i havent done a report in SOoooooooooo long northeastern Regionals

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by ChristianOrtiz, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    Soo i havent been into pokemon for like a while with school. And the format being so Bad i took a break and decided to get a job to save up for nationals XD..

    well I havent been going to league as often as i would liked and decided it isnt worth it for me to go unless theirs a prerelease and if i need cards.So back to the game

    I won a CC this year with monarchy and went even at 2 States. 3-3 Both times with red face paint.. a bannette deck and a porygon z deck. After that i kinda lost hope on this format.. with so many gardy gallade decks it doesnt seem fun anymore..So after states i didnt really focus on regionals since its 1 month away and uhh i expected the same decks to be played GG, GG, GG, magmortar, GG, GG, GG, yep.

    so about 2 weeks before regionals i decided to mess around with cards.. i built 3 decks.. Torterra/sceptile, Dragonite ex/sceptile and Absol/walrein. The dragonite ex deck didnt work so quick enough like i would have liked and walrein was flippy but then i liked torterra.. his Power is amazing and turtwig is one of my new favorite pokemon. I made it consistant and it was able to maintain 50/50 - 60/40 with gg but against magmortar or something else it doesnt..

    so i was planning on going with it so about 4 days befor regionals my friend gino tells me to play ploxx and i dispise playing archtypes.. i dont like seeing the same thing win every time and the format has No diversity well my format doesnt. So my friend gives me a list and we discuss it. About ploxx and such
    i didnt like it but everytime i played it i always got a t2-t3 gardy ploxx.. so i was obliged to play it.

    so On to the tournament.

    I get to Nj. *Never fit 4 people in the back of a Car.. <_< not very fun*
    so i get some cards and write my decklist and get ready to play.

    I dont remember some peoples names but i remember what most people played so ill try.

    7 rounds with a top 16 cut

    round 1-poison.dec or *teamrocket.dec as she calls it*
    She was a very nice girl. This was her first tournament and we discussed befor the match started.we both flipped over pachirisu and she goes first and CFF for koffing, ekans, and a cacnea im like..o_O wheres jessie and james and meowth when you need them lol.so i then cff for ralts ralts and a baltoy and she seemed scared ;[. so we take about 3-4 turns setting up and i start to ploxx. Her idea was the cacturne from Pk to auto poison arbok does 50 if your poisoned and weezing adds 10 damage if your poisoned.. i thought it was cool to find someone use something they made on their own. so i just keep Ploxxing and win from there.*she ended up 4-3 that day not bad for her first tournament. ^^*

    Round 2 Jon J. with garchomp/furrett
    he hasnt played in a while and i remember him from a while back so its good to play old players again*not saying your old ugg i hope you know what i mean players from 3-4 years back.* So i start to get set up and get up my tech breeloom. <3 he is so awesome against mirror and against garchomp.I take the first prize or 2 with gallade and he kos him i then send up breeloom and ko his garchomp with a pluspower and he has a garchomp with no energy and a furrett so i just went aggro gallade and won form there. SOme key wagers won me this game also. GG.


    Round 3 guy playing magmortar/flygon/ex
    he starts with a magmar and i start with a ralts and i get set up while he is having a rough time getting set up. i start to ploxx by turn 3 and turn 4 bring down his bench pokemon until he was left with a vibrava with no energy so i just koed it with bring down.


    lunch break is announced so i go with timmy across the street to wendys in his car.. yea kinda lazy huh.. lol it was actually a highway and not a seat.

    round 4 guy playing Skittles
    so this round i draw horrid.. ralts, gardy,gallade,psychic,psychic,dre,scramble.. so i go first and draw...scramble..so i attach and confuse he only has a sentret and he goes for grope and tails 30 i go and draw.. scramble.. so i attach and do 10 he goes and passes i go and draw tauros and im like great why did i attach so then he goes and benches ho-oh and flips for confusion and tails koed i draw.. ugg dre.. im like frustrated cause im not drawing a rare candy or anything so he MANually powers up a ho-oh and im like o no.. and i confuse him he kos me and i draw a rosanes and start to set up and then he does and its back and foward i have 3 prizes he has 2 and i misplay by not bringingdown ho-oh but ploxxing.. and he koed my gardy x and i started my turn and time was called and i realized i cant win so i shake his hand.

