iTrader Guidelines For Leaving A Ref.

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    iTrader Reference Guidelines

    Here is a outline on how to rate your trading experience on the Pokegym. Please keep in mind that international trades can take time due to customs and other unforseen circumstances which is out of the members control. We suggest you keep all your receipts for proof of post for any trades. If you receive more than 2 negative refs you may find youself banned from trading , and possible from the site, depending on the severity of the offence.

    All feedback also depends on if the Pokegym rules were also obeyed. If you are a seller on the gym and receive more than 1 neutral or 1 negative feedback you will find your selling rights revoked for 6 months to permanently, this will be at the staff's discretion.

    Positive Feedback

    -Everything with your trade went exceptionally smooth, Both sides sent their trades, sales or purchases in a timely manner.
    -All items were nicely packaged and nothing was damaged.
    -Both sides had good communication when contacting each other.
    -Even if one side couldn't mail when promised thier was good communication and it was dealt with.
    -Both sides come out pleased with their experience with each other.

    Neutral Feedback
    (Staff can change this as they see fit)​

    - Trade,sale or purchase was not sent in a timely manner (2-5 days late) without proper communication.
    - If you back out of a trade after address are exchanged you get a neutral reference and the other party receives NO reference.
    - If you knowingly misrepresent your cards condition (this slightly affects the relative value of the trade) but the trade still goes through you can receive a neutral.

    Negative Feedback

    - Exceedingly late shipping (1-2 weeks) from when you were suppose to without little to no communication with the other member.
    - Didn't ship anything at all and backs out of trade without notice.
    - Didn't ship what was suppose to be shipped, makes no effort to make it up.
    - Cards are not even close to agreed upon condition, makes no efforts to send proper condition items.
    - doesn't ship items after receiving and makes no efforts to send their end. (This may result in being banned from the site as a ripper at a mods discretion)
    - If you knowingly misrepresent your cards condition (this greatly affects the relative value of the trade) and your cards hafve to be sent back a negative ref can be left.

    Our staff reserve the right to change or add rules and regulations at any time without notice. If you disagree with any of these rules please post your concerns in the Team Compedium Hideout. the staff will always have the final say under any circumstance.

    Thanks, Pokegym Staff
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