Is blaze EX going to be #1 in SC's

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by CHARIZARD MASTERTRAINER, Mar 22, 2004.

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  1. Hello guys,

    So I was focusing on the next tourney, which is of course the States, and I was wondering....

    Will there be blaze ex decks everywhere??......Is there any for sure deck that can beat this unstoppable force??....Well any thoughts you guys have on these questions??

    See ya
  2. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

  3. Cooltrainer Aaron

    Cooltrainer Aaron New Member

    yosh, u actually think we're gonna read through all 15 pages of that discussion group?
  4. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    ya well this will get locked for being redundant, so u might as well start reading!

  5. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

    Well...that topic was about banning Blaziken EX, this topic is about what decks we'll see at States.
    Personally, after going to a couple CC's, I think Gardevoir EX will still make a strong showing. I think we'll also see more water decks due to the Team Aqua cards. Yes, there will be some Blaziken EX, but I don't think its going to be everywhere. Hopefully we'll even get some new fighting and fire decks containing Team Magma cards.
  6. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="

    Looking over the Team A/M cards and looking at my deck, I don't see ANY of the cards in the ENTIRE set being in my deck. I think if the cards are to be used, they will be in Blaze decks.

    I say the top decks will be:
    1. Blaze
    2. Gardy
    3. Amphy
  7. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    Honestly, no. Still, the topic did seem a little duplicated. I guess I was kinda conflicted.
  8. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Truthfully, I think the majority of decks will be anti-Blaziken (due to all the hype...and people blowing things slightly out of proportion), then there will be anti-anti-Blaziken (Amphy...or Gardy ex, Espy, Wobuffet fall into this category too...since they conter themselves)... this would be for the people who didn't buy into the hype and know lots of people would. Then there will be the lucky priviledged who actually have all the cards to build BEXAMR (Blaze/ex/Aqua Man. (possibly Ampharos)/Ray ex) trust me...unless your lucky, or willing to shell out big bucks on ebay...the deck is hard to build. These people would be those who fell for the hype -and- have the money/trade power/luck to build this deck. Don't get me wrong, Blaze ex is strong...but I think its slightly over rated. This is just my opinion.
  9. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Gardy and Blaze will fight it out for the top spots, but, while they're fighting, some other deck will sneak up and claim their spot. Personally, I think that the T8s for the SCs will look something like this...

    1. TATM Rogue (probably Walrein)
    2. BAR (or whatever it's called now)
    3. Gex
    4. Blaze ex
    5. Amphy (that power is just too good)
    6. TATM Rogue (probably Walrein)
    7. Gex
    8. Ninekin

    Or something very similar. TATM decks do have a slight advantage, due to the immense amount of draw/search for them, but other decks are plain stronger. It will be interesting to see how TATM does ini Constructed.
  10. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    What about Alakazam from Expedition. Double Rainbow makes this card really powerful. Isn't Blaziken EX's Weakness Psychic?

    Card says

    ID: B-84
    100 HP
    Stage 2: Evolves from Kadabra
    Poke-POWER Psymimic Once during your turn, instead of Alakazam's normal attack, you may choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon's attack. Alakazam copies that attack including its Energy costs and anything else required in order to use that attack, such as discarding Energy cards. (No matter what type that Pokemon is, Alakazam's type is still Psychic.) This power can't be used if Alakazam is affected by a Special Condition.
    PCC Syncroblast 80 If Alakazam and the Defending Pokemon don't have the same number of Energy cards on them, this attack's base damage is 20 instead of 80.
    Weakness: P
    Retreat Cost: CC
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2004
  11. Dek

    Dek New Member

    somehow, i could actually see Alakazam in the States as a new breed of Anti decks.

    Most likely, we're probably gonna have 5 - 10 Blaziken ex decks per State championship (or at least thats my theory)
  12. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    I think your right. Seems the only problem right now is getting the Blaziken's in order to build the deck. Nobody is trading them, with good reason.
  13. Yea..

    This is true...i have not seen any of the ebay auctions on the Blaze EX card, but it looks as though big bucks are being asked by the sellers......kinda silly

    See ya
  14. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    And those that do are getting insane trades for them. I should know! At this rate I'm considering taking apart my deck that has another in it! .... Nah, don't think so, it's too good.
  15. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    I think Sw-ex will be a good viable deck as well... Swampy ex, refuse to type the bad word making it like Gex and It is a solid counter for everything, almost... Scept is its biggest weakness, but Scept is bogged down by Blaze variants, meaning Swampy/Swampy EX fears little... Sw-ex just needs something to OHKO Blaze EX to make it overall top.... I guess I will settle for 2 turn KO, possibly stalling with 100+sleep..... With Magnetons Help, it keeps energy Pumping as fast as Blaze, Delcatty is here for draw, and Amphy gets it counters in, but quikly looses to Sw-ex fighting type... and with Energy Pumping, Magneton does mega damage quick, leavign little to fear from other water decks...

    While TMTA decks have lots of help/support from the set, I dont think that pure team decks will be that much of an impact... alot are fun to play, but I dotn think any are good enough to out play Blaze consistanly...

    Top deck will likely be Blaze varient, with or without EX's help.... Gardi will likely see a few wins, and maybe Swampy too... Sceptile has a ways to go before it handles Blaze variant (hard to win consistantly against 2-4 Blazes per toourney on average)... and watch for Rougue decks as well, some are better, and way underrated than some people think...
  16. Blaziken is nasty and a hard card to defeat without the right deck but look at what FlareStarfire said in the other topic. The kindra does the trick if played right. By the whay things are going the Skyridge alakazam works against it as well as the new claydol with dark hand works hard against it if you get draw power. Blaziken can be fought agaisnt well by the right decks as seen. By the next sets new cards will help anti blaziken decks it the fight against the power.
  17. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    Don't you mean the Expedition Alakazam like mentioned above?

  18. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    i agree....

    i honestly think that swamp/ex decks will really have an impact, especially when played with suicune ex....

    that is the ohko card that u need against both blaze and bex....

    ditto fits well into the theme with swampert and can run over a ray out of nowhere....

    sceptile is the biggest problem, but blaze is just too powerful, besides i have a teched latias in there to inflict some pain if need be...

    with suicune ex, gardevoir can't do much since all the nrg is back to the hand while gardy is forced to depend on itself to do much damage.....

    i just think that this will be interesting, and the true players will be able to survive this idiotic blaze/ex era...
  19. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    man, I still think someone will discover a way a make Salamence's Pokemon Power work efficiently. It's GOW ability is just TOO GOOD to overlook. Maybe as a tech strategy in a Swampert/(SuicuneEX or Archie/Walrein) deck it could work. We'll just have to see.

    BAR decks in the past have lacked two things:

    1. The ability to get at benched Pokemon. BlazikenEX solves that.
    2. Anti-EX. Still no solution to that one yet.

    Gardy decks have the #2 solution above, but still lack #1. But in the end, I think BlazikenEX wins out, even WITH it's weakness to Psychic. But hey, I think the State Champs will be the best players using either of these two decks, with a few other possibilities in the young age groups.
  20. DomNedved

    DomNedved New Member

    at $30 a piece (on ebay!) i dont think many people will have blaze ex!
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