Interesting water from a new player. I challenge the best!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by hakuyou, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. hakuyou

    hakuyou New Member

    Ive been playing for a month and Im curious what you guys think of my deck. I know my deck cycles out in september, so please dont bash me for that. Heres my water deck:

    3- bagon
    2- salamance ex (one that turns into fire type)
    4- mudkip
    2-swampert (move around energies)
    1-swampert ex (beast when they ko pokemon with 4 of my energies on it. good 1 of)
    2- palkia (lustrous orb one)
    2-palkia x
    3- pachirisu (call for family)
    2- corphish
    2- crawdaunt ex (more utility pokemon and backup that can theoretically one hit anything)

    2-celios network
    2- bebe's research
    4- rare candy
    1- roseanes research (good one of can be searched)
    1- copycat (good one of, can be searched)
    2- call energy
    17- water energy

    in a nut shell the only deck that gave me a problem where it didn't appear I can win was from richard, a seasoned player in florida. I got second at my first battle roads with the build before this one.

    So how did I do for a new player?
    I can even take on leafeon x decks because of salamance turning into a fire type
  2. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Other than the fact that it loses right now to Plox (Gardevoir Gallade) and that EX pokemon are bad to use now, its not bad.....

    GJ with coming up with a decent list even though you just started playing.
  3. cubone

    cubone Member

    -1 shelgon
    +1 Salamance EX PK
    -1 Mudkip
    -1 Marshtomp
    +2 Bebe's Search
    - 1 Copycat
    + 1 Roseanne's Research
    looks solid:thumb:
  4. hakuyou

    hakuyou New Member

    thanx ill give it a try, and thx for the praise so far guys

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    ex are bad, however salamnce ex is a freaking monster, and he kills 2-3 pokemon himself before he goes down. I have my other pokemon take out a blissey if theres a problem. Swampert ex is a one of and is a good one of and crawdaunt is more utility than atacker, hes my backup, and i usually dont drop him unless its to bounce a bench, but ill restructure puting their best pokemon on th ebench first using palkia x. the deck has a real synergy

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    bumpinf for other thoughts
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