If the pokemon in your deck don't deal more than 50 damage...

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Escata, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Escata

    Escata New Member

    Beautifly (Diamond Pearl)

    Beacuse it is not useful against attacks that deal more than 100 damage at once or against pokemon that have resistance to grass, this card has become not very known.

    But I just noticed that one really popular deck (GG) would have a hard time facing it. Beautifly attack is costly to deal 50 damage, but the amount of damage caused is the same amount it heals.

    Gardevoir usually causes average 60 damage, it would take minimum 5 turns to KO a beautifly this way... (if opponent doesn't help healing Beautifly with another card like a Potion or a Plus Power...), while beautifly would need 3 turns to KO Gardevoir (2 turns with plus power).

    Gallade kills in one hit, but it can't do it everytime. Beautifly resists fighting and has 100 HP, which means gallade needs to face up 3 prizes to KO the first beautifly and 6 prizes total to KO the second (What about the third? =]). Sonic blade would leave beutifly with 50 damage... which is exactly the amount of damage it restores with its attack (deals 50 damage, restores 50).

    Gardevoir lv.X would have a hard time to bring down a pokemon that heals itself completely every turn to 100 HP... it would bring down all claydols, pachirisus and absols first. Gardevoir Power Keepers is the only treat, but it is rarely used. In normal conditions, once the huge cost of 4 energy is set on a beautifly, she would cause constant damage and never gets koed. Against GG, that fragile butterfly is, ironically a monster...

    Against magmortar (and many other decks),however, that bug gets toasted alive...
    If at least someone could find an secondary attacker to counter those pokemon that could threat Beautifly... (A water type preferencially because of weakness they cause on fire types -- Wailord? Ludicolo? :lol: ) then do you people think that the butterfly could appear in a major tournament?

    (Sceptile would work good as a tech too, reducing butterfly's attack cost, and a dustox would be easy to evolve because of wurmple and rare candy)
  2. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Interesting, but slow; possibly too slow. Unown G for Gardevoir Lv. X. Wailord is not a good idea becasue then you will have two pokemo nthat take 4 energy to attack...perhap syou could try Vaporeon. For a water it does 30 (60 to magmortar) and heals all your bench -20, so you could heal benched beautiflies even more!
  3. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    For Magmortar you can play 2-2 Gyrados
  4. Muskeet

    Muskeet New Member

    Me and a few friends actually saw this awhile ago and tried it with the SW Weavile since the darkness can boost the dmg and set it up quicker but it was a tad to slow and u were hurting if u lost 1 Beautifly
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Rotom MD might helps Beautifly???
  6. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    A Buffer Piece on the first Beautifly would stop Gallade from even being able to OHKO the second beautifly
  7. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i think if u play beautifly with a lot of stuff like buffer peice, plusplower, and strength charm, with a waater pokemon like, well, i don't know, then u should be good.
  8. Kabutops141

    Kabutops141 New Member

    Thi sounds pretty good as a tech agains GG to me. Use it as a late game attacker after Gallade has already Psy Cutted a lot of Prizes. I just might try this.
  9. cacgbass

    cacgbass New Member

    i think it is slow too. but maybe leafeon or septile can do the trick.
  10. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    I think I'd still win on time if I was playing PLOX.

    You aren't going to take as many prizes as a GG player is pre-top cut, so this isn't really viable as a nationals deck. And the sheer weakness to OHKO makes it a pretty poor option for BRs and stuff too.
  11. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    I think Butterfree GE is better than Beautifly, because it needs less energies to attack. Furthermore you can get it T1 cause of pre evo´s power. You make with butterfree less damage, but you can heal every pokemon.
  12. Luxatos

    Luxatos <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    If you decide to use Beautifly, remember that things like PlusPower and Strength Charm also increase the amount it heals itself. Unfortunately, it can only heal itself, so maybe it would be good to put a Dugtrio line in to protect the bench. I can see a player bypassing the charged up Beautifly this way.
  13. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Perhaps both could be played together. Get out a T1-2 Butterfree to start stalling early whilst charging a benched Beautifly.
  14. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    My opinion is to go with maybe 3-4 Fire Energy and 3-4 Holon FF. Takes care of your weakness issues on mortar and toss in an Unown E for the +10 HP to get it passed that magical 100 damage that a lot of pokes can do!!


  15. Treecko

    Treecko New Member

    G&G/PLOX isn't the best deck anymore, you should stop trying to counter it..
  16. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Well, then, what deck is the best in your opinion?
  17. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    I never thought of Beautifly. Not a bad idea IMO.
    With Vaporeon or Gyarados, perhaps even Ludicolo it could work.
    I see it being a little too slow however. If there was an easy way to make sure everything ran consistently and helped the slow energy attachment/high energy cost it could be quite effective.

    Oh, and GG isnt and never was the "best" deck. It was just played much more than any other one, so obviously if there are a lot being played a lot will win. No doubt its a very good deck, just not the best.
    The reason it is played so much is because it is simple, yet very effective. Its a fairly easy deck to play and it is powerful, so a newer player can pick it up and do well with it. But in the long run it will require skill to win. Mirror matches are a great example of such. If a newer player and a much more experienced player make it to top cut and have to play each other, the more experienced player will obviously win.
    Sorry for going off on a tangent like that, lol.
  18. Escata

    Escata New Member

    Thanks for the comments! :smile:

    I really liked the suggestion of vaporeon. I've been only thinking about glaceon and forgot about the other water eeveelution! =] Vaporeon requires less energy than gyarados, is a stage 1 easy to play, uses few water energy in both its attacks (only 1), and helps healing other pokémon, which is the main idea behind beautifly. If vaporeon + beautifly deck could stall opponent enough, then the high energy cost and slow energy attachment problem could be minimized. I though of absol to cause some disruption and Chatot MD, since it attacks with zero energy, accelerates the game and has free retreat.

    Besides the grass and water deck, I was also considering a way of combining beautifly without a water pokémon. Right now, the best alternative to deal with beautifly's high energy cost and slow energy attachment is sceptile. Two stage 2 evolution lines plus claydol/furret and a lot of rare candies may be viable, even if not the fastest thing possible. In case a deck made this way proves capable of at least surviving other decks (specially G&G), do you people think that "the other way" to evolve wurmple could be handy? Dustox does 50 damage + toxic with :grass::grass::colorless:colorless , only 2 :grass: energy cards with sceptile. Its first attack may paralyze for 1 :grass: energy card (with sceptile in play). Poison is annoying and may force opponent's pokémon premature retreating. In the end, dustox would cause solid 70 damage with 2 energy cards + toxic. It would also be the pokémon with more HP in the deck

    About the weakness, I just remembered that there is a pokémon tool that takes out weakness for one turn. Without windstorm in that format, that pokémon tool may solve the problem of weakness to fire at least partially.
  19. berra_gud

    berra_gud New Member

    no i think gyarados is better because it has lots of hp and does not reqiure water energy.
    just one coulorless energy and does at least 30 damage and more if its damaged.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2008
  20. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    og hp?
    Original Gangster Hit Points?

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