff hgss

    lmk or counter
  7. Xemnas0ra

    Xemnas0ra New Member

    Rizor How much do you think it would cost to ship to where you are?
  8. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    i believe i was skipped
  9. Xemnas0ra

    Xemnas0ra New Member

    Would you do
    My: Typlosion X2
    Prof. oaks new theory X2

    Bebe's search x1
    Claydol x1
    Vs. Seekerx1
    Expert belt x1

    ---------- Post added 03/08/2011 at 02:59 PM ----------

    Would you do
    My Shaymin Lv.x X2

    3 Dome Fossil
    4 Skull Fossil
    1 Expert Belt

    Do you have any Cranidos MT or unown G or rare candy?
  10. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    have 1 rare candy and u have 2 shaymin x ???
  11. Aphotic

    Aphotic New Member

    Please cml for your Absol G, thanks!
  12. Xemnas0ra

    Xemnas0ra New Member

    yeah i have 2 shaymin Lv.X
    Do you have any cranidos MT I need 3
  13. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    so will u do

    3 dome fossils
    4 skull fossils
    expert belt
    rare candy

    ur shaymin x's

    and r they mint
  14. gyarados35

    gyarados35 New Member

    Interested in your ninetails
  15. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Collector and Jumpluff is my priority (I have Typhlosion and PONT, so its just to make trade bigger, but not as main thing)...can you do Coll+Pluff for something I have?
  16. Xemnas0ra

    Xemnas0ra New Member

    My Shaymin are NM they've been played but with sleeves only so there is no damage to them.
  17. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    so will u do the trade
  18. gyarados35

    gyarados35 New Member

    I am Interested in your ninetails please cml
  19. Xemnas0ra

    Xemnas0ra New Member

    Where are you in the World?

    ---------- Post added 03/08/2011 at 05:16 PM ----------

    How about this:
    My: Jumpluff

    Your: Uxie
  20. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    Do you live in the USA?
    And if so, may you please check my list for Pokemon Collectors? Thanks.
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