Is there a trainer card or supporter card or pokemon power(basic) that

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  1. mollymotesnotbanned

    mollymotesnotbanned New Member

    Allows you to attach as many energy cards in your hand to all pokemon in play... example for a poke power is like uxie which lets you draw till you have 7 cards in your hand.
  2. fuzzywuzzy229

    fuzzywuzzy229 New Member

    There's Feraligatr Prime which allows you to attach as many Water energy. Then there's Leafeon lvl X which let's you attach an additional energy card to one of your Pokemon for that turn. That's all that I can think of off the top of my head :) If you ever need to find specific things like this, I'd suggest you to go to:

    Very helpful site^^ Takes a bit of getting used to but it'll be well worth it.
  3. treyh37

    treyh37 Member

    celebi prime lets you attach an extra grass a turn, typhlosion prime lets you grab a fire from discard and attach (plus take 1 dam) and the upcoming emboar will let you attach all your fire energy in hand to any poke (though i dont think we'll get that one tell our second B/W set)

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