i need help with my deck please

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pokedood68, Apr 26, 2004.

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  1. pokedood68

    pokedood68 New Member

    x4 treeko promo
    x4 grovyle promo
    x4 sceptile liz poison
    x1 sceptile ex
    x3 eevee ss
    x2 espeon ss
    x3 wobboffet ss
    x3 illumise ss

    x2 prof elms training method
    x4 rare candy
    x4 pokemon fan club
    x4 wallys training

    x10 grass
    x9 psychic
    x2 forest gaurdian
    x1 lure ball

    thanks for taking time to look at this
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  2. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    Hey there, here's a bit of a fix for ya.

    Pokemon: 25

    x4 Treeko
    x2 Grovyle
    x3 Sceptile (2 Energy trans 1 Lizard poison)
    x2 Sceptile Ex
    x2 Skitty
    x2 Delcatty (energy draw)
    x2 Magnemite
    x2 Magneton
    x4 Dunsparce
    x2 Suicune ex

    Trainers: 18

    x4 Oracle
    x3 Copycat
    x3 Professor Oaks Research
    x3 Rare Candy
    x3 Pokemon Nurse
    x2 Professor Elms Training Method
    x2 Crystal Shard

    Energy: 16

    x9 Grass
    x1 Double Rainbow
    x4 Rainbow
    x2 Boost


    I hope I added right if not sorry, I'm pretty tired.

    Okay this should be solid... don't expect it to do wonders against Blaziken.

    However, with the Crystal shard you can do a fine bit of damage to Rayquaza, with Suicune you can trans the rainbow to it immediately and hit the bex for a OHKO as well as any RS blaz.

    The magneton will help even more against the Swampert match up (which is already fairly simple) it also allows you to energy draw and get the energy to attach each turn as well.

    I know there is a lack of switch and you might want to find room for Pokemon reversal... make changes to fit your play style and good luck.
  3. pokedood68

    pokedood68 New Member

    hey thanks ill try it out sounds like a good deck to use

    ps. anybody else have any suggestions for my deck
  4. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Id go with YJ's fix unless you feel that magnetons are not needed. Then drop that line and increase suincune + other vital cards to improve your deck.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  5. pokedood68

    pokedood68 New Member

    ok thanks hero
  6. YJs looks decent or you could try something like this:

    Grovylex2(Dragon or Poisen Breath)
    Sceptilex3(Energy Trance)
    SceptileEXx2(If you don't have these you can replace them with Lizard Poisen Sceptiles)
    Skittyx2(50HP or Minor Errand Running)
    Delcattyx2(Energy Draw)

    Pokemon Nursex3
    TV Reporterx4
    Rare Candyx4
    Warp Pointx2

  7. pokedood68

    pokedood68 New Member

    ok thanks anyone else
  9. Hmm, looks solid. I just think ditto is unneccesary.
    -1 ditto
    -1 dunsparce
    +1 skitty
    +1 delcatty.
    If you have no other Delcatty instead do this:
    +1 nurse
    +1 switch

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2004
  10. Imperial

    Imperial New Member

    dont use the promo treeko! its 40 hp of bad.
  11. I already said use Dragon Treecko.30 damage and 50HP is a decent card for a basic that evolves.Ditto is needed and only 2 Delcatty and Skitty is needed.
  12. pokedood68

    pokedood68 New Member

    ok thanks guys
  13. Hey pokedude howbout changing the first post?
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