    round 5 anthony G with magmortar/typhlosion/delcatty
    we both took a while to set up and we wagered each other alot about 15+ times..this match i dont remember every detail but l i started to go aggro gallade and i took all my 6 prizes to his 2.. gg's


    Round 6 David C. Blissey/claydol
    a fellow league goer this should be a fun match. he didnt really want to play me ;[ and i felt bad to cause we had to play. I just went aggro gallade and timed some really good warp points to ko chanseys and blisseys..GG david :[.


    round 7 darrell M. Gardy Gallade..
    he was undefeated o great.. <_< . i figured this will be good.we both start setting up and play some wagers.. we both set up but his dusknoir tech kinda hurts <_<. we both had 3 prizes left and time was called so about 10-12 mins in to over time.. he wagers and i lose it but all i need are 2 cards a warp point and a night matainance.. i get neither so i draw a card on my turn and its a warp point and im deciding what i should do. theres a big crowd around us and i couldnt do anything so he got me next turn with dusknoir i believe. GG darrell.


    So i make top 16 in 6th and so does my brother as 16th only 4-3 to make it.


    so uhh we hand in our decks and get seated.. i watch my friend jarrett play in his top 8 game in seniors and he pulls it out game 3 with a turn 2 ko with claydol and 2 plus powers.

    So i sit down and get ready for my top 16 match.

    top 16 Jeremy M. GG/blastoise d
    game 1-So i play the world chamion of 05 thats awesone <_< so we both get ser up and were playing chess basically. going back and foward leaving our pachirisus out and hitting them with smash short while getting set up. By far this was one of the best games i had all day. we played about 30+ wagers the whole game.then he decided to start attacking and koed my pachi and i koed his gardy with gallade he ko's me with gardy and then i ko him with breloom then he kos breeloom and were both tied 4-4
    he wagers me and psychic locks me.. and i lost wager so im kinda in a jam here.. i have a night matainance and a gardy active and i have a rosanes in my hand so i NM the breeloom line and a ralts and rosanes for both and play them down on the bench. and psychic lock him he goes and koes me 4-3 now.. i send up my tauros and go.. i draw a kirlia so i evolve and then celios for a breeloom and pass he goes and wagers me.. i had a gallade in my hand and he didnt want to risk me having a scramble so we wager and i lose it again and he attaches 2 plus powers and psychic locks me so i now have a dre, gardevoir, and gallade im like crap.. i have moonlight out so i have free retreat so i send up kirlia and i draw,,, a scramble and send up breeloom and ko his gardi its now 3-2. he sends up gardivoir and psychic locks me for 50.. he removed the stadium and i did 40 and heal for 30 so im at 20 damage he hits me for 40 and then i draw a pluspower and hit him for 70 for the ko. were both now 2-2. he has a gardevoir,blastoise d,pachirisu with 20 dmg and he goes and plays a baltoy. attaches a double rainbow to blastoise and passes i then go retreat, evolve to gardy x attach a dre and bringdown baltoy.. he realizes his mistake and he cant do anything cause i would bring down his pachi next turn. so he scoops..

    game 2 the judge said we have under 2 mins to jeremy decides to not play out game 2 and let me win. :p
    we had 3 mins left btw.. so we couldnt have completed a game in 3 mins..

    so i win GG jeremy.


    top 8 ian R. GG/dusknoir.

    game 1
    i know ian for a while i met him at a states in NJ a couple of years back and we played a couple of times and we both usually have good games. so this one ended pretty quickly he got set up and i didnt so i scooped about 10-15 mins in to save time.

