I played Bee... er... Charizard G.

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  1. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Started off with a list from Vanderbiltgrad [Charizard G/Abomasnow/Regigigas], but, I did testing of a lot of different Pokemon, and in the end I went with Charizard G/Luxray GL/Regigigas.
    We arrive Friday and I do some testing with my buddy Francisco.

    Saturday arrives. I chat with some friends before the tournament and show them my deck. Hilarity ensues. I talk to Zak from my team and he replies "Yeah, I ignored your testing results because you tested against stuff nobody played." It was pretty hilarious:lol:

    Round 1: Larry [New Guy]
    Alright. So, this guy was new. The game was simple, I helped him out with moves and had him knock out some of my Pokemon. On his last turn though, he did a Copycat for 19 which was.. pretty awesome :rolleyes:

    Round 2: Jeff [DialgaChomp]
    He starts with Garchomp C, I start with Regigigas. I go first and attach a DCE to my Pokemon and pass. He Cyrus' and gets out a Dialga G with SP Radar, attaches a DCE + Energy gain and hits me for 50. I draw.. I have to say, my hand was amazing.
    SP Radar
    Premier Ball
    Premier Ball
    Poke Turn
    Pokemon Collector
    Bebe's Search
    Energy Gain
    I draw. I Pokemon Collector for Charizard G, Uxie, and Luxray GL. I then play an Energy Gain on my Charizard G. I SP Radar away a Premier Ball to get a Crobat G. I Flash Bite and Poke Turn to get 20 on his active Garchomp C. I then Premier Ball of Regigigas Lv. X and Level Up. I now have a 2 card hand. I set up for 6 and do get the Energy I need. I also get an Expert belt but that's ok. I attach the Belt to Regigigas and Sacrifice my Crobat G to heal so I don't have to worry about any crazy Toxicroak G [Promo] Shenanigans on the next turn. I KO him. He is on the defensive the rest of the game. He powers up a Dialga G with 3 Sp. Metal's [it has 10 damage]. After he gets my Gigas to 130 via Toxicroak Promo, I play switch to take off the Poision, I level up to Uxie X that already has Unown Q. I Poke Turn my Charizard G and play it down again with Expert Belt this time. Since I figured he didn't know what the Level X did.. I attached a Fire to Uxie and retreated it to Regigigas and did Giga Hammer for the KO. Knowing that he would finally bring up the Dialga. He did and ko'd me. I bring up Charizard G and play the Lvl. X and use it's Poke-Power to move the Fire Energy from Uxie to him and a DCE that was on Luxray GL. I then do Heat Blast, which resulted in the 110 damage that I needed to knock him out.


    Round 3: Danny [LuxChomp]
    I have never beaten him in a tournament. Anyway, he starts out amazing. I get Charizard G X T2, and luckily he can not knock it out the next turn. I do nothing special and then attach to my Benched Gigas w/ 30 [I started with it]. On his next turn he Flash Bite's my Charizard and then KO's it with Dragonite FB. On my turn I bring up an Uxie with Q and attach to regigigas and pass. He gets a Murkrow on his bench with a Basic Dark and does 20. I drew and figured, well, if he has another DCE in his hand for the Honchkrow it's over, but, if I don't KO the dragonite FB, it's over, because he can Galactic Switch to the Murkrow anyway. So, I decide to go for it. I bring up my 4 Energy Regigigas and then KO Dragonite with Gigaton Hammer. He didn't have the DCE so he brings up Crobat G, attaches to a benched Luxray GL and passes. I draw, alright, Looker's Investigation. I play it, pick me. My deck had all 3 Premier Ball still in it and both Regigigas Lv. X. I just need 1 of them. I drew.. Conspiracy..Conspiracy..DCE..DCE..Fire. Ok, so I wiffed big time. The DCE wasn't bad because I could now power up my other Regigigas. I played Switch.. retreated Uxie and did Hammer again. He ends up KO'ing me a his already Lvl'd up Luxray from earlier. I bring up Luxray and Bright Look a Luxray GL benched, attach DCE to Regigigas, play Conspiracy for Bebe's, Fire, Poke Turn, then did Hammer. He attacks me for 60. I play Bebe's for Gigas X and the sacrifice is successful, I drag off a Bronzong G. He Poke Turn's and does Flash Impact after playing Aaron's to get back the Luxray and Lightning. I draw, play Pokemon Collector, get 2 Bat G's and Charizard G. Flash Bite his benched regular Garchomp C twice and then dragged it off for ko. He Flash Bites my Gigas, attaches, and does Trash Bolt. Time is called. It is 2-1 him and I know there is a 99% chance he has a way to get another Luxray X out for KO via Bright look. So.. I hope I draw a Poke Turn so I can ko something with my Lucario GL. I draw.. whiff. I play Lucario GL, G-Switch a basic metal to it, attach a fire and do 100. He shows my the X. GG man, as always!

    Round 4: Murat [Something SP]
    I say something SP because I got donked. I started Q, but, had a great hand.. so I hope I go 2nd.. I go first... I do not get a basic. It turns out though, it didn't matter if I went 1st or 2nd because, even though he started with Bronzong G.. his hand was Warp Energy and Uxie. So he could've Set up for whatever, attached Warp Energy to Bronzong, then G-Switched it to Uxie for the KO. He apologized after but I explained it's just part of the game and I knew the risk of putting Unown Q in my deck.

