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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Fire Master, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    Pokemons: 24
    1 Infernape LV.X
    3 Infernape MD
    2 Monferno MD
    3 Chimchar DP
    2 Typhlosion
    2 Quilava
    2 Cyndaquil
    2 Furret
    4 Sentret
    3 Rotom MD
    Trainers: 22
    3 Technical Machine TS-1
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Bubble Coat
    4 Roseanne´s Research
    3 Bebe´s Search
    1 Night Maintenance
    3 Buck´s Training
    2 Felicity´s Drawing
    2 Stark Moutain
    Energies: 14
    14 Fire Energies

    Strategy: Start with Sentret, try to get Furret/ TM TS-1 (to evolve it) an start searching Roseanne´s (basic Pokemons and energies, if needed), TM TS-1, Candies and Evolutions. Set Up 1/2 Infernapes, a Typhlosion and a Rotom. Switch Rotom with Infernape and deal 160 damage each 2 turns (Attack with Inferanpe. Next turn Rotom Active, attach Infernape w/ Typho, Rotom and Normal Attachment. Next turn attach an energy to Rotom, retreat and do 160 damage).
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  2. kristi

    kristi New Member

    I say take out furret and play claydol instead. Also, you may want to take out rotom, add another typhlosion and cydaquill, and just retreat apes each turn while charging them up with firestarter. That way you attack every turn instead of every other turn. Good luck.
  3. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    Furret is better than Claydol in this deck because I need specific cards, not random cards.
    My previous decklist has 1-3-2-3 Infernape, 3-2-3 Typhlosion and 2-4 Furret but it was too slow. This is faster because I only have to have 1 Infernape (I could have 2 if the first is damaged), 1 Typhlosion and 1 Rotom instead of 2 Infernapes and 2 Typhlosions (to do good damage: 120). Also it´s more consistent because if Rotom is KOed, I can play another in the next turn, I will have a second Infernape when the first is KOed and I can do 120 damage with an Infernape and a Rotom.
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  4. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    If you're going the Furret route, I would actually revert back to the 4-2 ratio you had to begin with to maximize the odds of opening with Sentret, maybe dropping a Rotom since with all the searching power you wouldn't struggle to get it out anyway and 2 is probably going to be more than enough for one game. I also would drop a Quilava for the 4th Candy and a Bubble Coat for Cynthia's Plan or another Buck's. Since you aren't running Claydol, the former would be a nice refresher when you've just had something KOed.
  5. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    As I´m going the Furret route, I´m going the TM TS-1 route, too. So I need Quilava. I have Rare Candy to use it if I have a S1 prized. Bubble Coat is needed in DP-LA because of Kingdra and Empoleon. I can get Sentret with Roseannes and then retreat the active Pokemon (1 extra energy). Anyway, I will consider it.
  6. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    Infernape can OHKO any water threat just as easily as they can OHKO it (or maybe slightly less easily, but still). Empoleon will be able to KO you regardless of Bubble Coat anyway the way you utilize Furret, because that'll easily allow them at least one Dual Splash on your benched Chimchar/Monferno/Ape and then later on when it's active, a decent Surf Together will OHKO it regardless of weakness or Bubble Coat. Kingdra can do the same thing, getting a couple hits on the benched Infernape or Infernape-to-Be while you set up, especially if it comes out turn 2, lowering its HP to 70, and then when it is active they are only one Buck's/PlusPower away from KOing it (probably with their second Kingdra, since if Ape is active against it is likely going for a OHKO), regardless of Bubble Coat or weakness, once again.

    I'm not saying Bubble Coat is useless, but it isn't going to be that life-saving IMO. I don't even know why I'm going on about it anyway. Assuming things go like you plan, the list appears pretty solid regardless.
  7. Fire Master

    Fire Master New Member

    Well, maybe another Bucks or Rotom. I think that 2 Rotom isn´t enough, specially against Kingdra.
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