    game 2
    I opt to go first and start to gain momentum but i believe i misplayed which kinda costed me a game by attaching a wrong energy and then wagering <_<.. but uhh i cant EVER keep a straight face when i play wager against him.. :p i always look away or look at the field never at him.. :[ so uhh i have 1 prize to his 2 and he says he has the game so i go rly he has a gardy with 80 and a claydol active with dre and i have a claydol with dre he attaches to dusknoir and retreats to gardy and ploxx i go and draw and ko him with claydol.. and he seemed mad about that..

    since we have like 3 mins left were playing sudden death with 1 prize out.

    game 3
    i draw HORRID and im guessing he does also i have tauros, baltoy, fighting,psychic,dre,scramble,and a wager i think.. i opt for baltoy start trying to go for the t2 claydol if he starts with pachi which he does..
    he misses is atachment i believe and passes i go and attach and pass he goes and attaches and cff i draw... nothing so i attach to tauros and cff he goes and evolves to kirlia attaches dre and retreats and passes i go and wager and i lose it.. and i evolve to kirlia and attach to kirlia and pass and he evolves to gallade and ko's me gg..

    people that were watching said i should have retreated and wagered or left kirlia out cause he didnt have a gardy but either way he would have got me the next turn.. ;[ gg ian..


    so there goes my trip to nationals.. all in all i had fun..

    this was my list.


    2x Ralts DF
    2x Ralts SW
    2x Kirlia SW
    3x Gardivoir SW
    1x Gardivoir lv x
    2x Gallade
    1x baltoy Pk
    1x Baltoy GE
    2x Claydol
    1x Shroomish
    1x Breloom
    3x pachi
    1x Tauros


    2x Celios
    2x Rosannes
    1x Plus power
    1x Strength charm
    1x Warp point
    2x bebe search
    2x night matainance
    4x Rare candy
    4x Team Galactics wager
    2x Moonlight stadium
    1x phoebees

    6x Psychic
    2x fighting
    4x Double rainbow
    3x Scramble
    1x Cyclone

    Gino for the list
    Team rocket
    Adam for playing my list except he took out breeloom and put dusknoir and came in 3rd.
    seeing the PA people

    short top cut matches they should be about 1 hour and 30 mins long..
    Car ride to and from the tournament
    gino comming in 2nd
  2. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    GJ Christian.....nice game....hate that Gallade (weak to it)
  3. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    nice showing bud,best of fortunes at nats. :)

  4. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    wheres props for me? I lent u the missing cards lol.
  5. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    GJ making top 8

    see you at nats??
  6. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Nice job chris.
  7. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    Nice job, my young minion!
  8. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Good job. You don't know me, but I live in the NY area. Your bro judged for me in NY States Finals.
  9. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    You beat Jeremy Maron? *le gasp* ALLAH AKBAR! *bang*.

    You made top 8. And look at the people you beat to get there. That's quite an achievement in itself...
  10. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Lol yeah 1st would have been better. You shoulda seen my hands from T16,T8,T4 I shouldnt have won any games honestly. I won in top 4 with Tauros's 2nd attk. Yah next time I give you a decklist i'll definetly playtest the deck. Thats what I gotta start doing. :frown: When I was at regionals I was begging for a stevens advice at times. Im pretty sure you were too. Dont worry come nats will get sumthin ready! :cool: O yeah and Im still debating if I even wanna write a report cuz uk its like 2 weeks later anyway. Congrads
  11. Weasel Zero

    Weasel Zero <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Well done Christian. I agree completely about the lack of variety in this format, but meh. Anyways congrats
  12. Carlito

    Carlito New Member

    THE RIDE THERE WAS BY FAR THE WORSE!!! OMGZ me was scared lolz The list had its flaws, especially against mirror but its still all good :) We should never play a archtype again we are so lame XD WUV U <3 <3 <3 BTW I want my cooookie!!! STARBUCKS FTW!!!
  13. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    thanks everyone

    Gino: yea nats guy lol

    darrell: thanks obviously all GaG <_< nats should be different tho ;]

    edwin: lol omg next time jarrett's baby sitter drives im getting life insurance.
  14. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    GJ, man. ^^

    Tough competition.

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