It was DESTINY! t16 report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by BlisseyRocks, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. BlisseyRocks

    BlisseyRocks New Member

    So me, Orion, Jose, Benji, Heidi, Cory, and Aly all drive up on friday. Lots of fun in the car. I am convinced on playing luxchomp, but Benji tells me i should play Destiny. Destiny is a counter deck using Umbreon and other techs. I decide to re-do my outdated list, build it, and go to sleep. In the morning i have decided it was DESTINY for me to play it.

    Round 1: VS T-tar

    He sets up faster to my slow start and steamrolls me. Not much to explain here.

    Round 2:Mega Judge-Jim Roll

    We both start garbagey but i cannot get out the umbreon to win. He steamrolls me.

    So now i'm kind of discouraged with my choice and wanted to drop, but Chris Bianchi convinces me not to. Speed Racer back to the venue after lunch break.

    Round 3: Scizor/Umbreon

    I get a VERY fast start and am able to kill two scizors fast. He gets out umbreon with triple special darks and a belt, but i kill it with my belted umbreon in two hits. He loses on time after that, even though he didnt have much else left.

    Round 4:Magnezone

    I get out a t3 Umbreon and he doesnt take a prize. He seemed pretty mad but what can i do, thats the game:(

    Round 5:Machamp

    I get out Deoxys defense form and just two shot his machamps while he cant do much. Judging him REALLY helped me get the advantage on slowing him down for cheap ko's. In the end i mewtwo his machamp prime for game.

    Round 6: SPEED Magnezone

    He gets a t1 magnezone/trode to my absol/Q. He kills absol t1 and i collector and use his bts to go into umbreon and win the game with it/ERL.


    Round 7:Dialgachomp

    This was the most epic game i've played the whole tournament. We exchange prizes until my judges/lookers catch up to him. It ends up on the last turn of time its 2/2 and i drop ditto, drop shaymin use celebrate. He sprays. I seeker, he concedes knowing i move dce/grass to ditto retreat and use drush on his belted chomp. GG MAN, great sport.

    5-2 and im worried i wont cut. I get in at 14th seed, hear im playing vs luxchomp.


    Game 1:He starts with garchomp c and bronzong attaches and passes. I play q, seeker, he picks up zong, i pick up q, play q again, attach it to shaymin, play ditto/dce/belt retreat and donk his garchomp c.

    Game 2:Its a back and forth game, but he is able to win due to interviewers for triple DCE.

    Game 3:This was a blowout due to interviewers for 5 special energy.

    So thats how my destiny was decided


    Great, fast held tournament


    Benji and Danny-Their DESTINY was decided, but they didnt cut:(

    Overall, great tournament. Fun trip there/back. Nice to see some faces.
  2. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Nice job .

  3. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    Great to see you again, thanks for coming up to GA States this weekend.
  4. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    LOL Justin. The top 16 match interviewers....
  5. Young Mula Baby

    Young Mula Baby New Member

    Congratulations fellow GunShow member!
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Interesting concept.

    You should sell the list to anyone who begs for your list.

  7. BlisseyRocks

    BlisseyRocks New Member

    Thanks guys! Jason, i'll give it out after FL states.

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