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    Indiana Pokemon-TCG State Championships
    Date: April 17th 2004

    Time: Registration from 11am-11:45am EST (Indiana Time)
    Play begins at: Noon

    Cost for main tournament: $8

    Tournament Location:
    Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
    Fort Wayne-Downtown
    Grand Hall Banquet Room
    300 East Washington Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802

    See below for Hotel Information. Make sure to read below if you plan to stay at hotel to save some money.

    All Ages Welcome!! Pokemon Organized Play is featuring three age brackets for the Main Tournament play. Our age brackets are; 10 and under, 11 to 14, and 15 and over. The main event will feature the same prize structure for all three age brackets!

    Everyone who signs up for the event will receive a special promo card that is only available at one of these events!

    Main Tournament Format
    The Tournament is run using the Modified Format and Age Modified Swiss pairings. The number of Swiss rounds run will depend on total attendance at the event.

    After Swiss rounds are complete, there will be a cut to single elimination finals. The number of players to qualify for the finals will be dependant upon the total attendance in their age bracket. You will be given 30 minutes in order to play each round.

    Modified Format

    All 60-card decks must be made to the current Modified Format which consists of cards from the following card sets:

    Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua
    Promos 001 and up (Nintendo Promos)


    So what can you earn for winning? Each age group (10 and under, 11-14, and 15 and up) will receive the following:

    1st Place

    State Champion Award
    1 Display Box of Pokémon-e TCG: EX Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua
    Two round bye at the National Championships (a bye means you don’t play the round and are awarded a win in that round)
    A Stage One VIP Package containing cool Pokémon Merchandise. This package will be awarded upon on site registration at the National Championship event at Origins Game Fair.

    2nd Place

    18 Booster Packs of Pokémon-e TCG: EX Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua

    3rd & 4th Place

    9 Booster Packs of Pokémon-e TCG: EX Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua

    5th through 8th Place
    4 Booster Packs of Pokémon-e TCG: EX Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua

    What you need to Bring

    Entry fee money
    A die and some damage counters (if possible)
    Extra money for break time
    Extra money if you want to play in any side events
    Extra money if you want to buy anything from our store

    Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Game Boy Advance Side Event Tournament

    We will be offering a Game Boy Advanced Ruby and Sapphire Tournament after the Main Event.

    3 Pokemon of level 50 or lower.
    No two of the same Pokémon.
    Groudon, Kyogre, Jirachi, and Rayquaza are banned.
    No duplicate held items.
    Certain powers (Rest, Recover, etc) are not allowed after 8 minutes into the match.
    "Modified" GBA cartridges are not allowed.

    We will be playing some of these matches on the 50" Big Screen TV's!!

    There is no entry fee for this tournament. Prizes will be determined depending upon the amount of people playing and will consist of Team Magma Vs.. Team Aqua packs.

    TCG Side Events

    Pokémon Modified Single Elim. Tournament
    Cost: $Free
    Format: Modified Single Elimination
    Prizes: Based on attendance.
    Details: Players will need to bring their own Modified Legal 60 card deck. Players will play a number of rounds of Single Elimination based on attendance. These will be run every 30 minutes after the conclusion of the State Championships.

    Pokémon Modified Swiss Tournament- After 3rd round of State Championships Only
    Cost: $Free
    Players: All ages, no limit
    Format: Modified Swiss
    Prizes: Based on attendance.
    Details: Players will need to bring their own Modified Legal 60 card deck. This tournament will only be run after the 3rd round of the State Championships are finished.

    EX Team Magma Vs.. Team Aqua Sealed Deck Tournament
    Cost: $15
    Players: All ages, no limit
    Format: Swiss, one age group
    Prizes: Based on attendance.
    Details: This event will start after the Main Event is over. All players will participate in one event. This Tournament has the same build and play rules as for Prerelease.

    Food Information

    There will be a concession Stand Set Up outside the event.

    Sidewalk Cafe
    Location: In Hotel - first floor adjoining main lobby
    Serves: Breakfast Dinner
    Cuisine: Traditional

    Pip's Lounge
    Location: In Hotel - First Floor adjoining main lobby
    Pip's Louge is just the right size to meet friends and enjoy some music.

    Hotel Information

    Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
    Rooms Available for April 16-17, 2004
    State the name of the Group "Pokemon Premier Tournament" or the group code "PPT" upon making your reservations to confirm this special rate.

    Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites,
    300 E. Washington Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802
    260-422-5511 1-800-HOLIDAY

    Rate: $59.00 Single/double occupancy per night plus 12% tax
    Group Code: PPT
    Reservations must be made by March 22, 2004 to get the special group rate.

    Reservations must be guaranteed to a credit card or a deposit of one night’s room and tax. Any cancellation must be received 72 hours in advance in order to receive a deposit refund or to prevent a charge of one night’s room and tax to your credit card.

    Check-in is at 3:00pm and Check-out is at 12:00pm (Indiana Time) Indiana switches to Central Daylight Time on April 4th So if you are on the same time as Indiana right now you will be 1 hour ahead starting April 4th.

    Located in the Heart of Downtown Fort Wayne, the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites offers non-smoking and smoking guestrooms as well as handicapped accessible rooms.

    Hotel also features:
    Indoor Pool
    Hair Dryers
    Fitness Center
    Iron and Ironing Board
    Restaurants and Lounge
    In Room Coffee Service
    Room Service
    Two-Line data port phones
    Complimentary Airport Shuttle
    Voice Mail
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  2. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    The date in which you can get a discount on your room has been extended from March 22 to March 29th.

    For anyone who plans on staying at the hotel, I am told the pool closes at 11pm EST :)
  3. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    All Side events except the Sealed Pack Tournament are now FREE!!! Sealed event has been lowered to $15.

    Reminder, if you are getting a hotel room you only have until MArch 29 to get the special Discount!!
  4. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold Active Member

    Dudes this isnt cool...its the same day as the illinois tournament...
  5. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    man, this severely destroys our tourney, and I can't really drive down to that area just to stomp on some Indiana players and win the tourney, I'm only allowed to drive an hour away from my house...
  6. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    Coming up next weekend. Free side events (other then the limited tournament) for anyone playin gin the main event. Big screen TV's with Pokemon Colosseum on both TV's for the Gameboy tournament. Looking to have a lot of fun. Side events will run until 11:30 at night. Have to be out of the ball room at Midnight.

    Hope to see a lot of people attending!!
  7. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    Only a few days left, sure hope I have some people coming to this thing.

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