Idaho State Pokemon Championships 2015

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    NOTE: All event costs are cash only (NO credit cards will be accepted).

    Coming March 21, 2015
    Idaho State Pokémon TCG Championships 2015 (MAIN EVENT!)

    Join us for a fun weekend at the...

    The Boise Hotel and Conference Center
    3300 S Vista Avenue
    Boise, ID 83705
    Reservations for hotel: 208-343-4900

    The following is a tentative schedule of events.

    Idaho League Challenge TCG
    March 20, 2015 (Friday) Evening
    Expanded Format
    REGISTRATION: 6 pm - 6:45 pm
    Cost: FREE!!!

    The main event below!!!

    Idaho State Pokémon The Card Game Championships 2015
    March 21, 2015 (Saturday)
    Modified Format
    REGISTRATION: 8:30 am - 10 am
    Masters Cost: $20.00
    Juniors & Seniors Free!!!

    What is the tournament structure?

    The Pokémon TCG State/Province Championships are run using the Standard Format and Age-Modified Swiss pairings. The number of Swiss rounds run will depend on total attendance at the event. Each round of Swiss is a best-of-three match, with a time limit of 50 minutes plus 3 turns. At the conclusion of Swiss rounds, the top players will compete in Single-Elimination rounds, with a maximum of 8 participants. See the Pokémon Tournament Rules for detailed information about the tournament structure.

    Most Pokémon TCG State/Province Championships will be single-day events. A few larger SPC events may be run in a two-day format.

    What are the prizes?

    Idaho State Pokémon TCG Championships 2015 Prizing

    Prizes are awarded to the top players in each of three age divisions.

    All participants will receive 3 Play! Points and a Pokémon SPC promo card (while supplies last) just for playing! Top finishers will receive Championship Points as detailed on the 2015 Championship Points chart.

    The winner of each division will receive a first-round bye at the US or Canadian National Championships.*

    The top 4 finishers in each division will receive a Pokémon TCG State/Province Championships trophy.

    The top 8 finishers in the Junior and Senior Divisions will receive booster packs from the most current Pokémon TCG expansion as follows:

    1st & 2nd: 36 boosters
    3rd & 4th: 18 boosters
    5th–8th: 9 boosters

    The top16 finishers in the Masters Division will receive booster packs from the most current Pokémon TCG expansion as follows:

    1st & 2nd: 108 boosters
    3rd & 4th: 36 boosters
    5th–8th: 18 boosters
    9th–16th: 9 boosters


    Omega Series Pokémon Video Game Tournament
    March 22, 2015 (Sunday)
    REGISTRATION: 9 am - 9:30 am
    Cost: $5.00

    Prizes to be determined
    For current VG rules got to and click on the links tab and you'll find the most current rules and Pokémon allowed.

    You're invited to come on in and play in all the events or chose the ones that are to your liking.

    Stay tuned for more Information!!!!!!!!
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    hey guys I only have a month until this tournament and this will be my first time ever playing =S I play online but not with real cards any tips? -thank you!

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