    Round 5: [Tyranitar]
    I knew he was playing this because I sat next to him earlier. I was planning an epic Lucario GL attack on his Turanitar Prime when it was the only hitter he had. I made sure to bright look up everything else expcet for 1 Tyranitar. I took out 2 other Larvitar and he had the Tyranitar up to a DCE and a Dark. I am not sure if he didn't have another energy, but, he never brought it up. I decided I wouldn't wait any longer in case he was going to play Looker's. I used bright look to bring up the Tyranitar and did Bite for 30. He attached and ko'd me. I bring up Crobat G. Sp Radar for Lucario GL, G-Switch a Metal to it, attach a Lightning and Energy Gain. Bring it up and swing for 140 and the knock out. It was easy from there.

    Round 6: William (From league) [Machamp]
    He had 2 Machamp's on Turn 1.. no chance for me.

    Round 7: [Luxchomp]
    He started with Smeargle and copied my Collector. I started with Crobat G. I used Collector to get out Uxie, Regigigas and Houndoom 4. I locked in his Smeargle for 3 turns via Houndoom so I could have time to set up. I knew he had Twins in his hand, so, I didn't want to take the lead, so, I brought up Regigigas and played the X and used Sacrifice on my Houndoom, so I could get Energy on Gigas. I attach a Fire so I now have 3 energy. I drag off his Garchomp C for 60, so I could make him use the X. However, before that, I played Looker's and made him shuffle his approx. 13 card hand back in his deck.
    He did get the X but that was all he could do and brought up Luxray and lvl'd up.. no power.. and hit me. I used sacrifice again, taking him to 4 prizes, then played Warp Energy to bring up My Luxray GL and used bright look on Garchomp C X.. then did Flash Bite on Smeargle and then Giga Hammer on the active Garchomp C X. He had nothing from there.

    Round 8: [DialgaChomp]
    I had another amazing hand, and baited him a couple times on Power Spray. I went first and did Crobat G and attached a Lightning. So I figured he thought I was playing Luxchomp. I am not sure whether he thought I had a bad hand or not but he brought up a Garchomp C + DCE and did 30 to me. I drew and played Collector. My hand consisted of DCE and Expert Belt. I got Bronzong G, Regigigas, and Uxie. I wanted him to not Spray Bronzong G, so I did get the Uxie. I announced "Galactic Switch" and he let it go, I moved then Lightning to Regigigas. I played Uxie.. "Power Spray." I then played DCE and Belt on my Regigigas and ko'd his active. It was 5-2 and he had a Dialga G with 40 on the bench. I switched to Crobat G [I my Regigigas got poisoned via his Crobat G]. I thought, alright, I have a Poke Turn in my hand and 90 on my Regigigas. I figured he would Power Spray the Sacrifice Power.. so I announced it, and sure enough, he Sprayed it. I then did Poke Turn, Flash Bite on his Dialga G and used Drag off to ko it with 50.

    So.. I finish 5-3.
    Now it is onto Head Judging my 1st event!! [Nevada States]
    (Although I might be in need of a Masters Judge)

    ~Nobody knowing what my deck did
    ~Z-man getting top cut
    ~Jeremy getting 3rd
    ~Team Hatter
    ~Vanderbilt Grad
    ~Ice Cream thing in the new Pokemon Game

    ~No Top Cut
    ~William gettings 17th =/
    ~Sandile plush costing $25.

    See you guys next week!!!
  2. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Wow! Awesome deck choice! 5-3 with super rogue, nice job Josh.
  3. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    Zard G is so freakin' pro.
  4. z-man

    z-man New Member

    You never got to win a game with Houndoom, did you? 2 out of 3 win conditions satisfied... that is good enough for one day (Charizard and Lucario). D: GJ going 5-3 with an unorthodox deck. Good luck head judging next week. ;D
  5. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    I was sad I didn't get to donk with it, but, it did lock in a Smeargle, so that was satisfying enough :p
  6. vegitalian

    vegitalian New Member

    Nicely done, Hatter, nicely done.
  7. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    god you have a good memory josh

    and i was sad i didnt get DOOM LOCKED :(

    great game as always though man, wish you would have made cut!
  8. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Thanks veg.
    Mamba: haha, I only remember the great games I play.. so that's why I remember everyone we have :p

    Hey, I did DOOM LOCK the round 7 guy!!
    I told him what it did, attacked, then he still tried to retreat :eek:
  9. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    I like the title :thumb:

    Nice, I hope to do the same :biggrin:

    Way 2 go!

    EDIT I just now realized how much of a jerk I looked like in this post :(
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2011
  10. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Good luck to you :]
  11. Forte

    Forte New Member

    Which states was this?
    And nice rogue deck!
  12. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Porii: How did you look like a jerk? o.o"
    Forte: It was California
  13. Forte

    Forte New Member

    Ah nice! I played William and Jeremy too. I lost to Jeremy in top 16 though.
  14. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Ah. Well great job making the cut.

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