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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by JasonthePwnda, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. JasonthePwnda

    JasonthePwnda New Member

    I'm at school and have lots of homeork, so lets go fast.

    I let Will borrow a rare candy (which i forgot to ask for back, still need to get, he let me borrow the dunsparce. I played him with my deck, BAR vs. Swampert, i lost due to a bad setup.

    Round 1 vs weirdBAR: Loss
    The redhead dude. His thing had no enegy mover, but instead, magneton, and he useed non-holo blaziken. I wsa like WitW??. I had two torchics in my three prizes left, i had a bad start but it evolved into a brutal setup. he ad nothing, but once his ditto ko'ed a quaza, it was all downhill.

    Round 2 Magma: Victory 1-1
    A Magma deck, he didnt get his magma balls or anthing, and he wsa left with a groudon that couldnt attack. I got out quaza, blazis, and owned.

    Round 3: Victory 2-1
    I remember this was easy, whoosh.

    Round 4 Mewtwo ex: Victory 3-1
    Mo, my competitor for 11-14. I knew he played mewtwo, which I think is horrid. We boh got horrible starts, I had no energy to activate my position for a long time. Finally, I owned him.

    Round 5 Sceptile: Victory 4-1
    This was a Sceptile/Dustox dude. I got an early Flare from Combusken on his Cascoon, then used Blaze Kick on his dustox to knock out his only pokemon. Quick game.

    Round 6 Swampert: Draw 4-1-1
    his was Will, and I remembered getting owned by him. I got a quick setup, he had nothing. I owned him. However, I figured I could still get top seed in 11-14, and if he lost he might not make T8 in 15+, so we drew. For this he gave me the sparce I borrowed. I ended up geting second seed on resistance, which was awesome as i will describe later.

    Match 1: Victory 1-0
    Since I was second seed, I got paired with a Sceptile. If i was first seed, it would have been a Swampert. Whew. I used my type advantage to sweep, twice.

    Match 2 vs redhead dude's brother (No time limit! W007!):
    He played a salamence-sharpedo (Ru/Sa)-arcanine (SS). I expected to win quickly, but the opposite proved true. These were the longest, most difficult games I had the entire day.

    Game 1: I believe I had an awesome setup, after a few strategic pluses and a good setup, rayquaza swept. There was one issue wth prizes though, but it got settled fairly in the end.

    Game 2: Here is where the fun was. I got throughly destroyed. I put up a good fight, but after salamence started killing me, I was done for. I tried to pull a luck win with a bunch of dunsparce but he had briney in his hand. After a long time for thinking, I was checkmated.

    Game 3: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Wow. I got a bad start , so did he. He looked really confident, i killed his carvanha (40 hp one) with a tackle from electrike, then his last pokemon I killed with rayquaza by shifting energies around. Wow. I was the IL 11-14 Champion.

    Got a box, and a trophy. In my box, i got sucky ex's, the three dogs, but now I have 6 magma's groudon, and finally some kyorge.

    Will needs to give me back my rare candy.
    Everyone wanted Mewtwo ex and Reversal, is this chnged now? If so, blaziken is doomed.
    That salamence deck needs 4 strength charm, it would be awesome.
    Playing sceptile against blaziken isn't a good thing.

    Ruling questions:
    Pokemon reversal: works or not?
    If i attach darkness to magma's groudon, and use linear attack on a benced, would it do: 20 to bench, 10 to active (read darkness carefully), or 30 to bench, or 20 to bench? If I attacked the active , would it do double damage do to weakness? (darkness, linear attack sparce, 50 dmg?)
    If blaziken ex attacks active pokemon with Napalm, and is sceptile ex, would it ko it?

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  2. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

    Good report, nice to see a SC not swamped with BARs. About your questions:
    1) It would do only 20 to benched.
    2) Volcanic Ash does not apply weaknesses and resistance to benched only, so it would KO the Sceptile EX.
  3. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    Hey, congrats. I was pretty sure you won, but I didn't know officially. And yeah, I forgot to give back your Rare Candy :x, sorry, I noticed like as soon as I got home. I'll give it back next time I see you.

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