Implosion (Gardevoir & Wailord)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by revdjweb, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    3-2-2-2 Gardevoir lvl x
    1 Gallade
    4-4 Wailord
    18 total pokemon

    4 rare candy
    4 ssu
    4celio's network
    3 roseanne's research
    4 felicity's drawing
    1 steven's advice
    1 tsd
    2 night maintenance
    2 premier ball
    2 windstorm
    2 warp point
    28 total trainers

    4 dre
    2 scramble
    2 heal energy
    6 psychic
    14 total energy

    strategy: ko six opposing pokemon with bring down. keep your own bench hp so high that bring down always hits the opposition. heal enegy/ssu as necessary. gallade and wailord as back up fighters.
  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    You cant always on bring down to do the job.when you battle GG, the gallade will 1hit ko the gardivoir lvl.x, when you batlle mag, they damage the bench and they snipe it. Anyways, you cant get enough energy quick cause its too slow.
    set up and energy attchment is too slow.
  3. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    how can you say energy attachment will be slow when all gardevoir lvl x needs is one DRE to attack? and since when has gardevoir set up slow? it's about as close to a T2 deck that any stage 2 deck can be. also, since neither furret nor claydol have more hp than even a wailmer, if i can get to bring down relatively quickly i can in return disrupt my opponents set up before he is ready.

    i dont see your point about an opposing gallade. yes gallade can ohko gardy lvl x. ONE TIME, and that by flipping four prizes over. but gallade is weak to gardevoir, not the other way around.

    wailord has so many HP that sniping is one of the things it absolutely doesnt have to worry about. even if one gets sniped for 100 damage all i have to do is slap a heal energy on it and then i am back to using bringdown on magmortars or typhlosions.

    of course sometimes some of my own pokemon will be more damaged than the opponents. that is what the super scoop ups are for (and to a lesser extent the heal energies). of course i cant expect to get every ko with bringdown, that is why there is a gallade tech, plus wailord can fight if necessay (realistically only if i am behind and it has scramble energy). it's just that unlike most gg decks which emphasize plox or gallade's attacks, this one emphasizes bring down. i dont care if i knock out 4 sentrets and two ralts while my opponents remaining pokemon are charged to the teeth. six prizes is a win.
  4. Gigabyte

    Gigabyte New Member

    But Wailord is not a fighter.It is used to deck out your opponent ,not take prizes.
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