Introducing our newest feature - Trainers Choice!

Discussion in 'Single Pokemon Strategy' started by ultimatedra, Jun 17, 2012.

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    We here at the Pokegym have been working on great new ideas here for the Pokegym and all of us are proud to introduce the our newest feature:
    Trainers Choice!

    Trainers choice started as a great idea from our newest VG mod staff and we are proud to roll this out. Trainers Choice is a regular review of Pokemon in the video game to help you get the most of your Pokemon.

    List of Trainer Choice Reviews:
    Trainer's Choice - Hydregion
    Trainer's Choice - Vaporeon
    Trainer's Choice - Eelektross
    Trainer's Choice - Blaziken
    Trainer's Choice - Pidgeot
    Trainer's Choice - Excadrill
    Trainer's Choice - Metagross
    Trainer's Choice - Chansey
    Trainer's Choice - Staraptor
    Trainer's Choice - Lucario
    Trainer's Choice - Amoonguss
    Trainer's Choice - Cresselia

    Please feel free to comment and give your opinion - This is a community and we welcome your comments.

    If you have any idea for future reviews for Trainer's Choice, please feel free to message any of your Video Game Moderators - Vaporeon, Regis_Neo, Benzo, or myself.
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